Can Guys Wear Doc Martens? (With Pictures)

Can Guys Wear Doc Martens?

By now, I am sure you are familiar with all the shoe industry’s stereotypes. The debate of whether or not Doc Martens can be worn in workplaces is an example. Things like this have been going on for a long time.

Let us be real here for a moment – whether you are a casual shoe wearer or someone who has extensive knowledge about the industry, one thing definitely might have gone through your mind once. Can guys wear Doc Martens?

Are Doc Martens Unisex?

There is no such thing to suggest that Doc Martens shoes are not unisex. While it is true that specific line-ups or collections of theirs are targeted towards a particular gender, be it male or female, most of them are aimed towards both genders.

Nonetheless, one difference that can be spotted between shoes targeted towards a specific gender is the size. It should not stop you from buying their shoes but usually, men’s seven means a women’s eight.

It is only a size of a difference which I doubt matters barely for anyone looking to buy their shoes, no matter what the line-up is. The style and shape remain the same for all types of shoes.

Another thing to keep in mind is what color of shoes or boots you are interested in. Obviously, in this day and age, guys wearing pink or anything of a similar sort are no longer a big deal, but best to be aware!

Can Guys Wear Doc Martens? (With Pictures)

Can Guys Wear Doc Martens? How Do Men Wear Doc Martens?

Doc Martens shoes can be worn with many ways of styling for men. Be it shorts, jeans, street style outfits, or work outfits. The most popular boots known for men’s styles are the likes of 1460 boots, 101 boots, 1490 boots, and last, but not least among them all, the Capper boots.

In terms of shoes, the Penton Loafers are well known for being stylish with chinos and smart trousers, whereas the Adrian Loafers are styled usually with skinny jeans to pop out more like eye candy.

If loafers are not your kind of thing, Doc Martens also offers 1461 shoes that are styled similarly to that of the 1460 boots. These shoes go well along with denim and chino shorts.

If interested, you can check our article, Can You Wear Doc Martens with Shorts?

What Type of Person Wears Doc Martens?

There is no limit to the kind of people who can wear Doc Martens shoes. Be it mail carriers, police officers, or factory workers. At least in the 1960s, such was the case. It was not until the 1970s that Doc Martens reached the world of punk, music artists, and other adolescent subgroups.

However, Doc Martens products are aimed at ages 7 to 70. The company itself has claimed that it is challenging to specify which age group they target. This makes it difficult for customers in the process to know if a particular shoe or boot is aimed towards their age group.

How to Wear Doc Martens with Jeans for Guys?

Doc Martens boots are the best for matching their products with jeans, especially keeping them folded above the boot or even tucking them in depending on what you prefer.

The 1460 shoes are best when paired with black jeans with their red color variant along with a black jacket or any top.

Capper boots are no exception either. They go well with blue jeans and almost any shirt, especially check ones that you may have inside your closet.

For cropped jeans, it is always suggested that you wear shoes instead of boots as shoes can ensure your ankles are displayed enough. Pair them with a jacket, maybe denim even, and you will have yourself the flawless casual street style most people like for everyday wear.

In terms of skinny jeans, the only way you can ever get your Doc Martens’ highlighted is to wear boots of different colors other than black, preferably red, as it brings the most eye candy attribute when styling yourself. T-shirts and sweaters would go better with all these.

Can Guys Wear Doc Martens? (With Pictures)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Doc Martens Symbolize?

Ever since the dawn of the company, Doc Martens symbolizes many things. Working-class pride and a defiant approach are some of them. Empowerment and assertiveness are the key highlights of their products that make them stand out from other companies out there.

It is nothing new about the community Doc Martens has created among shoe fanatics and casuals alike. They give purpose and strength to those who are tired of stigmas present in shoe culture.

Do Guys Wear Doc Martens?

Any shoes or boots from Doc Martens that are either unisex or targeted towards men are socially adequate and applicable enough to be worn in any situation, be it casual parties or professional meetings.

Usually, if women have specific collections aimed towards them, you can be sure that men also have a similar, if not the same, collection out there for their likings as well.

Can I Wear Doc Martens with A Suit?

While you can wear some Doc Martens shoes with suits, most customers heavily agree that Doc Martens shoes are not meant to be worn with suits and are too casual to even bother with when pairing them with classy overalls.

But, if you really want to know which one to pair with when you are wearing suits, the 1461s get the job done, keeping some of the edgy attributes without compromising casually too much.

But as said above previously, Doc Martens shoes are mainly known among casual and professional people who want good quality footwear without giving in to the stereotypes placed on the shoe industry.

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