Can You Wear Doc Martens with Shorts? (Complete Guide)

Doc Martens offers some of the best-looking shoes and boots in the footwear market. The boots from Doc Martens are stylish and very durable. At the same time, Doc Martens have a soft cushion inside the shoes that make them therapeutic for the wearer’s feet.

Doc Martens are worn with various outfits all over the country. As most Doc Martens sell both regular shoes and boots, you may want to know if Doc Martens are worn with shorts. Here we will discuss the question, can you wear Doc Martens with shorts?

Can You Wear Shorts with Doc Martens? (Quick Facts)

The short answer is yes! You can wear Doc Martens shoes and boots with shorts. Doc Martens have a significant yellow stitch around the upper area of the sloe that distinguishes them from other shoes. This gives a nice touch when paired with shorts and other outfits.

Shorts are mainly worn in the summer. You wear Doc Martens shoes with shorts for the summer season to match them. This will also give you extra comfort as the shoes are cushioned. But the Doc Martens boots are a little harder to pull off in the summer season, especially with shorts. Wearing boots in summer will raise the temperature around your feet and cause sweating. This often causes discomfort for some people. Also, pairing boots with shorts will surely turn some eyes.

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How Do You Style Shorts and Doc Martens?

You can style Doc Martens shoes and boots with shorts. Here are the methods of styling them.

1. Doc Martens shoes with shorts

Doc Marten shoes are very easy to style with shorts. Put on a pair of cool doc martens with shorts. Then put on a t-shirt and voil√†! You will look amazing in the summer breeze. You will have to make sure you don’t wear any socks, which may ruin the outfit. This will look better than any other loafers or shoes that you would wear with shorts. You can also throw in a hat to make your look a bit edgier.

2. Doc Martens boots with shorts

Doc Martens boots are hard to match with shorts compared to shoes. You can work your way through with the boots if you choose the shorter boots like 1470 rather than the tall 1490 boots. Paired shorts with the boots will give out a street-wear fashion vibe. Girls can easily pull this off, whereas guys may have difficulty getting the look they want.

So can you wear Doc Martens with shorts? Yes, hundred percent!

What clothes go with Doc Martens?

Here are some clothes that you can match your Doc Martens shoes and boots.

1. Pair your Doc Martens with a band t-shirt and colorful pants for a bold look

2. You can wear a blazer with denim pants for a 90s look

3. You can stack on black pants with a black leather jacket to get a biker gang look

4. Match your Doc Martens with a clean suit for official gatherings

5. Printed bodysuits with Doc Martens would shout out boldness for you

6. You can pair a t-shirt covered with a denim jacket with your shoes for a rock or punk vibe

7. Girls can pair martens with skirts and tops. This will look super cute in the summer.

8. A hoodie with jeans would go perfect with a pair of Doc Martens in the winter.

9. Pair the Doc Martens Oxfords with a proper shirt and suit for a clean but posh outlook

10. Overalls will go great with the tall boots from Doc Martens.

How to Wear Doc Martens with Jeans?

Doc Martens boots look amazing with jeans as if they are made for each other. You can pair your Doc Martens boots with black jeans. Just throw in a white t-shirt and black leather jacket. Double down on the attitude with a pair of black sunglasses.

Another look that you can try with blue jeans is more casual than the previous outfit. After putting on blue jeans, put on a check shirt and throw in a leather wristwatch. This will give a good casual look for any gathering.

Cropped jeans can be paired with Doc Martens for a flashier outfit that will surely bring the attention of many people around you.

This is how you can wear Doc Martens with shorts

How to Wear Doc Martens with Skinny Jeans?

Let’s be honest! Skinny jeans look super good with Doc Martens. To show off the Martens, tuck your skinny jeans inside the shoes. The skinny jeans paired with the Doc Martens will create a slim bottom figure. You can top it off will a loose sweater to make the jeans looks more suitable. You can also wear a turtleneck sweater and cover it with an open blazer.

Can You Wear Doc Martens in The Summer?

Absolutely! You can wear Doc Martens in the summer without having to think about any consequences. There are tons of summer outfits that go great with Doc Martens. Doc Martens shoes are elegant and sturdy. It can endure the summer heat and give extra protection to your feet.

How to Wear Doc Martens in Summer?

In the summer you have to make sure that you do not wear something heavy as the temperature will be high. Pair your Doc Martens shoes with plain tees and shorts in the summer for extra ventilation. Girls can pair Martens with skirts for a more comfortable fit. Jeans with regular t-shirts are a good option if the heat is not too much in summer.

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Can You Wear Doc Martens with Shorts? (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is It Weird to Wear Boots with Shorts?

Boots with short is generally considered weird in most parts of the world. There is no law that you cannot wear boots with shorts. It’s just that the general stigma is that boots look ridiculous with shorts. Women are more likely to pull off boots with shorts outfits, but it will still be looked at as an over-styled look.  

Is It Weird to Wear Boots in Summer?

It is okay to wear boots in summer. Boots are considered a fashion accessory, and they can be worn at any time of the year. Though boots are more effective for the winter season, they keep you warm. Nonetheless, boots can be used in summer paired with the right outfit.

What Season Can You Wear Doc Martens?

You can wear Doc Martens in both the summer and winter seasons. The stylish shoes and boots from Doc Martens go with any seasonal outfit. Even in the rainy season, these shoes are sturdy enough to wear in the open street. They will keep your feet dry and protected.

How Do You Wear White Doc Martens in The Summer?

You can wear white Doc Martens in the summer. Doc Martens have tons of stylish shoes and boots that will go with most summer outfits. Keep in mind that white shoes tend to get dirty more quickly than other shoes. Luckily, white Doc Martens are less likely to get dirty in the summer than other seasons when it’s raining or snowing.

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