Doc Martens Zavala vs 1460 (Side-by-Side Comparison)

Doc Martens Zavala Vs. 1460

Doc Martens shoes have a bunch of varieties now. The Doc Martens 1460 model has to be the go-to for all the newbies interested in entering this beautiful world of Doc Martens shoes.

I also got a pair of basic Doc Martens 1460 ankle boots for myself, in the beginning, to try out and see what the hype is about. And, guess what? I could not resist trying out more models, and I must say, the Zavala boots are something to talk about.

I came across this interesting model and could not help but compare them with the 1460 shoes. Both models look very similar, but there are a few differences nonetheless. Let’s go through the differences first in brief and then in detail.

Doc Martens Zavala Vs. 1460 chart
Doc Martens Zavala Vs. 1460


Doc Martens 1460 shoes and boots are among the most common types of Doc Martens out there. You can find them on the Doc Martens official website and other online platforms. All the sizes for both men and women are usually available.

On the other hand, the Doc Martens Zavala combat boots are a bit rare. They are found on a few websites and are usually out of stock on the Doc Martens official website. You may have to go on a little online hunting to find the right one for yourself. (They are worth it!)


The variety of Doc Martens 1460 style is endless. You can find them in over 100+ styles and a ton of different colors! This model has shoes, long boots, ankle boots, and what not?

Doc Martens Zavala vs 1460 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Dr. Martens 1460

The Zavala boots are usually called the women’s Zavala combat boots. However, Doc Martens has always encouraged the customers to wear whichever style they like irrespective of the target gender. Most of their shoes look unisex anyway.

The Zavala boots have a limited variety, with a single style available in a few colors and patterns. The Doc Martens Zavala Croco is a fascinating choice since the upper portion is entirely croc-embossed with a sleek and slight purple sheen.

They also have the Doc Martens Zavala low, which is more of a slip-on shoe. They are very lightweight and easy to wear that you can buy only for $90!


As you know, the 1460 model has many different styles, which is why the price ranges from very affordable to a bit expensive. The choices are limited for the Zavala combat boots, and so is the price range. They range from $80 to $200, whereas for 1460, the price can exceed $200 for many models.


In terms of comfort, many customers wrote a bunch of positive reviews on Amazon about the Zavala combat boots. According to them, the soles were flatter and easy to break in like sneakers. The quality was extraordinary compared to their low price.

1460 styles have very different designs, and each offers a different side of comfort. Some are lightweight, some have thin soles, comfortable material, etc. But according to the price, I think the Zavala boots offer great convenience.

Doc Martens Zavala vs 1460 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Dr. Martens Zavala


The sizing of the 1460 shoes is impressive. They are available in an extensive range of sizes that are comfortable for both men and women.

The Zavala boots are made very limited in number, and hence, it might be a bit difficult for you to find your perfect size.

These were the comparable features of the Doc Martens Zavala combat boots and the Doc Martens 1460 boots. The following table contains the summary of information that will help you choose between the two models.

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