Doc Martens Jadon vs Molly (Quick Facts)

Doc Martens Jadon vs. Molly

If you have come to love boots ever since the first time you wore a pair, the question of which one among Doc Martens’ boot lineups, the Jadon or the Molly, is superior to the other might have troubled you for quite some time. I can get into a dilemma if I don’t buy a proper kind of shoe without investigating first if I say so myself!

While both Jadon and Molly are boots of the same company, one might argue that they are not precisely the same in every way. Let’s assess how these two can vary from each other. Now let’s take a quick look at the differences between these two styles. After that, we will discuss the differences in detail.

Differences between Doc Martens Jadon and Molly
Doc Martens Jadon VS Molly


The Jadon lineup of boots is more prevalent when you look at their website. Both men and women can get an idea of and even enjoy what it feels like to wear a boot as Doc Martens Jadon shoes are meant for both genders. However, the most common sizes for them are not usually in stock. You might have to keep track of when they will be available.

On the other hand, the Molly branding is only aimed at women, and stock is always available. If you need a pair of boots for a quick hiking trip or a birthday gift for your female friend or family member, the Doc Martens Molly is the way to go for any occasion.

But, keep in mind that some types of Mollys are not in stock anymore until further notice, which I will say further below.

Doc Martens Jadon vs Molly (Quick Facts)


Jadons come in different styles if you look over them closely. Even though the shapes are usually the same for all forms of Jadons, it is typically the color and eyelet size that vary between most of them. It creates a factor of differentiation to avoid making customers feel like they are buying the same thing for a different price and color.

Some Jadon boots even have an overall design change like the max hardware leather platform one. Speaking of which, the non-max platform ones are your typical tall boots that are common among customers to buy.

But say, if you want to go the extra mile and want an even taller boot, the max platform ones will deliver your demand for more height.

Mollys do not have much going on in terms of varying design choices. You will find a limited amount of Doc Martens Molly with designs that barely differentiate from one another. Doc Martens Molly styles with the most different designs are not even available in some regions.

For example, Mollys with glitter and patent leather visual used to be in stock but now are not until Doc Martens decides to make them available again.

Currently, the smooth leather Mollys are available everywhere, which is no joke! They look fabulous and shine just enough to attract your friends and family and make them want to get one for themselves as well.



Since the Doc Martens Jadon shoes have the most variety, they also end up having more price range when compared to the Doc Martens Molly collection. The Jadons range from $190 to $240. It can be a make-or-break deal for someone on a budget if they want to go any lower but can’t due to the range not going lower than $190.

Mollys, however, don’t vary much, so they have prices going equal to or above $180 but sometimes end up being cheaper than Jadons.


The Jaden boots have an inner-ankle zipper which helps to comfortably settle your feet in and close the shoe with a hopeful fit. These boots also come with air-cushioned soles so that they are slip-resistant and help resist fat and oil without lacking a good abrasion.

In Mollys’ case, while it does not have a zipper, unlike its Jadon counterpart, it does come with black satin ribbon laces, which give a different premium type of feel to the hand. The Jadons come with standard black laces usually.

Mollys also tend to have oversized soles, which most customers prefer. Ribbons are also an option worth choosing for Molly boots if you are not a huge fan of laces. Molly boots have six oversized eyelets, which help the wearer close in laces/ribbons, compensating for the lack of a zipper.


Both boot lineups come in various sizes to fit the customer’s needs. But be careful! Chances are, you may not find the size you are looking for in stock, especially for models that are high in demand. Depending on the model, the size can range from 6 to 14 for men and 5 to 12 for women.


Haven’t been able to decide which lineup to choose from? Don’t fret! I have made just the right table for you to make sure you get a quick summary of the most noteworthy comparisons that could affect or factor in your decision to buy. Have a look:


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