Spenco vs Vionic (Key Differences)

Spenco vs Vionic

Did you know that up to 87% of the people in the United States suffer from foot pain? Orthopedic sandals are there to the rescue, which is why so many options are available these days. Spenco and Vionic sandals belong to that category.

Both are extraordinary orthopedic sandals recommended by podiatrists. Some of their models are prescribed for plantar fasciitis. Tons of people shared positive reviews about how their foot issues got cured by wearing these orthopedic sandals. But which one to choose? Spenco vs Vionic: which one is better?

Difference Between Spenco and Vionic

The main difference between Spenco and Vionic is the padding and the arch support. The heel cups of Spenco sandals are deeper, but their arch support is gentle and comfortable. Vionic sandals have much broader arch support, and the bottom of the sandals is flat enough.

A few users even complained about Vionic sandals giving them back pain—the reason being stiff and high arch support. Users tend to support Spenco sandals more because of having just the right height of the arch. Spenco also sells insoles separately, which just adds to the convenience.

Comfort (Is Spenco or Vionic better?)

Comfort is one of the main features to look for when buying shoes or sandals, especially if you have a foot problem. Now the main question is, which one is more comfortable? Spenco or Vionic?

On average, Spenco is reviewed as more comfortable than Vionic. The arch support of Spenco sandals is more gentle. On the other hand, the arch support of Vionic sandals may be a little bulky.

Spenco vs Vionic (Key Differences)

Even though the footbed and arch support of Vionic sandals are comfortable enough, most people prefer Spenco in terms of comfort.

For people with a significant arch in their feet, Vionic sandals can be super comfortable because they have higher arch support. People with flat feet could go for Spenco.

Sizing (Are Spenco and Vionic sizing the same?)

No matter how comfortable a pair of shoes or sandals is or their material, you will have a bad experience if you buy the wrong size. Since different brands have slightly different sizes, it is essential to know whether to size up or down.

Spenco sandals are true to size. If you wear half sizes, it is recommended to size up. Vionic sandals are also true to size, but a few models may require sizing down as per design.


Spenco is said to be a two-layered material of neoprene and nylon that covers the top portion. This material also hugs the heels. This nylon feels like silk because of being thermoplastic, and the neoprene mostly resembles synthetic rubber. Altogether, the material is excellent for comfort, flexibility, and shock absorption.

Spenco vs Vionic (Key Differences)

In general, Vionic sandals mainly consists of EVA. EVA is ethyl vinyl acetate which is a very flexible and durable material. They are firm and also great at shock absorption.


Spenco sandals are loved for their supreme durability. The material is firm and long-lasting. Many people have good reviews on Spenco sandals about how they could casually wear them every day for running errands without worrying about the material wearing off.  

Vionic sandals are durable enough according to the frequency of usage. It is safe to replace them after 12 months if you tend to wear them regularly. However, Vionic sandals may get damaged after frequent use for a couple of months.


Who doesn’t like to have a considerable number of options to choose from when buying slides?

Vionic sandals have more varieties than Spenco. Vionic sandals come in 50 models with a variety of colors for each style. Spenco sandals come in approximately 20 styles. However, they sell a wide variety of insoles separately to serve different purposes.


Since both types of sandals are mainly designed for foot problems as orthopedic slides, the price can be a little steep.

The cost of Spenco sandals varies with models. It usually starts from $30 up to $150. Vionic sandals cost a little more than Spenco. Their price range starts from $50 up to $150.


Both Spenco and Vionic sandals are available on their respective official websites. You can also find them on other shopping websites like Amazon.

Both of these brands are super popular, so there are tons of other fake websites selling fake models of Spenco and Vionic sandals. It is safe to shop in person or from certified websites to avoid getting scammed.

Now that you know all the essential features of the respective flip-flops, it would help to choose if you see them side by side. Don’t worry. We have got that covered. Here is a table for comparison to let you have a better view of both of the brands.

Table for comparison: Spenco vs Vionic

ComfortMore comfortableComfortable enough
SizingMay require sizing upMay require sizing down
MaterialMix of neoprene and nylonEVA
DurabilityDurable enoughDurable enough
VarietyFewer optionsMore options
CostBoth reasonable and expensive options availableBoth reasonable and expensive options available
AvailabilityMost of the styles are availableMost of the styles are available


Spenco and Vionic are both great options as orthopedic slides. Both serve different purposes of users accordingly with a wide variety of styles and models. Spenco sandals are overall great for regular and flat feet, whereas, Vionic sandals may be the right choice for arched feet.

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