Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer | Which One Stands Out?

Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer | Which One Stands Out?

Cloudswift and Cloudflyer are the two most hyped versatile shoes of the On Cloud series for daily and casual wear, walking, training, running, etc. But if you want to choose any one of them you need to know about the difference between the On Cloudswift and Cloudflyer. So, let’s compare Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer in terms of their durability, stability, comfort, fit, and other important considerations.

Difference Between Cloudswift and Cloudflyer

✒️Materials and Construction

Cloudswift shoe is an outcome of beautifully knitted fabric and sustainable materials. It comes with  Helion foam cushioning which will be a good choice for urban runs.

The upgraded Cloudswift cushioning made for this shoe is 100% polypropylene. Cloudswift’s recycled ‘engineered-mesh sock’ construction literally hugs your feet. However, the upper mesh of these shoes is made with a mixture of different materials and is quite stretchy and breathable which keeps your feet cool while running in the hot weather.

The outsole is extremely comfortable and responsive in the runs without making the shoe heavy. Besides the rocker construction of the outsole helps to get absolute control while changing direction suddenly.

Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer | Which One Stands Out?
Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer | Which One Stands Out?
Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer | Which One Stands Out?

On the other hand, the upgraded Cloudflyer has come with wider Cloud pods and speed board technology ensuring a stable heel-to-toe transition and support for the new runners.

The Helion foam midsole and speed board together ensure soft landings but are firm enough for a quick take-off. The 3D molded heel of Cloudflyer absorbs impacts on the roads nicely. But while running in the rocky areas, you will discover rocks stuck between the cloud pods most of the time.

Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer | Which One Stands Out?
Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer | Which One Stands Out?
Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer | Which One Stands Out?


The cloudswift shoes are neutral road training shoes that offer mild stability. Cloudswift offers you quite a firm ground to land softly and pushes off quickly on the urban roads. A high-performance running shoe’s midsole needs to be more rigid. Cloudswift shoes’ midsole has added cushioning. But it embraces the feet securely and the speed board offers a rigid and responsive ground to stabilize the Helion foam and keep you stable to step forward.

On the other hand, Cloudflyer shoes do not come with any medial insert that will support your arch. It offers some stability due to its heel cloud technology. The cushioning is firm yet sturdy and absorbs impacts from the roads and puts less pressure on the feet to push forward. 

For the wider outsole of the Cloudflyer shoes, you will get a wider forefoot area that will distribute the weight of impacts. An upgraded fork design on the outsole has reinforced the midfoot of Cloudflyer which provides needed stability to the new runners. But unlike Cloudswift you may need some time to break in and get accustomed to Cloudflyer.

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The Cloudswift 2.0 shoe is just 282g(Men) and 220g(Women) thus is quite lightweight. The upgraded version of On Cloudflyer is 283g(Men) and 244g(Women). So in terms of weight, the two models are nearly the same.

Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer | Which One Stands Out?
Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer | Which One Stands Out?


The On Cloudswift model is true-to-size. If you have a wider foot, these shoes can be a bit narrow for your feet. However, the updated shoes came with elastic laces and conventional laces. The toe box of these snug-fitting shoes is of medium width. The inner is seamless as the previous versions so there will be no rubbing with your feet.

In contrast, The Cloudflyer has a typical fit of a running shoe. The midfoot of this shoe is quite spacious. Because of the mesh upper, the toe box is quite stretchy. Besides, the tight mesh gives this shoe a good structure. However, the curvature of the front portion of the shoe or the sides will not disturb you while running. Cloudflyer shoes have heel-lock lacing as the heel does not get tightly locked in place.

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Cloudswift shoes are comfortable from the very beginning. For their one-piece construction, the shoes are a bit spacious and easier to slip on. The Cloudswift shoes’ midsoles are very comfortable. The heel cushioning is soft and comfortable with a medium drop of 7-8 mm where the forefoot cushioning is quite firm.

The On Cloudflyer has been manufactured with reliable support and comfortable cushioning. Quality Cloud elements and Helion foam makes the shoe light and cozy for long walks. They are now providing cushioning for both Vertical and Horizontal impact forces which makes the shoes more protective.


Cloudswift shoes are meant for short and mid-level runs. You can face durability issues with your Cloudswift shoe if you use it roughly for training and longer runs. The midsole is not very supportive of lateral training and can tussle and bend.

In the context of durability, On Cloudflyer is the best pick. Also, the Helion foam midsole and speed board hold up well in the long run.


Cloudswift’s shoes are available in the US men’s sizes 7-14 and US women’s sizes 5-11.  Cloudflyer models are available in the US men’s sizes 7-14 and US women’s sizes 5-11. Half sizes are also available for both shoes.


On On’s website, the price of On men’s and women’s Cloudswift sneakers is $149.99. On the other hand Cloudflyer men’s and women, shoe’s price is $159.99.

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Cloudswift vs Cloudflyer | Which One Stands Out?

When Should You Choose Cloudswift/Cloudflyer?

Longer walks (about 1 to 6 miles), daily wear, indoor training and runs, and short runs are okay with Cloudswift shoes.  But it is better not to use them on hotter surfaces or rocky terrain.

On the other hand, if you need firm heel cushioning, Cloudflyer shoes are good choices to buy. For a durable and supportive shoe, you should pick Cloudflyer without any doubt. For their firmness and lightweight, they are good shoes for training, short and long runs.

Final Words

After comparing Cloudswift vs. Cloudflyer, you can now feel which one will be more suitable. If you need to be on your feet for a longer period and walk a lot, you can confidently pick Cloudswift. But it is not the best option for more professional runners and active people who have to do continuous outside running and training. However, Cloudflyer is a reliable shoe with comfortable cushioning that can be a good pick for both new runners who need support along with speed and active individuals.

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