Converse vs Puma in 2022 (With Comparison Chart)

Converse vs Puma in 2022 (With Comparison Chart)

When you decide that you want to invest a good amount in a pair of shoes, a battle starts inside your head. It is all about which one to get. If you have to choose between brands like Converse and Puma, the struggle can get more challenging. We feel your dilemma.

Converse or Puma – which one to choose? If you are facing the same dilemma, don’t worry. We are here to help you decide on the perfect match for you. Let us dig down all the features and specifications we managed to find out between Converse vs Puma.

Converse vs Puma (Main Differences)

In this part, we will discuss the main differences between Converse and Puma. At the end of the article, you will find a quick comparison chart for Converse vs Puma. Let’s get started.

Material Quality

Converse’s most widely known version is made of cotton canvas. The material is exceptionally soft. That is why Converse is known for its delicate lining. The loose lining idea was originally intended to prevent blisters and make them more comfortable. But nowadays you can see the use of leather and suedes in their models. 

Puma has taken a great initiative to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials. In 2019 they reported that 80 percent of their fabrics are sustainable cotton. They have plans to use 100 percent sustainable cotton by 2025. Currently, they use mostly cotton, leather, polyester, etc. Puma has always managed to nail the material combination. It is always fantabulous. 

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Converse vs Puma in 2022 (With Comparison Chart)


Converse has fuzzy soles like every other star shoe. It is made of 50 percent rubber, and the rest is made of fuzzy material. The platform height of the Converse sole varies with the model. Still, most of them are pretty thick. The thickness is about 1 to 2 inches. The soles are slip-resistant, and at the same time, they are great at keeping the shape intact throughout time. The soles do not wear out quickly. But many people find the soles of Converse weird. 

Puma has done some great jobs lately with its apparel and sole materials. They have introduced jamming technology with NRGY beads in the sole. This has made the sole very efficient. Especially when it comes to running, the grip the support of the sole performs really well. The platform of the Puma sole is softer in comparison to the Converse one. The Puma sole is squeaky and can absorb shock well. It is pretty soft also. The cushioning inside creates softness. The thickness of the sole varies from model to model. But it is mainly from 1 to 1.5 inches. 


Converse was initially developed as a basketball shoe during the early 20th. Later on, the style of the basketball shoe became famous among people. Lots of people found it pretty comfortable and stylish. That is the basic model. Look wise, it is pretty fashionable. It has a smooth look, a round toe design in the front. The height of the sole is higher than the other models. The placement of the eyelids is also different, which adds a different touch to the look. Overall the shoe is a little high, almost covers the ankle. Converse shoes can create quite a significant fashion statement. 

Puma is mostly an athletic shoe brand. The brand always thought about comfort more than looks. Puma is slaying the market with its good, old classic design. The soft and low look instantly creates the idea of comfort inside people’s heads. The look of the Puma shoes easily blends into any kind of casual or formal dress. 

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Converse vs Puma in 2022 (With Comparison Chart)


Let’s compare the level of comfort between Converse vs Puma. Converse shoes are pretty rigid. The building material is absolutely fine. But the fuzzy materials used in the sole can create some discomfort. Many people reported that the sole is pretty uncomfortable. It takes quite a good amount of time to get used to it. 

On the other hand, Puma is all about comfort. The linings are loose. They will hardly bite even if you are wearing them for the first time. The cotton is very soft and breathable. The sole is very good at balancing and holding the grip. The cushioning inside will keep your feet in the best ever position. Comfort-wise, Puma wins the game for sure. 

Converse vs Puma in 2022 (With Comparison Chart)

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Converse shoes usually run a size or half bigger. It is advised to order a size or half down for a perfect fit. If you get a full size down, you may need some time to break in the shoe. 

Puma shoes are true to size. The measurement is the exact same for your feet. So you can easily get the size you always wear. They will fit perfectly. You will hardly have a tough time breaking into the shoe as well. 


Converse is a very rigid shoe. Once you get comfortable in them, you can wear them every single day. It will last about 18 to 24 months even after daily use. If you are not using them that frequently, they can last for three years. In case of intense athletic use, you can expect a year’s lifetime from them. If you can change the sole, you can extend the lifetime. 

The building quality and material of Puma are very promising. These comfy pairs can last quite about a year if you frequently use them. The material used in Puma shoes is pretty soft. So they tend to wear out quickly in comparison to the Converse shoes. Proper maintenance can make the pair last a little longer.  

Converse vs Puma in 2022 (With Comparison Chart)

Breaking in Time

The breaking time for the Converse shoes is a little longer. The shoe is rigid. The sole has a shape maintenance feature, which extends the time of breaking the shoe. But the cotton Canvas will not cause you any blisters. You may feel like the shoe is a little too tight in the initial days. 

Puma is a very soft shoe. The lining is very loose. You might not even need to break in the shoe. 

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Comparison Chart

Converse vs Puma in 2022 (With Comparison Chart)


What is the most popular brand in shoes?

There is no single brand. People love Nike, Puma, Adidas, Converse, etc. brands the most. 

Which sneakers are best?

Most people like the Puma sneakers because it is super comfortable. 

Is Converse uncomfortable?

Because of the sole, many reported that they found Converse a little uncomfortable in the beginning. 

How long does a pair of Puma last?

Generally, the lasting time is from ten to thirteen months. 

Converse vs Puma (Summary)

Converse and Puma both are equally excellent brands. The shoes are expensive and serve well. But both of them fulfill different purposes. So before you hit the store, make sure you know your needs well. Check out all the features properly and give your feet a treat. 

We hope you have found our article helpful. What is your thoughts on Converse vs Puma? Let us know in the comments.

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