Are Converse Canvas Shoes? (Quick Facts)

Are Converse Canvas Shoes?

The Converse is a U.S based shoe company currently a subsidiary of famous brand Nike. The story of Converse goes back to 1908. My late grandfather had a pair of classic converse for playing tennis and, to some extent, badminton. I don’t have the vintage pair, but Converse were sports shoes because they were canvas. Apart from sports, converse shoes are great as summer sneakers, and no wonder prominent athletes always swear by these. But do you ever wonder what they are made of? Are Converse Canvas shoes?

What are Canvas shoes?

Remember 2010 Tumblr; canvas sneakers, especially converse ones, were all over Tumblr and Pinterest as a fashion aesthetic. I remember the British show “Skins” made it a must-have. Apart from pop culture, Canvas shoes have an upper material of canvas and a rubber sole. For obvious reasons, it is made out of the canvas. But what is canvas? It is a material that comes from hemp. Canvas is pretty lightweight. However, these shoes don’t have any shock absorption or cushioning. Apart from sports like tennis, these are not great for heavy physical activity. But I love canvas shoes for lightweight walks and to go here and there. Now let’s dig into the question, are Converse Canvas Shoes?

Are Converse Canvas Shoes? (Quick Facts)

What Type of Shoes Is Converse?

Converse makes a variety of shoes. Apart from classic sneakers, they have made military shoes back during World War II, rain boots, celebrity special editions, sneaker heels for Paris Fashion Week, and NBA players unique. Simply, it is a casual and athletic shoe for specific sports. Currently, it is more of a casual sneaker than a sports one. Converse sneakers have always been a constant despite the 100-year change, and they have always managed to make the best canvas sneakers. Even the original All-Star design hasn’t changed its design from 1917. There are some significant changes in silhouette in Converse Skis grip 80s and Chuck 70 E260. Still, its category as casual shoes remains the same. 

Are Converse Canvas Shoes? Materials of Converse

Converse canvas shoes refer to Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneakers. Some call it Chucks or some All-stars or most commonly Converse Canvas. It was a basketball shoe back in the 20th century, now Nike & Converse company transformed it into a casual sneaker. It has a stitched upper silhouette and a white rubber toe cap. This design has been so popular that it has inspired many other brands. Also, the sole is made from tan-brown rubber. It became famous for the innovative loose lining of the shoe, which provides extra grip. Converse canvas got an update back in 2015 by Nike.

Are Converse Canvas Shoes? (Quick Facts)
Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Does Converse Have Leather in Them?

Yes, they do, and it depends on the model to model. Converse Jack Purcell Classic Low Top, Platform Canvas High Top, and many other models have leather in them. However, the company is switching from animal leather to vegan leather and even synthetic glue to be cruelty-free. While most of their shoes are vegan, some include leather in the upper sole. 

What Are Converse Shoes Good For?

Sports: I prefer my converse on my tennis days because it provides me control over the town while smashing the ball. Even for a jump shot, the converse is comfortable and suitable. 

Weight-lift: Did you know most weightlifters wear converse sneakers? Many of my gym buddies say that their converse helps them push the ground when deadlifting and provides tow support to avoid accidents. 

Casual: Converse is probably most famous for everyday wear. Pair it with a high sock, and you are suitable for school, college, dates, skateboarding. But can Converse be worn as business casual? Check out our article from the above link.

Walking: Converse sneakers can be used as walking shoes. Walking is pretty easy as it has a flat sole with no platform. I always switch up to my classic all-stars for a walk. However, not all Converse shoes are good for walking.

Some Converse Canvas Shoe Styles:

Let’s go deeper on the question are Converse Canvas Shoes. Here are some of the popular Canvas shoes produced by Converse.

Converse Color Vintage Canvas Chuck 70:

For a retro yet casual look, Vintage 70 has it all. I own it in the classic blue, but the range has expanded its shoe variation to pastels. Converse craftsmanship is to die for, and the 1970s band-inspired look makes it more fashionable. However, the material of the shoe is premium canvas and includes a light cushion. The previous editions didn’t have any cushioning. For a casual Starbucks walk, this pair is perfect for both men & women. 

Are Converse Canvas Shoes? (Quick Facts)
Converse Color Vintage Canvas Chuck 70

Canvas Platform Chuck Taylor All-Star:

The 90s fashion is back again, and I’ve seen top models of the fashion industry wearing this pair. It is the iconic high-top chuck sneakers and has an adjustable lace-up. However, it has a different platform of ½ inches. I would label it as a women’s converse rather than a men’s one. Also, you’ll get the staple ankle patch from inside this one. 

Are Converse Canvas Shoes? (Quick Facts)
Canvas Platform Chuck Taylor All-Star

Chuck Taylor All-Star:

You can always go for the All-Star short version for a low-cut sneaker. The company pulled some scissors and cut out the iconic long tank top. It is a great shoe if you play basketball. I’ve owned these, which provide my sole extra support when dribbling and jumping to shoot the ball. As there’s no additional platform here, it’s an excellent choice for a gym too.  Low profile makes it very flexible and easy to wash. Some eyelets provide extra airflow inside the shoe. 

Are Converse Canvas Shoes? (Quick Facts)
Chuck Taylor All-Star

Run Star Motion Platform Ombre:

It is one of the new releases from the company. The modern design provides an early 2000s design similar to my favorite chuck 70. However, extra lugs specify the style, and the whole shoe is in ombre. 

Are Converse Canvas Shoes? (Quick Facts)
Run Star Motion Platform Ombre

How to clean canvas converse?

You can use your washing machine with detergent or hand wash with baking soda or shampoo. Also, you can try using toothpaste. I always try to clean my converse stain with a stain cleaner. It helps to wash the shoes without any problem. Converse recommends putting the shoes inside an old pillowcase before putting them into the washing machine. For hand washing, use an old toothbrush and soak the converse before heading with baking soda. Then gently brush the converse with a 90-degree angle. Lastly, for white converse, use toothpaste to clean stains. I recommend an old brush to rub the specific stain because a new one can cause damage. Converse shoes are made from canvas; make sure the shoe air dries completely. 

Are Converse Canvas Shoes? (Summary)

After going through our article, I hope that you have developed enough ideas to decide whether Converse are Canvas shoes or not. But do you think about how to break in Converse shoes made of Canvas? Please comment below if you want to share something on this topic.

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