How to Break in Converse? | 5 Easy Techniques!

How do you break in Converse Shoes?

Converse takes up to 15 days to fully adjust to anyone’s feet. Fifteen days is a long time, and I’ve some tips and tricks for speeding up the process. Long story short, thick socks are the best ways to ease up your new converse. But this method doesn’t work for everybody. If your question is about how to break in Converse, keep reading below, where I’ve quickly answered some of your queries and explained some underrated techniques of breaking in Converse below: 

How to Break in Converse? All Five Ways

Here are 5 ways of breaking in Converse.

  • Method 1: Plastic bag

Take a plastic bag, wrap it around your feet, and then put on your converse. Walk one or two hours in your house. When I saw this on a youtube channel, I found this method to be crazy. However, the plastic bag protected my feet from rubbing on the sole and created extra room for my feet to move. I felt the upper sole quickly loosen up after I tried this method. 

  • Method 2: Filling up with socks

Gather the thickest pair of your socks and form a circular. Make these up to 4 to 5 and then quickly put these inside the converse. Promptly tighten up the shoes as tight as you can. I advise you to leave this overnight for the converse to stretch fully. You can use other undamaged material besides socks if you like. 

  • Method 3: Band-aid or Heel straps

For a semi-permanent solution, get some bandaids or heel straps. You can get heel straps at Downtown or amazon. Place the band-aids where you get blisters, including your feet, heels, toes, side angles. In the heel, straps place them inside the converse heel sole. Heel straps are one-time, so you can pull them off without causing any damage to your shoes. Besides converse, you can use heel straps for any other shoe.

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  • Method 4: Socks

I repeat this repeatedly because it is one of the simplest yet most effective ways. Take your thick or cotton socks and wear them with the converse. I recommend walking for at least three hours or just wearing them for two hours in the house. Do this for one week or more days until the shoe breaks. 

  • Method 5: Wash them

Hand Washes the converse using your shampoo and baking soda in case of white converse. Then take your old toothbrush and gently brush them to the position you want to break in the shoe. After three to four hand wash you’ll see the shoe opening up. You can use a hairdryer, but I recommend air drying to remove the stiffness. 

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Now that you know the process of how to break in Converse, let’s go through some other related queries about breaking in converse shoes.

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How Do You Break in Converse Fast?

The fastest method, in my opinion, is using a shoe stretcher spray. Stretching sprays loses the canvas and enlarges the canvas to stretch. Typically, canvas stretches light when worn. You can take it to a cobbler. But both are a bit of an expensive method, and on the top, shoe stretch spray can distort the shape of your converse and decrease the quality. However, using it won’t harm anyone or two times, but I would not refer you to using it frequently. Another way is again wearing socks and walking in them in the house for a few hours. 

How to Break in Converse? | 5 Easy Techniques!
shoe stretcher spray

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How Do You Stretch Converse Shoes to Make Them Wider? 

Converse are better if they are naturally stretched, frequently wearing over time. However, it is slightly stretchable. But instead of making them more comprehensive, you should buy the converse wide or shoreline instead. But if you already purchased a pair, try putting material inside the shoe and tying up the laces as tight as possible. Then dunk them in cold water for an hour. Then air-dry them in natural air, and you’ll notice it has widened a bit. Do this regularly for a week, and you’ll see that it has enlarged. You can try using a blow dryer if you want.

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How Do You Soften Converse?

As you are here to know about how to break in Converse fast, know that softening converse is also a part of this process. Converse shoes are made from cotton canvas leather and vegan leather. Regular stretching will not make them soft. So what should you do? Clean with hands or put them in a washing machine. Converse has an instruction panel, and washing them is completely safe. I would suggest using your shampoo rather than detergent along with their machine. Also, don’t go too high and keep the water flow to 2 at maximum. The washer softens the cotton canvas and gradually decreases the harshness and stiffness of the shoes. To get desired softness, you might need to put these up to three to four washes. Again, there’s no chance of harming the shoe lifetime. 

How to Break in Converse? | 5 Easy Techniques!

Why Does Converse Hurt My Feet?

The simple answer is that the shoe doesn’t suit your feet’ anatomy or hasn’t stretched enough. I’ve discussed some methods to break converse below. Try those out, and if those don’t work within 12 days, you should ditch them. Converse aren’t suitable for wide flat feet that much, sure it5 has a wide size. But flat feet need more side support than regular wide feet. Converse are pretty narrow minus the wide measures. Shorelines are excellent but again not that suitable for wide flat feet. Due to extra side pressure, your toe might feel tension every time you take a step. 

Why Are Converse so Uncomfortable?

How to Break in Converse? | 5 Easy Techniques!
Chuck II series

Converse can be uncomfortable if you have aortic arch disease or pain. These shoes don’t provide arch support as they were primarily designed for sports. Also, the common reason is that your converse is still stiff and needs stretching. New converse can often sting toes and wide feet because of their shape and the canvas. Also, I checked my pair and found no padding under the foot sole, heel & ball areas of feet. This is also a significant reason for the discomfort you might be facing. If you are determined to get converse, then I’ll suggest getting the Chuck II series rather than the classic one. 70s chuck to provide better ankle support and pressure handle capacity. 

How Do I Stop My Converse from Giving Me Blisters?

Thick socks or cotton socks do an excellent job of decreasing blisters. Converse might cause blisters Blisters because these are slim fit. That means that they fit like a glove, and as a result, your feet and shoe sole often come in contact. It can take the form of a heel rub. As converse has no padding, your help keeps rubbing against the shoe, creating severe pain and then taking shape to blisters. A thick sock can stop this contact and stop it. I sometimes use bandages to avoid blisters. If you have already tried wearing socks or bandaids and keep getting blisters, I recommend ditching the converse. 

How Do I Make My Converse Less Tight?

First, make sure that you have bought Converse according to your size. The converse is a narrow fit to be tight at first. You can go for Converse OX or custom line for more width. If you have wide feet, buy converse wide, not the regular size. Try wearing them at home for one to three hours and in the evening. I remember I walked only on carpets and rugs to ease my converse. Stretch sprays also come in handy to untighten the stiffness of these shoes. Shoe repair centers and cobblers come in great help for untightening converse shoes. Do Check our article on ” Are Converse Good for Wide Feet? “

How to Break in Converse Shoes? (Summary) 

I believe that now you know the answer to the question of breaking in Converse.

Converse are great footwear and can be worn anywhere, even in some cases as business casual. They are available in a variety of colors. Black and white are its most popular colors. If you want to which color’s converse to select between black vs white converse, don’t worry. We have an article on this topic.

Thank you for your patience in reading. You have any further queries, please do let us know in the comments.

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