Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)

Nike Air Force 1 vs Court Vision

It is very common to see different shoe brands being compared against each other to find out which one is better. You do not see that different shoes from the same company are usually compared against each other.

The Nike Air Force 1 and Nike Court Vision shoes are examples of how two pairs of different shoes from the same company can be pitted against each other if a customer has to decide which one to go and buy. What is the difference between Court Vision vs Air Force 1? The answer is what we are looking forward to giving you. Let’s dig into today’s main topic Nike Air Force 1 vs Court Vision.

We have also presented a quick comparison chart between these two shoes which you will get along th way.

Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 (Quick Facts)

We have compared both shoes in terms of availability, variety, comfort, cost and sizing.


Both shoes are available and do not get out of stock quickly as they are popular enough to be in demand but not so much that they stay on shelves for a long time.


It is easy to determine that Nike has more Air Force 1 variants than Court Vision variants if you look around their website. But at least the Court Vision gives you a definite number of options, which is better than having none when you think about it.

Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Court Vision

Nike has exactly nine types of Court Vision shoes available on their website. Not the ideal amount for a shoe lover, but it may not matter to a casual person who wants to get budget-friendly shoes for the long run.

On the other hand, Air Force 1s have a whopping 118 types of shoes available, which is more than a shoe lover could imagine choosing from for themselves. But you will have a hard time deciding which one to go to if you have issues in making your mind up in choosing accessories and clothes for yourself.

It is worth mentioning that Court Vision shoes do not come in customizable options. It is not shocking considering these are targeted towards people with cost in mind, so doubtfully customization would be a factor for them.

Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Customized Air Force 1

Even so, the Air Force 1s have the luxurious option to be customized by customers who want to dive into personalizing their shoes as much as possible.

You can select a shoe and customize it on their website according to how you want your Air Force 1s to be. Be it the tip of the shoe or the backside of it. How cool is that? There are enough choices for you, which can be enticing as a customer to go for Air Force 1s instead of Court Vision shoes. Let’s move to the next point of Air Force 1 vs Court Vision.

Air Force 1 vs Court Vision – Comfort

Air Force 1s have the most comfortable shoes due to being made of genuine leather and have a cushion design that they call ‘Nike air cushion’. It is springy and soft, aiming to give you the most comfort you can gain from a shoe.

Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Nike air cushion

A thick midsole is present in Air Force 1 shoes, making the experience of a wearer even better and comfier. Definitely worth the purchase if you desire comfort more than anything in a pair of shoes.

On the other hand, Court Vision shoes lack the thick midsole and, for cost-cutting reasons, consist of a very thin, fixed midsole which may not give the best comfort that you want or need. Some customers even lose the air cushioning feature, which makes or breaks the shoes feel comfortable.

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You might be wondering which pair to go for, but the price will be a huge deciding factor as nobody would want to buy a pricey shoe at first glance, right?

As Nike Air Force 1s have various versions, the price can range between $100 to an astonishing $180, which can be expensive for some, if not everyone.

Custom shoes usually run around $120 to $140, which you should only go for if you love customizing shoes for yourself.

Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Air Force 1 | Court Vision

The Court Vision shoes are always priced between $70 and $80 as they have lesser varieties, but since I do not include discounted prices from shops, you can get them cheaper if discounts are available. It depends on where you buy from, online or in physical stores.

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Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 – Sizing

The Court Vision shoes for men are available in sizes starting from 6 to 15, and for women, the dimensions can start from 5 to 12.

The Nike Air Force 1s intended for men are sized between 3.5 to 18, and for women, the range is between 5 to 16.5.

Bear in mind that not every variation of Air Force 1s and Court Vision shoes will be available in all sizes, so be careful when expecting to buy a pair of shoes from the beginning. Make sure to find out if they are available or not in your size.

Also, if you have wide feet, you may have to get a bigger size for yourself, considering Nike does not have wide variants of their shoes. Only regular width is available, unfortunately.

The table below will help you get a summarized version of our article Nike Air Force 1 vs Court Vision. You can choose your favorite very easily according to your preferences!

Nike Air Force 1 vs Court Vision comparison chart

How they are similar

First and foremost, the designs of both Air Force 1s and Court Visions are very similar, so similar that most people will not even differentiate between them until they take a closer look at what you are wearing. Nike probably aimed to give Air Force 1 lovers the same design at a lower price.

Secondly, both shoe collections are heavy and need time to break in when taken out of their boxes. The comfort is pretty much identical if that is your priority as well. They will not disappoint your feet unless you decide to go on a rough activity like hiking or doing something that makes you stand all day.

Last but not least, both shoes also run big, so you are advised to size down by at least half a size if sizing can be a possible issue for you.

Is women’s Nike Court Vision Low the same as Air Force 1?

Women’s Nike Court Vision Low and Air Force 1 are similar but not the same to be called identical to one another. Be it women’s or men’s Nike Court Vision Low shoes, the differences are there to matter for customers.

For example, the Nike Court Vision shoes rise lower on the ankle while the Air Force 1s rise higher on the ankle, which can be a huge thing for some, especially those who have feet issues.

Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
NIKE Womens Court Vision Low Canvas Sneaker

The tongue, or to say it, the upper part below the laces of a shoe, is small in the Court Vision shoes, whereas in the Air Force 1s, they are more extensive.

You will see the differences more clearly when you buy shoes in a physical store because trying to buy them online will not give you a good view of how the shoes look and feel, which should be important to a customer.

The matter of how comfortable women’s Court Visions are is nothing new as all Court Visions have the same design hence the same level of comfort, which has been discussed above in this article.

The Air Force 1s have different varieties with different materials, so the comfort level may differ, so keep that in mind.

We hope that you have developed a decent idea about Court Vision vs Air Force 1. Now, let’s move to the next topic.

Nike Court Borough Low vs Air Force 1

Let’s discuss another similar topic i.e Nike Court Borough Low vs Air Force 1.

Both the Court Borough Lows and Air Force 1s have similar designs but are not identical, as the former takes inspiration from the latter to exist.

Customers have claimed that Court Boroughs hurt their feet a lot and that the shoes are basic and pale in comparison.

Nike Court Borough Low vs Air Force 1

Air Force 1s also has the Air logo at the bottom of the shoe in the back when helps to differentiate between them and Court Borough Lows.

The Court Borough Lows are also durable and very tough, have even claimed to keep your feet cool all day, making it uniquely advantageous over the Air Force 1s in certain situations.

Court Borough Lows also have breathable uppers and ankle support via midrise design and durable rubber outsoles with pivot points for extra control and traction. These shoes were made with both sports and casual use in mind. They are cheaper too in case budget is your worry.

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Are Court Visions fake Air Forces?

No, Court Visions are not fake Air Forces. At first glance, you may ask yourself why Nike would want to cannibalize their Air Force sales but rest assured, this is not the case as it would seem.

In short, Nike had aimed to make a slimmed-down version of one of their popular category of shoes, the Air Forces 1s. They decided to make the shoes available for those on a budget.

Hence, Court Vision shoes are made of synthetic and regular leather, while Air Forces are entirely genuine leather. Court Visions are relatively expensive but cheaper when compared to Air Force 1s.

Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1 (Summary)

It all comes down to what you prioritize the most. Is it how comfortable a shoe is? Is it how sleek the design of a shoe is? Is it both? Because both shoes offer the things mentioned above that you may require. But if you are okay to shell out a few more bucks to get the best of the best, the Nike Air Force 1s should be the shoes to get.

If getting shoes within budget is your goal, the Court Vision will get the job done even if it may compromise quality a little bit here and there.

If you have anything to say about our article on Nike Court Vision vs Air Force 1, please let us know in the comments.

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