Converse Wide Width vs Regular (Converse Wide vs Standard)

Converse Wide Width vs. Regular

Converse shoes are well known in their endeavor to become one of the most recognizable shoe brands of all time. Not to mention their extensive collection of shoes and the option to customize them have made them a fan favorite for many in the shoe industry.

But, in the past, there have been complaints from many customers about the size and comfort of their shoes. This has put them in a negative corner of recognition for a long time.

Have they done anything about it? Yes. They have released a wide version of various shoes, but are they as good as the regular ones? Let’s dig in to know more about Converse wide width vs regular. Do Converse standard sizes have any edge when it comes to converse wide vs standard?

In this article, we will discuss various features of wide Converse vs regular Converse.

Should I Get Standard or Wide Width Converse?

This is not as simple a question as you may think it is. Let me explain why – to some people, sometimes the standard width shoes do not fit properly. They could buy a size extra, sure. But, by the time they start wearing, they may regret if the shoes do not feel comfortable.

Lucky for you, Converse accepts returning and exchanging of shoes if they are not fitting correctly or have any other issues with them. You can even return a pair of shoes or more even after wearing them, considering the reason for returning or wanting an exchange is valid enough to be accepted.

Converse Wide Width vs Regular (Converse Wide vs Standard)

Most companies do not even offer such ease of return and exchange, so you are lucky enough in this aspect of buying a Converse shoe, be it wide Converse or regular.

On the other hand, for people who buy a size extra from their actual size, the shoes may end up feeling too loose to the point that it becomes somewhat uncomfortable. Wearing loose-fitting shoes can cause several problems with your feet!

If you have an accurate measurement of your feet, try going a size up from your actual one to be safe when buying a standard-width pair of shoes. You are way better off to be loose when wearing Converse shoes rather than tight, as claimed by most users, due to Converse’s history of their regular shoes being very uncomfortable for normal customers who only want shoes for average activities.

It also goes without saying that if you get a shoe too loose, chances are you will face the uncomfortable feeling of a flopping sound when you try walking in it. The flopping sounds come from the shoe being so loose that the insides keep bouncing around your feet and colliding.

But, if you are wondering what the wide width is for, it is for those who have wide feet and do not find any size good enough to fit their feet perfectly.

Wide width has done wonders as many people wanted to try Converse shoes but could not get any size to fit them. So now that you know what to choose between Converse wide width vs Regular, let’s explore some other aspects of these shoes.

How Much Wider Are Wide Width Converse?

According to Converse’s website, on their page of the size chart, they have mentioned that their wide shoes consist of more volume and a bigger platform by roughly around 15mm to the ball and instep, and 6mm to the bottom width. So there is clearly a difference in sizing between converse wide vs standard.

Converse Wide Width vs Regular (Converse Wide vs Standard)

Can People with Regular Feet Wear Wide Width Converse?

Yes, some people have claimed that wearing smaller wide-width shoes does feel better than wearing shoes of their actual feet size. However, others have argued that regular and wide-width shoes feel more or less the same without any change in comfort or size.

It boils down to how the shoes feel to you. There is no harm in trying wide-width shoes even if you have normal feet. Just make sure to compensate for the wide size by taking smaller overall shoe sizes to avoid getting a loose feeling when wearing wide shoes.

I hope you are enjoying our guide on wide Converse vs regular. Let’s move to the next section of Converse wide vs standard.

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Are wide Converse true to size?

Converse shoes have a bigger fitting than regular shoes. Some customers have claimed that they felt the same wearing a wide 9.5 even though they wore regular 10 before.

As mentioned above, even if you want to order your regular shoe size for a wide shoe, you are safer if you order half a size down just to get the perfect shoe fit.

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Is the toe box of Converse Wide Width the same as the regular?

Is there any difference in toe box when it comes to converse wide width vs Regular?

One of the only places where there is a significant change in the wide-width shoes of Converse is the toe box, which is a crucial part of any shoe that aims for comfort and foot health.

Converse Wide Width vs Regular (Converse Wide vs Standard)

The toe box has been changed along with the shoe, making it wider so that people with wide feet can move their toes without having to get the feeling that they are being suffocated from within.

Changing the toe box for a wider space was one of the number one complaints that customers had filed when they tried on regular Converse shoes but could not wear them for a prolonged time.

But, a minority of people have claimed that the wide-width shoes do not feel that different from the regular-width shoes when the toe box is the subject. But the majority have spoken out that it is better than the regular width toe box.

Is There Any Visual Difference when It Comes to Size Between Converse Wide Vs Standard?

The sole is wider when you look at the shoe inside. But, there is visibly no difference to account for on the exterior whatsoever. After wearing a wide pair of Converse shoes, you can feel all those soles’ differences inside.

However, custom shoes do not count as those designed mainly by customers, so keep that in mind when buying custom shoes from the Converse website.

Converse Wide vs Standard (Summary)

The conclusion is pretty simple considering what we have looked at so far – wide-width shoes provide a voice and impact for the people who could not enjoy Converse shoes no matter how hard they tried until now.

In the long run, people will slowly start accepting wide shoes as a standard set by Converse for those who struggle to find a perfect fit for their imperfect feet.

That being said, wide-width shoes are not limited to being worn by people with wide feet. If you have standard feet or just want to give them a try for no reason at all, you are free to do so.

Most people tend to get a size without doing much research about it, like measuring their feet accurately and comparing it to the range of shoe sizes available from brands like Converse.

So when you buy their shoes, do remember to keep the size right by doing enough fact-checking on your end. Otherwise, you may not enjoy the experience these wide shoes of theirs have to offer. We hope you have now developed some ideas on Converse wide width vs regular. Comment below if you have any further query on Converse wide vs standard.

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