Pf Flyers vs Converse (Side-by-Side Comparison in 2022)

PF Flyers vs. Converse

No matter what you prioritize in a shoe, with so many brands out there trying to get as many customers as they can into their loyal fan base, it can get confusing. Both a casual customer and an athlete go through a hard time deciding which brand to stick to.

Such is the case for comparing PF Flyers and Converse shoes. While they may look similar, they are ultimately different in their structure.

If you want to make your decision easier and do not want to miss out on the most important similarities and differences between PF Flyers vs Converse, this is the right article for you. Keep reading ahead! At the end of the article, we also have a quick comparison chart where we have presented side-by-side comparisons of both shoes.

PF Flyers vs Converse Sizing

PF Flyer’s sizing is between 1 to 13.5 for kids. The range is from 4 to 13.5 for men. While for women, the sizes are available from 5.5 to 15.

However, for Converse shoes, the sizing for kids is done differently on their website. They provide sizes from 1C to 13.5C and 1Y to 6Y.

For men and women, the size ranges from 3 to 18 and 4.5 to 20, respectively.

Converse has more sizes for their shoes when compared to PF Flyers. This is all about PF Flyers vs Converse Sizing.

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PF Flyers cost between $58, and at max, $88. When you think about it, not so hard to afford their shoes, right?

But, when you compare this to Converse’s whopping range from $33.97 to a straight-up $170 for men, you, being the average customer, may want to prefer PF Flyers.

But, note that usually, the most expensive Converse shoes are limited edition shoes which may not interest you at all. So maybe Converse is not a lost cause just yet for you.

Converse shoes for women range between $29.97 to the same price as men’s shoes, $170.

For the kids, the price ranges between $24.97 to $65, including infants.


PF Flyers only have nine current products available, mainly aimed at children and infants. They do not have any separate section for men, and women as they only offer a handful of unisex shoes.

However, Converse has the typical availability for men, women, and children alike.

They also have a limited edition section which implies that some shoes are unavailable after the stock is out. So if you are interested in that, you may want to start looking around there. Do not forget that most limited edition shoes might already be out of stock.

They also have shoes available for different sports, which may pull the interest of sportspeople.


Let’s discuss PF Flyers vs Converse in terms of variety. If what I said in the availability section was any clear indication, you may realize that PF Flyers do not have many varieties available for the average customer or even the average athlete.

PF Flyers only have a handful of shoes made for children, infants, men, and women.

Their signature shoe is ‘The 1993’, which once appeared in one of Hollywood’s movies called “The Sandlot,” giving it a different kind of fame for its existence.

Pf Flyers vs Converse (Side-by-Side Comparison in 2022)
PF Flyers 1993

After that, they have their well-known Unisex Center Hi/Low shoes.

The Hi version is targeted towards those who love playing basketball, as they are known as basketball sneakers. The signature rigid wedge comfort insert and ribbed toe bumpers are commonly acknowledged and praised among folks who own these shoes.

The Lo version is similar to the Hi version, except it is more streamlined and made for casual wear. If you are a casual shoe wearer who just wants to own a pair of sneakers, then this is one of the correct pairs for you to consider buying.

Only the Center Hi has a 1993 entirely black version. Unfortunately, the Lo is only available in white, so keep that in mind.

On the other hand, Converse is simply rocking in terms of variety. Converse shoes come in tons of varieties for customers to choose from. They have shoes for men, women, children, and even customers interested in sports. There is metaphorically no limit to the variety of categories they offer.

What is the cherry on top? Converse even give customers the freedom to make their shoes. Yes, you read it right – you are allowed to create custom shoes. A customer can start a blank shoe and slowly make their way to what design they want to choose for said shoe and shoe leather even. How cool is that?

Pf Flyers vs Converse (Side-by-Side Comparison in 2022)

It is not just limited to that, though. Soon, more interesting customization will be available, according to the Converse site.

For example, you can add new colors in classic shoes, new prints that add personality, glitter to make them indeed eye candy to look at, and last but not least, new wedding styles to make them exclusively for you and your other half!

The only colors available for men in Converse’s customization section are green, brown, white, red, black, blue, grey, orange, yellow, and purple.

The colors available in the women’s section are white, brown, black, blue, green, orange, red, grey, pink, yellow, and purple.

Pf Flyers vs Converse (Side-by-Side Comparison in 2022)
For Women

The colors range from white, blue, pink, green, and orange for children. Multiple is also an option if your kid likes more than one color on their shoes.

The only styles that can be customized are the high, low, boot, and platform ones.

This will hype up the kind of people who love to go crazy in matching accessories with colors and what not!

This custom option may entice customers to choose Converse because customers have more control and options on what they want. This is indeed a unique experience for those who are interested.

PF Flyers vs Converse Comfort

The comfort level between PF Flyers vs Converse has some differences noticed by customers who bought from both brands.

For example, customers claim that PF Flyers are more comfortable than Converse as they are wider and will not tire your feet even if you are walking in them all day long. PF Flyers are known for supporting the feet well enough not to cause any form of aching when used for a long time.

It is also proven that PF Flyers are constructed to make them feel comfortable, more than Converse shoe. The arch support in the PF Flyers is said to be top-notched and not to disappoint the casual shoe wearer or athlete.

Furthermore, orange have a wider toe box, a favorite feature for customers who bought their shoes. The thick soles provide levels of cushioning, which make your walking experience feel as comfortable as possible without compromising your satisfaction.

But, others claim otherwise, saying that the cushioning in Converse shoes helps to get in the shoe quickly without hurting yourself in the process.

Not to mention, Converse shoes are well known for activities like weight lifting due to their flat soles. This helps athletes and gym-goers lift weights without worrying about any injury for the shoes themselves not being stable enough.

Pf Flyers vs Converse (Side-by-Side Comparison in 2022)

On the other hand, Converse shoes have a bad reputation for making people’s feet feel cramped, whether if they wear the shoes for a short time or even for too long.

This has caused long-time customers to switch over to other brands like PF Flyers and such just for the factor of less comfort from Converse’s side.

PF Flyers also give you the option to add and remove insoles. Meaning you can add things like orthotics to help treat foot, leg, or back problems.

It would be essential to remember that the PF Flyers Center Hi can leave too much room between the top and the ankle for skinny people. This may not be an issue for those who have big ankles.

Quick Comparison Chart

Comparison chart for PF Flyers vs Converse

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How They Are Similar?

Like Converse’s All-Star, PF Flyer shoes have a vulcanized rubber toe bumper, toe cap, and striped midsole, giving both brand shoes their athletic footwear identity.

Most of their shoes, if not all, look exceptionally similar, which can get people confused sometimes unless they know their shoes are suitable. Both of the shoes have very similar designs to a few models.

PF Flyers vs Converse (Summary)

If you are still puzzled about what shoe to go for, fear not. Our table presented at the top of the article should cover the fundamental and key differences between PF Flyers vs Converse without the hassle and save your time. Go ahead and take a look for yourself, and hopefully, you can finally decide. If you want to know black vs white converse, you can check our article on this topic.

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