Do Jordan 12 Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)

Do Jordan 12 Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)

Are you a Jordan fan like I am? In the Jordan shoe collection, only a handful of shoes truly stood the test of time due to factors such as design, comfort, and implications of what they represent. One of those shoes is the Jordan 12, released back in 1996 and has been popular among Nike fans ever since.

But one may ask, how are these shoes really in general? Does the Jordan 12 run big or small? Continue reading to find out! We have also discussed whether Jordan 5, Jordan 6, and Jordan 13 are true to size or not.

Do Jordans 12 Run Big or Small?

On average, the Jordan 12s are best to wear if you go half a size down. After the break-in period has been dealt with, the user may experience a loose fit that nobody likes. Hence, going half a size down brings the shoe down to a proper fit after the user is done breaking in.

Of course, this is according to the reviews most users gave online. In my case, after buying the pair of shoes, they fit perfectly after wearing them for a few days, as I opted for half a size down after seeing the reviews myself.

Do Jordan 12 Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)

However, people with wide feet should not go half a size down in Jordan 12s. Usually, wide feet require users to either go true to size or rarely half a size up.

Before continuing any further, I would like to advise the reader to try going to physical stores to get the best fit for any shoes. Buying shoes online may prove to be in vain as chances are you may have to return and get an exchange if the shoes do not fit right.

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Are Jordan 12 True to Size?

Jordan 12 is true to size only to a few users who claim they did not need to size down when buying the shoes. This could be people with wide feet because they are not recommended to size down while buying Jordan 12.

Even if Jordan 12 shoes are true to size, you are better off sizing down or going to a physical store to get the fit you require. After all, Jordan 12s do end up fitting tighter before breaking in, so you are better off avoiding the trouble of worrying whether they will fit or not.

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Are Jordan 12s Comfortable?

Yes, the Jordan 12 is comfortable. Both the cushioned interior and platform are so good that users cannot help but keep praising them in reviews.

Not to mention, I have owned a pair for a few years, and the Jordan 12s have been comfortable to my feet all this time.

Hopefully, this answered your question – are Jordan 12s comfortable? But why are Jordan 12s comfortable? We will see that now.

Do Jordan 12 Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)

Jordan 12s Have Exceptional Cushioning

All thanks to the fully built Zoom Air unit inside the Phylon carrier, which can make sure you are cushioned and moderately lightweight at the same time without compromising anything at all. It may sound too good to be true, but it is indeed the case.

Do Jordan 12 Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)

Jordan 12s Are Durable yet Feel Lightweight Enough

Being moderately light, the Jordan 12s make sure you move without it carrying you down. I’m not too fond of super heavy shoes for durability that takes some time and energy to move and get used to it. I am sure others reading this article can relate to me. These shoes are worth buying!

Are Jordan 5 True to Size?

Jordan 5s fit true to size. There is little to no debate about this.

Nevertheless, some users online claim that the Jordan 5s can be half a size bigger than their true-to-size shoes.

But the majority of the users claim them to be true to size, so it all comes down to whether you want to take the safe route and go half a size down or take a risk and try them with true to size to be sure.

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Do Jordan 12 Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)

Are Jordan 6 True to Size?

Jordan 6 is usually true to size, but there is more room for people with normal and narrow feet, even in the toe box area, due to minimal cushioning.

You can try going half a size down to avoid discomfort because the shoes have much space for your feet to move around in.

Do Jordan 12 Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)

There is also the case of recent Jordan 6s fitting true to size more than the older versions. Like the 2019 Infrared version, which is true to size, unlike the 2014 versions, which had a wider toe box.

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Do Jordan 13 Run Big or Small?

In average, the Jordan 13 shoes run big, resulting in users being recommended to opt for half a size down for the best fit possible.

Although some minority users out there have claimed to make the Jordan 13s fit fine even after going true to size, granting room for future buyers to try true to size and see if they get lucky. People with wide feet do not need to go down in size.

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Do Jordan 12 Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)

Frequently Asked Questions

I have answered the main questions – do Jordan 12 run big or small? Are Jordan 12 true to size? It is time we answer some of the trivial questions as well.

Can You Hoop in Jordan 12?

Yes, the Jordan 12s can be used to hoop. They have great court feel that will not make anyone prioritizing basketball regret owning a pair. After all, these are basketball shoes in the first place.

The traction on the bottom of the shoes are absolutely worth relying on for any situation in the court, which also involves hooping.

How Much Do Jordan 12 Weigh?

The Jordan 12s weigh about 3 to 5 pounds, which is a bit heavier than the average sneaker weight, which is between 2 to 2.5 pounds. However, the lightweight cushioning makes up for it.

It is no surprise there, honestly, as the Jordan 12s are made of full-grain leather, which can be accounted as one of the heaviest materials out there for making shoes due to its durability. But, it does not compromise on the comfort whatsoever. They feel super light on the feet once you have your perfect size!

Why Are the Jordan 12 Called Flu Game?

The main reason why Jordan 12s are called the Flu Game was because of the one incident when Michael Jordan was reported to have flu-like symptoms while playing against the Utah Jazz team wearing the Jordan 12s.

According to the player himself, Jordan did not want to temporarily stop playing even if he was sick because he indicated that he had a responsibility toward his Bulls team. With the shoes being used at that moment, it became a memorable incident to remember them.

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