Do Vans Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)

Do Vans run big or small?

Vans dominate the footwear industry with their broad range of shoes. The vast range of Vans shoes provides comfort for petite and wide feet types. From mountain climber boots to classic sneakers- Vans created them all.

Each style has a distinct structure-one of them has inner fleece-lining (snow, MTE), some of them don’t have laces to make adjustments (Slip On), and a few are snugged for movement (high-performance skate shoes, BMX). The diversity of Vans styles can lead to this question- do Vans run big or small? Do Vans run true to their sizes?

In this article, we will answer your queries, Do Vans run big, how do Vans fit, and Vans sizing.

Do Vans Run Big or Small? Are Vans True to Size?

Vans created shoe styles for many purposes: skateboarding, hiking, BMX riding, snowboarding, and for everyday use. Vans crafted each style to serve a particular environment. In the process of doing so, the designers prioritized size and comfortable fit over other aspects. Vans provide their sizing tutorial (shoe size guide) on their website so that people can find the proper pair of shoes. 

Vans shoes stay true to their sizes based on the conventional size charts. If you are willing to pick a couple of Vans shoes from their wide range of products, you should avoid purchasing a size bigger or smaller. 

As Vans shoe has different insole and outsole structures for each style, it can confuse people during the purchasing process. For better understanding, I will discuss each Vans shoe style in detail.

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How Do Vans Fit?

In this section, we will cover all the popular styles and types of Van shoes and narrate how should they fit on feet.

Vans UltraRange

Vans UltraRange shoes are lightweight, durable, and breathable. UltraRange offers several varieties of shoes depending on the purpose- UltraRange EXO, UltraRange EXO H MTE-1, UltraRange Gore, etc. 

Even though Vans UltraRange shoes have inner cushioning, all the shoes under this category stay true to the size chart. If you are willing to buy a shoe from UltraRange, you don’t need a size up or down.  

Do Vans Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)
Vans Authentic

Vans Authentic

Vans Authentic is the classic casual shoe style with a simple lace-up outline below the ankle. These shoes have the perfect structure for daily use and skating. Vans Authentic shoes are consistent with sizing- including all the special editions. 

After multiple usages, the shoe remains in good shape; it doesn’t stretch. Also, Vans Authentic shoes do not have any insolation or inner lining. 

Hence, it is unnecessary to buy a pair of Vans Authentic in a bigger size. The natural width of Vans Authentic works excellent with tiny feet. So, you do not have to size down during purchase. 

Vans Slip On

At some point in our life, we struggled with tying up shoelaces. Vans solved this dilemma by creating stylish Slip On shoes with perfect fitting. Vans Slip On shoes doesn’t have any padding inside. 

Vans Slip Ons might seem small with the first try. This discomfort results from not having the laces to adjust the shoes by personal preference. If you wear a Slip On a few times, you will get accustomed to it. 

Buying Vans Slip On a size bigger than your average shoe size will make the shoes fall off your feet. On the other hand, a smaller-sized Vans Slip On will limit your movement, as the shoe will be stuck to your feet. So, Van Slip Ons should be purchased to the regular size- similar to other Vans styles. 

Vans Era

Vans Era shoes took over the footwear market worldwide with minimalistic design and innovative padded shoe collars. This specific type of Vans is famous for its comfort, durability, and coziness for everyday wear. Yet, it leads to this query; does the padded shoe collar make Vans Era crammed around the ankle area? 

Vans Era provides comfort around the ankles while leaving enough space for movement. The functional shape makes sure you can wear it for hours. You don’t have to get a bigger size than your natural shoe size while purchasing vans Era.  

Do Vans Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)
Vans Era

Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool is famous for its iconic side stripe with a low-top shape with comfort and sturdiness for the long run. Vans Old Skool V has a hook and loop closure, whereas other Old Skool shoes have shoelaces. 

Even with constant use, the shoe shape stays the same as day one; it doesn’t stretch. So, you can buy any Vans Old Skool and Old Skool V at your actual size without worrying about sizing up or down. 

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Vans Sk8 Hi

Vans Sk8 Hi provides cushioning both layers of the shoes- inside and outside. This feature turned them into popular streetwear. The padding is sewn in such a way that it doesn’t eat up the foot’s space.

Due to the impeccable design of insoles and outsoles, Vans Sk8 Hi fits perfectly to their sizes. The silhouette makes sure you do not have to buy a bigger size to walk comfortably. 

Vans Sk8 Mid

Vans launched Sk8 Mid shoes in three styles- Sk8 Mid, Sk8 Mid Reissue, and Sk8 Pro. Vans started Sk8 Mid style for kids, whereas the other two are for adults.  

To make sure kids are free from the hassle of shoelace tying, Vans Sk8 Mid has two straps instead of laces-except for PRIDE Sk8 Mid. The adjustable straps create a breathable, easy-to-wear shoe range. Needless to say, a size up or down should be avoided while buying a pair of Sk8 Mid.  

Do Vans Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)
Vans Sk8 Mid

Vans Sk8 Mid Reissue and Sk8 Pro styles are distinguished from other Vans styles for their outsole pattern. These classic sneakers are cozy, snug and lightweight. Vans Sk8 Mid reissue and Sk8 Pro have enough space for toes and feet. It would help if you bought these Vans shoes with your accurate sizing.

Vans Platforms

Vans crafted Platform shoes in lace-up and Slip On patterns. Platform Vans have the advantage of having spacious toe room and a thick sole to give the wearer a height boost (approximately 1.5 inches). The design of Platform Vans made them invulnerable to painful foot conditions. 

Even though Vans Platform shoes have thick soles, they are lightweight with proper feet space. You don’t have to stress over wiggling your toes and blocking your ankles while wearing them. For Vans Platform shoes, it is discouraged to opt towards a size up or a size down.

Vans MTE

Vans designed their MTE shoes to withstand extreme conditions. This style works in places or situations where regular footwear would be redundant- or in some cases, life-threatening. Vans created this line for adverse weather, mountain climbing, and heavy snowfall. Vans MTE lines serve as the kind that can survive any outdoor adventure. 

Vans MTE has four sub-categories of styles for particular weather. All four of the types are water-resistant and sturdy. I will discuss the sizing and fitting of each kind for better understanding.

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Vans MTE-1

Vans designed the MTE-1 shoes in high-top style- covering the ankles. The thermoregulation technology incorporated with MTE-1 made sure of bearing the core internal temperature of the wearer during heavy rainfall. To achieve warmth, Vans used insulation inside the MTE-1 shoes. 

Even with the insulation, Vans MTE-1 shoes are lightweight and flexible. It has enough room for the feet and toes. Hence, you don’t have to go for a bigger size while purchasing Vans MTE-1 style.

Do Vans Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)
Vans MTE-1

Vans MTE-2

Vans MTE-2 can endure foul weather, mud, cold, water bodies, and harsh terrain. The thin insulation will keep your feet warm yet comfortable during rough usage. Also, Vans MTE-2 shoes are water-resistant.

The Vans MTE-2 insole has a thickness of 3 millimeters. Vans adjusted the styling of the shoes for perfect fitting according to this minuscule insole thickness. So, you should avoid going for a bigger size while buying a pair of Vans MTE-2 shoes.  

Vans MTE-3

Vans MTE-3 can hold out against waves (for surfers) and camping grounds. Surfers have to endure cold seawater during long hours of surfing. 

Hence, Vans MTE-3 boots do three significant things. It lets the moisture escape the shoes while keeping the water away (water-resistant), keeps the feet warm, and is flexible enough to ride the big waves. Vans MTE-3 has cushioning and thin insulation to achieve those standards. 

Even though Vans MTE-3 seems bulky from the outside and compact from the inside, they have enough inner space. While purchasing Vans MTE-3 shoes, you should stay true to your feet size.

Vans MTE Snow

Vans MTE Snow boots are the ideal shoes for cold, harsh winter. The fluffy, warm inside with a high-top style. The padding with water resistance makes sure Vans MTE Snowshoes keep the wearer safe from frostbites and slipping on the melted snow. 

Vans MTE Snow gives the freedom of moving the heels and toes while wearing them. The design is sleek and lightweight compared to the outlook.

As the Vans MTE Snowshoes have enough room for movement, you do not have to buy a bigger size to get the proper fit. On the other hand, the sizing complies with the international shoe chart. So, you should avoid purchasing Vans MTE Snow in a smaller size.

Do Vans Run Big or Small? (Complete Guide)
Vans MTE Snow

Custom Vans

Vans pioneered at giving their customers an opportunity of designing Custom Vans shoes as per their desire. Currently, the Vans website has customization options for materials and colors according to different portions of the shoes. Even kids’ shoes can be turned into Custom Vans

A customer can also show his creativity by adding his image of choice, patterns, and checkerboards. However, Vans custom doesn’t provide size customization. As the standard measurement is followed for all Vans shoes, a modified sizing is unnecessary.

Like other Vans styles, Vans Custom is also associated with perfect sizing. If you are willing to create your own Vans Custom, you don’t have to go a size up or down. 

Vans ComfyCush

ComfyCush Vans have an added foam layer inside. The cushioning is soft yet durable enough to sustain heavy-duty activities like skating, hiking, mounting climbing, and so on. The inner lining might raise the question- should I buy Vans ComfyCush a size bigger?

ComfyCush Vans have enough room inside for toes and wide feet—the inner cushioning functions like a built-in sock. 

It’s absolutely unnecessary to go for a bigger size. The designers considered inner-lining thickness while creating the ComfyCush line- making it fit according to shoe size charts. Hence, a person should go for Vans ComfyCush true to their size.  

Vans Crib

Vans Crib shoes are for infants aged between 0 to 9 months. Cribs come in three Vans styles: Old Skool, Sk8-Hi, and Slip On. These three Vans styles are soft and cozy to secure the feet of young children. 

Van Crib shoe size starts with the “0-6 weeks” range; the last range is 6-9 months. As Vans crafted Cribs with the utmost care, there is no need to go for a size up or down. It would be best to buy Vans Cribs according to the child’s age.

Choosing Vans that are true to size

Vans shoes have been reigning over the footwear industry since 1960. Vans expanded the shoe styles without compromising the quality, robustness, and comfort with time. Many Vans shoe styles can confuse the fitting, especially those with cushioning: Slip On, MTE, and ComfyCush. 

Slip On

As Vans Slip On shoe is created without laces, it withholds the option of making adjustments. However, Vans created this style with elasticized material- making Vans Slip Ons fit accurately for the wearer.

Vans Slip-On holds its form even after numerous usage. So, you will find the Vans Slip-On accurate to your sizes as per shoe charts. 


Vans MTE can endure foul weather, temperature, and rough territory. To achieve this sustainability against harsh conditions, Vans MTE has inner and outer insolation. 

However, the design made Vans MTE susceptible to a sizing error. So, you can buy Vans MTE similar to the size of other Vans styles. 


Vans ComfyCush shoes have insole and outsole paddings for comfort and warmth. ComfyCush shoes were designed in such a way that they became an optimal fit for the wearer.

The padding is thin; it doesn’t affect the size or fit of the shoes.

Other Vans Styles

As all classic Vans shoes fit true to the sizes, you don’t have to struggle to find the perfect pair. Ultra Range, Old Skool, Era, Crib, and Authentic– these styles are true to their sizes.

Even with broad feet, you don’t have to worry about buying half a size bigger Vans shoes. People with smaller feet can find their shoes in all Vans styles too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now we will discuss some frequently asked questions related to our article.

Should I buy a size smaller of Vans sneakers?

Vans sneakers fit true to the size chart. Vans provide size charts on their website according to US, UK, Europe standards for convenience. The chart also comes with each shoe size in centimeters. 

You can check your size to find the perfect fit. So, you can buy Vans sneakers in the same size as your other shoes like converse sneakers- rather than going for a smaller size. 

Do Vans fit true to their sizes?

Vans created a range of shoes considering every season, environment, feet type, and indoor usage. Vans created different shoe styles while considering the US and international shoe sizing. The website also provides measurements in centimeters beside every shoe size.  

Van’s design complied with international standards. Toe room, feet width, and insole and outsole thickness-these aspects were maintained to achieve this standard. Therefore, all Vans shoes fit true to their sizes. 

Can I buy ComfyCush Vans with regular Vans sizing?

Vans ComfyCush shoe’s insole and outsole padding was engineered to leave enough room for the wearer. The Vans ComfyCush will not cut into your ankles and feet. The sizing is similar to other Vans shoes.

You can buy ComfyCush Vans with regular Vans sizing. 

Should I buy Vans Snow a half size bigger than my true size?

Vans Snowshoes have a thin inner layer of insulation to endure freezing weather. The sizing was made while considering the inner lining. The inner fleece-lining does not eat up space for feet. 

You should avoid buying Vans Snow a half size bigger than your true size.

Should I size down for Vans Slip Ons?

Vans Slip Ons come in two styles: classic and ComfyCush. Both of these types were made to fit according to conventional size charts. The shoes do not stretch over time. 

The shape of Vans Slip On remains fresh even after numerous usage. So, it would help if you did not size down for Vans Slip Ons. 

Can I wear Vans footwear with flat feet?

Vans shoes have enough space for toes and thick feet compared to other footwear brands. So, the shoes don’t get jammed no matter what kind of feet you have. 

You can wear Vans footwear with flat feet.

Can I order custom Vans according to the width of my feet?

You can customize Vans shoes according to color and material preferences. Vans shoes are made for all feet types. Hence, Custom Vans do not provide size modification options. You cannot order Vans according to the width of your feet; you have to choose the size from the shoe size chart. There are even Vans color-changing shoes.

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