Doc Martens 1461 VS 8053 | Which One Stands Out!

Doc Martens 1461 vs. 8053

A lot of Doc Martens models look very similar. But in reality, there are many significant differences in their appearance, features, and quality. If you are buying a pair of Doc Martens for a specific purpose, you should go through their respective features first before making the purchase. Different models of Doc Martens shoes can serve very different purposes.

Trust me. Many customers were confused between Doc Martens 1461 and 8053. Some people thought they were the same! But no, there are a lot of fundamental differences between them that are tried and tested by the customers themselves. Let’s review them.

For a short overview of the differences, let’s go through the table below:

FeaturesDoc Martens 1461Doc Martens 8053
AvailabilityMore availableLimited
CostReasonable priceCostly
VarietyA lot of variety availableLimited options
SolesThin and flexibleChunky and stiff
Padded AnklesNot presentPresent
SizingRegular sizingSizing may feel big
DesignThree pairs of eyelets and thin solesFive pairs of eyelets and chunky soles


Well, this one may not exactly be a feature, but it does matter for a few customers. The Doc Martens 8053 shoes are much less available than the 1461 shoes. The 8053 shoes are almost always sold out on the official website of Dr. Martens.

Now, different people will view it differently. If you are someone who is looking for readily available shoes, you know Doc Martens 1461 is your savior. However, some people look for limited edition shoes that are more in demand. In that case, you should wait for Doc Martens 8053 to be available if they are not already. They can be worth the wait!


In terms of prices, Doc Martens 1461 shoes are considerably cheaper. You can buy them for something around $120, and on the other hand, Doc Martens 8053 costs about $155.

The difference is quite significant, and in my opinion, the 1461 shoes offer a better value for money.

Doc Martens 1461 vs. 8053 price.jpg


The variety of shoes available in 1461 is insane! You can find them in a ton of different materials, textures, and colors. The choice is endless!

Doc Martens 8053 is, however, very limited in terms of variety. They are not available in many materials, but you may find them in a few different colors.


Now, the pros and cons of this feature will really depend on how you prefer your shoe soles to be. What kind of soles do you prefer? Chunky or thin?

The 8053 shoes visibly have more oversized soles. Their soles are much chunkier and give an edgy vibe. It will add a few inches to your height. Whereas, the 1461 shoes have much thinner soles.

The huge soles can be a huge con as well. They are very stiff and do not easily break-in. There is no room for bending, and the soles will not get any softer. It can be painful if you wear them for a long time.

Doc Martens 1461 VS 8053 | Which One Stands Out!

The thick soles can even make your stride look weird because the soles will not bend when you walk. The soles on the 1461 shoes are much more comfortable.

Padded Ankles

Padded ankles are often very much preferred in shoes to avoid blisters above the heels. The 8053 shoes have padded ankles which are missing in the 1461 ones.

However, most of the users were not satisfied enough with the padded ankles. They thought that the padded collars did not do much to add comfort to the already chunky and heavy shoes.

Many people said that the 1461 shoes were much more comfortable even when they did not have padded collars because they were already so much less stiff.

Doc Martens 1461 VS 8053 | Which One Stands Out!

It is best to wear socks with both styles because they can rub against the back of your heels pretty harshly.


The sizing for 8053 and 1461 can be a little trickier than regular Doc Martens ankle boots. I had to go through a series of “trial and error” to find the right size for myself.

It can be a massive issue if you don’t find the right size. Too small ones can hurt your toes and restrict blood circulation. Whereas, too big ones can end up rubbing the back of your heels, giving you all the horrible blisters.

Doc Martens don’t come with half sizes. Let’s say you wear a seven and half size. In that case, it is best if you go for a seven size while buying the 1461 or the 8053. Sizing up may not be wise because the shoes can slip off your feet.


The 8053 shoes have five pairs of eyelet holes on top, whereas the 1461 shoes have three pairs of eyelet holes on top. This does not make a huge difference between the two styles.

Apart from this, the main difference between them is their soles. 8053 shoes have larger soles. Otherwise, both pairs look very similar to each other. The signature yellow stitching is present in both shoes.

Doc Martens 1461 VS 8053 | Which One Stands Out!

These were the basic differences between Doc Martens 8053 and 1461.

If you ask me, I think Doc Martens 1461 shoes is much better than the Doc Martens 8053 ones. They are much more comfortable, available and reasonable in terms of pricing. You can also have a lot of variety to choose from is you go for the 1461 style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do 8053 Docs run big?

Doc Martens 8053 may run big for a few people, but most of them said that the shoes felt true to size in terms of width and length.

Do you break in Dr. Martens 1461?

For Doc Martens 1461, it may take up to 3-5 weeks to break in completely. However, it is challenging to break in the 8053 Doc Martens. Sometimes they don’t break-in at all, even after more than a year!

Doc Martens 1460 boots are the most popular Doc Martens style. Anyone who wants to try out the different styles of Doc Martens always tends to start with the 1460 boots because they are super comfy and convenient.

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