Doc Martens Nappa VS Smooth | The Comprehensive Review!

Doc Martens Nappa Vs. Smooth

Doc Martens Nappa leather has been a huge success. The material is very much appreciated, and the quality is also top-notch in terms of looks and durability.

What about Smooth leather Doc Martens shoes? Are they not at good as the Nappa leather? Let us compare both. First, we will look into the difference briefly and then in detail.

FeaturesSmooth LeatherNappa Leather
AvailabilityAvailable in a variety of sizes and regularly restockedAvailable in a variety of sizes and regularly restocked
CostMost styles are available at an affordable price, but a few models can be expensiveMost styles are available at a reasonable price
VarietyAvailable in a lot of modelsAvailable in a limited number of models
AppearanceGlossy textureMatte finish
ComfortStiff at first and requires breaking inComfortable from the very beginning and does not require breaking in
DurabilityDurable but may form creasing if not taken care of appropriatelyDurable and does not form creases easily
Best Sellers1460, 1461 and 29761460, 1461 and 101


Both materials are available in various sizes for both men and women. The shoes for Nappa and Smooth leather are restocked from time to time. This is because both are very much in demand among the customers.


The styles and models available in Nappa leather cost from $120 to $200. Probably a very few models exceed $200 that is made from Smooth leather. Both materials have styles available at a reasonable and high price. You can get them according to your budget!


If you visit the official website of Doc Martens, you will see the variety of styles available in Nappa and Smooth leather. The variety of shoes and boots available in Smooth leather is enormous! You can find them in a lot of different styles, colors, and price ranges.

On the other hand, the shoes in the Nappa leather category are kind of limited. They are available in a few different styles and colors, but they are still enough for making a well-thought choice.


Doc Martens Nappa VS Smooth | The Comprehensive Review!

I love the way Smooth leather shoes look. They have this glossy aesthetic that people prefer a lot. It has been said that Smooth leather Doc Martens are not as good as Nappa leather in terms of quality. But still, people never stopped buying Smooth leather DMs because of the beautiful shine they have.

Nappa leather has more of a matte finish. They are not as glossy as Smooth leather, but it still has a subtle shine. They are perfect for a formal look if you do not want your shoes to pop a lot but still have a classy look. Nappa leather can be versatile as you can wear them at both formal and informal events.


I have gone through many customers’ reviews, and it looks like they were a bit inclined to the Nappa leather when it came to comfort. Nappa leather did not require any breaking in and was instantly comfortable out of the box.

Smooth leather shoes, however, took a long time to break-in. The leather even got creases on the back that ended up rubbing against the ankles. Smooth leather can be a bit stiff in the beginning.

Doc Martens Nappa VS Smooth | The Comprehensive Review!

Bestselling Models

For both Nappa and Smooth leather, the 1460 and 1461 styles sell out in no time. They are significantly in demand, and customers love these models.

The 2976 Smooth leather Docs are also one of their bestselling items, and for Nappa, it is the 101 model. If you are new and want to try out something from these two materials, you can try these models.

Doc Martens Nappa VS Smooth | The Comprehensive Review!

You can easily compare Nappa leather and Smooth leather and choose for yourself using the table below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to break in Smooth leather Docs?

Smooth leather Doc Martens can take a few weeks to break in. After wearing them a few times, they are supposed to mold in with the shape of your feet and give you a personalized fit.

Which Doc Martens leather is the best?

The classic Smooth leather is claimed to be the best type of leather by the Doc Martens website. The leather is stiff at first, but it eventually becomes comfortable and shapes according to your feet. It is also said to be their most durable leather.

Is Nappa leather genuine leather?

Yes, Nappa leather is genuine leather since it is full-grain leather from different animals. This also means that Nappa leather is not vegan.

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