How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add? (Complete Guide)

How much height do doc martens add?

Shoes can always add or contract the overall appearance. You would be surprised to know how it can affect people’s psychology. Doc martens are a cult favorite when it comes to comfort. However, while discussing with my colleagues, I figured that many people loved Dr.Martens because it made them look tall, which somehow made them feel confident. Dr. Martens will not add height stilettos or hidden heights like elevator shoes.

Still, it sure does define an extent. Many short men & women find it challenging to find the right pair of Dr.martens to provide the primary facilities with extra suitable height. If you are one of them or just looking for answers to how much height do doc martens add? Then keep reading as I answer your queries below: 

How Tall Are Doc Martens?

It depends on Doc martens style, heel, midsole & outsole. For example, Men’s 2976 Polished Smooth Platform Chelsea Boots has a 1 ½ inches platform height and one ⅞ inches heel height. On the contrary, 1461 Smooth Leather Oxford Shoes provides half-inch platform and one ⅚ inches heel height. But most Doc martens platforms are 1 to 2 inches tall at max, and the heel height goes around half inches to four inches. Midsoles prevent any kind of imbalance or absorption, so most Doc martens have a thick band that is at least half inches. So, overall, Doc martens are 2 to 3.5 inches tall. 

How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add?

I’m about 175.26 cm, and my 1461 Quad Platforms add about an extra l 6.35 centimeters. If you are wondering about how many inches do Doc Martens add, here is the answer.

Most doc martens add about one inch of height. Chesney Leather Flared Heel Women Boots are about 3.4 inches tall. Most men’s Dr. martens heels add an extra one ¼ inches to their standard height for men. But platform Dr. Martens adds 3 inches in height, whereas the regular classic one only adds half inches.

How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add? (Complete Guide)
Chesney Leather Flared Heel Women Boot

Hope you have got the answer to your query, how much height do Doc Martens add. Let’s See the Height of Some of The Styles of Doc Martens

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How Tall Are Platform Doc Martens?

In this part, we will address your question, how tall are Platform Doc Martens? Most Doc martens platforms are 1.75 inches, but back in 2020, Dr.martens announced their tallest platform: Jadon Max. It is about 2.2 inches tall. Unisex platforms are about 1.5 inches tall, and men are the same. Women’s platforms vary from 1.75 inches to 2.2 inches. Most of the Silhouette platforms are always above 1.57 inches in height. Not to mention the insole and platforms are often 2 inches to the opening and shaft. 

How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add? (Complete Guide)
Dr. Martens Jadon

How Tall Are Doc Martens 1460?    

Dr. Martens 1460 has to be one of the popular martens out there. It is not a unisex shoe instead women’s boots. If you like ankle support with heels and a gladiator look. It has a one ¼ inches heel and about ½ inches heel platform. However, it goes up to knee ankles and is seven inches tall from leg ankle. I advise you to pair these with knee-length socks. 

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How Much Height Do Jadon Doc Martens Add?      

The Jadon line has different sizes & styles of shoes. I owned classic Jadon years back, about 1.55 inches tall. Jaden Smooth, meaning the white Dr.marten you see around your Instagram feed, is the popular Jaden shoe. It adds about 1.85 inches of height. However, Jaden  Max adds 2.2 inches to your overall size. 

How Tall Are Classic Doc Martens?  

Classic Dr.Martens vary on the style you choose. Oxfords are 2 inches tall, while Chelsea Boots are 4 inches tall. Original Dr.Martens are 1.4 inches tall and can vary to 2 inches. Lace-up boots are about 2.754 inches tall. Serena Faux Fur Classics are about 3 inches tall. Moreover, the approximate would be ½ inches to 3 inches and above. 

How Tall Are 14 Eye Doc Martens?

The 1914 14-Eye Leather Boot series references a mix of military boots and gladiator shoe style. The inner air wair technology adds extra soles about ¼ inches thick. Also, the upper and leather sole provide additional depth for grip. There are Smooth, and Vonda styles and both are 7 inches tall. 

How Tall Are Doc Martens 1490s?

When I was in high school, the 1490s High used to be a big thing. It is excellent for winter and has tremendous sole work that provides superior grip. However, the platforms are ½ inches tall, and the shaft is about 8 inches. Lastly, these are ten eye boots that provide excellent grip for any running. 

How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add? (Complete Guide)
Dr. Martens 1490s 

How Tall Are the Doc Martens Chelsea Boots?

Chelsea boots are at max 2 inches tall from the ankle. However, 2976 max leather Chelsea boots are at most 4 inches tall. On the contrary, 2976 smooth Chelsea boots are 1.75 inches tall from the ankle, and the platform is one inch tall. In the case of platforms all of the Chelsea boots are below 2 inches. 

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How Tall Are Doc Martens Alexandra?

Doc Martens Alexandra always reminds me of cowboy shoes but only more fashionable. These have shafts that are 6 inches tall from the arch. Also, the heel adds more than 2 inches and the platform heels are about ½ inches tall. Overall, it is a 7 inches tall boot.

I believe now you have decent ideas about how much height do Doc Martens add. Let’s move on to the next section where we have discussed Doc Martens height of some more styles.

Height of Some other styles of Doc Martens Boots

Women’s Leona 7 Hook Boots

Retro-style women’s boots are perfect for winter. It has a platform heel of one inch, the shaft starts from seven inches, and the total height of the shoe is about two ¾ inches. 

Unisex 2976 Smooth Leather Boot

Yes, this is the pair that has been rocked by Chuck Bass from the HBO popular show “Gossip Girl.” However, it’s great for formal wear and even for a dress. The heel is approximately one inch, and the platform is about ½ inches. The shaft of these boots measures about six inches from the arch. Overall, it is two inches tall, Dr. Martens. 

Holly leather platform Shoes

If you want to stand out from the crows, this unisex pair is the one for you. The booth has a satin leather finish and also includes satin ribbon lace. It is oil resistant, and the platform heel is 1.5 inches tall. However, the heel is about two inches tall. Overall the shoes are about 2 ½  inches tall. 

Church Quad Leather Boots

Monkey silhouette boots like Church Boots always provide a great definition of height. It is a high-rise sole design that’s a Dr. Martens signature retro classic. It has a 1.5 inches height and a high rise sole of 5 inches opening. Overall it is two and ¼ inches tall. 

How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add? (Summary)

After going through the article, we hope that you have got your answer of how much height do Doc Martens add. We have discussed Doc Martens height of different styles. Now we want to hear from you. What do you think? How much height do Dr Martens add? Comment below and let us know.

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