Dr Martens 1490 vs 1460 (Side-by-Side Comparison)

Doc Martens 1490 vs 1460

Anyone who is a fan of classic boots, the Doc Martens 1460 and 1490s are indeed dominating their favorites list. Since they are almost identical, having confusion between the 1490s and 1460s is a thing to scratch your head over. So before you hit the store, let’s fix this confusion first. We are here to give you an ultimate guide between Dr Martens 1490 vs 1460. At the end of the article, we will present a quick comparison chart presenting the features of Doc Martens 1490 vs 1460.

Doc Martens 1490 vs 1460 (Main Differences)


Doc Martens 1460 is made of two primary materials. One is leather, 

and another is PVC. Martens company is well known for using genuine leather. So same picture is here with the 1460s. The combination of leather and PVC is a great blend. The soles got a solid grip that you can trust for years. You will get to wear them while you are in a muddy condition, raining, light snowfall, and these even can be your beach boots as well. 

The 1490s are made of durable, smooth leather. The leather, PVC, and textile blend give it a perfect finish. All the intelligent and attractive features got forwarded from the 1460s here. So this super smooth-looking boot will provide you with some excellent experience with the material. 

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Dr Martens 1490 vs 1460 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Dr. Martens 1490


The only way to tell the difference between the 1460s and 1490s is the design. The 1490s are a little high. Both of them are laced boots, very classic looking.

The 1460s is an eight-eye boot. The 1490s got ten eyes. So when you wear the 1460s, they will cover your ankle well. But the 1490s will go higher. They can be considered as the mid-calf boot. 

The boots will seem identical at first glance. The significant difference here between Dr Martens 1490 vs 1460 is the height and the eye lits. 

Dr Martens 1490 vs 1460 (Side-by-Side Comparison)


Thinking of the comfort level, both the models’ performance is quite the same. Because the design and fit are almost similar, you will need to wear thick athletic socks to wear them for sure. Otherwise, several parts of your foot will rub against the shoe, and you can get blisters as well. 

Once you are in your thick socks and the shoe has broken well, they will be your favorite, and daily wear shoes because they are that comfortable.

If you want to wear the 1490s for long hours, it will be better to wear them a bit loose. It is because they are higher. While putting it on, you may feel like it is not tight enough. If you end up tying them tighter, it will hurt your feet later. 

You can wear them comfortably in any weather condition. It will provide you good grip over light snow. It will keep your feet dry during the rain as well. As you see, there is not much difference between Doc Martens 1490 vs 1460 when it comes to comfort.

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Doc Martens shoes can run a bit big. They don’t come in any half sizes. People who wear half sizes often find the 1460s a little bigger. So it is safe to order a size down. 

Usually, people prefer to order a full size down for the 1490s. Over time it stretches. 

But if you feel like your feet hurt a lot with a size down, you can go for your original size. Dr Martens sell fillers. So your foot will not wiggle inside. 

Breaking time:

You might have heard from many people that Dr Martens are pretty difficult to break in. It is true for both the 1460s and 1490s. 

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Dr Martens 1490 vs 1460 (Side-by-Side Comparison)


The 1460s and the 1490s are the most durable boots of the Dr Martens series. You can wear the 1460s for up to 3-4 years. 

The 1490s will stay with you for decent five years almost. 

Dr Martens 1490 vs 1460 (Comparison Chart)

Dr Martens 1490 vs 1460 (Side-by-Side Comparison)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dr. Martens run big 1490?

  • Many people reported that they could run big. So it is better to go for one size down. 

How do I style my Dr. Martens 1490?

  • They are pretty classic-looking boots. If you want a casual look, an all-black outfit will be perfect. If you are willing to have a bit formal look, wear them with long coats. You will quickly get some of your favorite series character’s looks with it. 

Which Doc Martens are the most popular?

  • No model could beat the popularity of the 1460s. If one has ever owned one, they will surely rebuy it. 

What’s the difference between 1460 and 1461 Dr. Martens?

  • It is basically the color combination. The 1460s have basic colors like black and brown. The 1461s went with some popping color like cherry red. 

Dr Martens 1490 vs 1460 (Summary)

Buying a pair of Doc Martens boots is an excellent investment that you will not regret. When it comes to popular boots like the 1460s and 1490s, you can be sure that these things will be great ones. 

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