Hey Dude Shoes vs Skechers (Side by Side Comparison)

Hey Dude Shoes vs Skechers

The most common comparison example between two shoe brands is Hey Dude shoes and Skechers. One might wonder why these two get compared so often. It is mainly because both brands target similar if not the same, customers. There are some styles of Skechers that look Hey Dudes popularly known as Skechers Hey Dude and vice versa.

In this article, I will cover the pros and cons, the similarities and differences of both brands with a comparison chart at the end. We have also covered Skechers Hey Dude look alike shoes and a brief comparison between Skechers Bobs vs Hey Dude.

Bear with me as we research the perfect brand for you and your loved ones! Now let’s see the differences between Hey Dude vs Skethers in brief and after that in detail.

Hey Dude Shoes vs Skechers

Let’s explore Hey Dude vs Skechers in terms of their features.


We will now look into Hey Dude Shoes vs Skechers in case of availability of the shoes. When considering availability, you might want to consider Skechers for the win here as they have a more extensive collection of line-ups of shoes compared to Hey Dude shoes.

Hey Dude shoes are not any less in terms of available collection when it comes to Hey Dude shoes. They have a decent collection of available shoes of different categories.

If you are someone who loves the convenience of buying other accessories alongside shoes, Skechers will have you covered from head to toe, literally.


Most varieties of shoes are similar for both brands. For example, sandals and slip-on shoes are there for men to enjoy. But this does not mean both brands do not have different exclusive varieties to offer. This gives them unique identities to differentiate from each other.

Take the Wendy collection of Hey Dude shoes as an example. This is primarily targeted towards women of any and every age. These shoes are casual slip-ons designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Wendy collection of Hey Dude shoes
Wendy collection – Hey Dude shoes

Then there is the Wally collection by Hey Dude shoes aimed towards men who want to feel the comfort of their quality shoes without compromising fashion.

There is more!

Hey Dude shoes also feature eco-friendly shoes for women. These shoes are made from repurposed materials branded as environmental waste, hence saving the planet along the way. This is perfect for people who want to help save the Earth.

On the other hand, Skechers have varieties just like boots, slip-ons, and sandals varying between men and women and so on. But, the primary key differentiating factor that separates them from Hey Dude shoes is that they categorize shoes by width and by intended activities.

Let me explain it to you. Suppose you have a golf match or want to run up a hill. Skechers will provide shoes made just for these situations, which can save time finding out what shoes would suit your wants and needs.

They categorize shoes by width, which helps those who prioritize shoes of specific sizes more than any other factor.

Hey Dude Shoes vs Skechers on Comfort

In the case of comfort, Hey Dude shoes are known for supporting those who have plantar fasciitis or poor arch support. This is because of their Flex and Fold technology. This pillows the heel and sole in case of an impact. How convenient is that?

Plantar Fasciitis

Let’s not underestimate the Skechers, though. Skechers shoes are not any less comfortable than the average Hey Dude shoe, either. They are thin internally and with manufactured materials, making the shoe seem like you are wearing a sock with squishy soles. This is a bonus for those who do not want to waste time breaking in said shoes.

However, reviews suggest that Skechers are unsuitable for standing out for a long time and have a heavy impact. The sponginess inside them may cause strains and sprains to happen. This may be a concern if you will use your desired shoes roughly.


Hey Dude shoes for men start from a decently priced $34.95 and max out at a whopping $89.95. For women, they range between $31.95 and get maxed at $79.95.

Skechers shoes do cost a bit more than Hey Dude shoes, starting from $45 and ending at a considerable amount of $200 for women, and for men, they go from $27.99 to $200. I know, a huge difference.

But, most customers believe that the bigger the price tag for a product, be it a shoe or something else, the better the quality and sustainability.

Hey Dude Shoes vs Skechers (Side by Side Comparison)

Do note that prices may vary due to seasonal sales going on for any brand.


Let’s talk about Hey Dude vs Skechers on sizing. Skechers shoes for men range between,y 3.5 to a humungous 16, while for women, it ranges between 5 and 13.

In Hey Dude shoes’ case, the range is limited between 5 and 10, which may not satisfy customers that want sizes above 10. For men, they range from 6 to 12.

For anyone who wants more freedom in the case of shoe size, Skechers shoes are the way to go.

But, if you do not care about sizing and have a standard size that most brands offer, then Hey Dude shoes are not worth turning your back over.

Comparison Table (Hey Dude vs Skechers)

Hey Dude shoes vs. Skechers comparison Chart

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Skechers that Look Like Hey Dudes

Do you have shoes from two completely different models that look very similar? Shoes look similar all the time. Some may say that one brand copies. Others may say it can be a total coincidence.

Let’s see a few models of Skechers that look like Hey Dude shoes.

Skechers that Look Like Hey Dudes:

  • BOBS by Skechers
  • Skechers Melson – Chad
  • BOBS Skipper – Summer Life
  • Skechers Men’s Melson – Raymon Canvas Slip-On

BOBS by Skechers

These shoes are from Skechers, but if you look at them from a certain distance, they sure do look like Hey Dude shoes that only have the company logo missing. They are available in different cool colors and patterns.

Hey Dude Shoes vs Skechers (Side by Side Comparison)

Only users with keen eyes would realize that these are not Hey Dude shoes, but otherwise, most, if not all, would think they are Hey Dude shoes. So this is a perfect example of Skechers Hey Dude knock offs.

Skechers Melson – Chad

Do not be confused – the Skechers Melson looks like BOBS and Hey Dude shoes. You will have a tough time differentiating the grey exterior and patterned outsole unless you look for possible hints of this shoe being something else entirely. These shoes are available in black and grey with subtle yet elegant patterns. So this one is another example of Skechers Hey Dude look alike.

Hey Dude Shoes vs Skechers (Side by Side Comparison)
Skechers Melson

BOBS Skipper – Summer Life

Like the last two shoes, the BOBS Skipper sports a similar exterior, mainly the upper, with the outsole being the same and having no change.

Hey Dude Shoes vs Skechers (Side by Side Comparison)
BOBS Skipper

Although the top itself is differently sized, most of the shoes can be said to match the design language of Hey Dude shoes. These shoes come in blush pink and navy, great choices for your summer look.

Skechers Men’s Melson – Raymon Canvas Slip-On

The design and the brown styling cannot be just an uncanny resemblance to the other Hey Dude shoes out there with entirely similar looks.

If you want to get shoes from another brand that has the Hey Dude feel to them on the exterior, then the Skechers Men’s Melson is an excellent choice that will not compromise you and keep you stylish on the go. These shoes are also available in black and blue.

Hey Dude Shoes vs Skechers (Side by Side Comparison)
Skechers Men’s Melson

These were a few popular models of Skechers Hey Dude. Which ones do you like?

Skechers Bobs vs Hey Dude

Let’s look at how the Skechers Bobs fare against Hey Dude shoes in this segment.

What is the difference between Skechers Bobs and Hey Dude?

The main difference between Skechers Bobs and Hey Dude shoes is that Hey Dude is more comfortable and appealing. Hey Dude shoes are better than Skechers Bobs in most common features, so let’s look at them and compare for a better vision.

  • Sizing

Skechers run small and Hey Dudes run big.

  • Material

Both Skechers Bobs, and Hey Dude shoes are made out of fabric.

  • Durability

Hey Dude is more durable than Skechers.

  • Variety

Hey Dude have only 30 shoes, whereas Skechers Bobs have 239.

  • Cost

Most Hey Dude shoes are $59.95, and Skechers Bobs start from $45 and end at $82.

  • Availability

Both shoes are available easily.

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Hey Dudes vs Skechers (Summary)

I hope now you are familiar with Skechers Hey Dude (Skechers that look like Hey Dudes). You have also gone through Skechers Bobs vs Hey Dude. Hope these will help you choose Skechers Hey Dudes.

As you have already observed, I have made a table to compare Skechers and Hey Dudes, which should give a clear idea of which brand is better for you to be worth investing in according to your requirements.

So what are your thoughts on Hey Dudes vs Skechers? Let us know in the comments.

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