Hey Dudes vs Twisted X (With Comparison Chart)

Hey Dudes vs Twisted X (With Comparison Chart)

Hey Dudes and Twisted X are prominent companies for shoes, aren’t they? Which one should you pick if you are new at this?

Be it for men, women, or even the youth of this generation, there is always one company or the other which has the most loyalty due to their quality of shoes and other suitable factors that come with it. Proper research will help you get the best info for deciding which one to go for.

The companies that come to my mind are Hey Dude and Twisted X, mainly because I own their shoe, which makes assessing them easier. Let’s compare to see which one is the best between Hey Dudes vs Twisted X!

What Is the Difference Between Hey Dude and Twisted X?

Twisted X shoes come with wide variants, meaning people with wide feet can enjoy specific sizes of Twisted X slip-ons without worrying about going up an average size. If we compare the common category of both brands, the slip-on shoes.

On the other hand, Hey Dude does not offer wide sizes for their shoes, making it challenging for their wide-footed loyal users to get a comfortable size that is perfect for them.

Let’s compare the main features of Hey Dudes vs Twisted X.

Comfort (Are Hey Dude or Twisted X better?)

Hey Dude slip-on shoes are more comfortable than Twisted X slip-on shoes. From my own experience wearing them and after reading multiple online reviews, it is clear that most shoe users would wear Hey Dude shoes over Twisted X shoes any day.

The Hey Dude shoes are lightweight and flex with the foot making them fit uniformly with your feet without a hassle. The toe box is rounded and consists of a paddle heel while also having a removable memory foam that cushions the insole and gives as much comfort as possible without producing sweat or odor.

Meanwhile, the Twisted X slip-ons cannot be called uncomfortable shoes. However, they do have negative reviews involving comfortability, and I sometimes have chosen the Hey Dude ones over the Twisted X ones.

flexible hey dude
Hey Dude

The molded footbed, composite insole, and Twisted X driving moc outsole do provide comfort but not on the level of Hey Dude slip-ons as one might expect.

Sizing (Do Hey Dude and Twisted X fit the same?)

Hey Dude slip-on shoes primarily run big and, in rare cases, run small but not true to size. But Twisted X slip-on shoes are known to run true to size.

As mentioned above, the wide sizing offered by Twisted X shoes is unparalleled and a prominent deal-maker for people with wide feet, putting Hey Dude shoes behind in the dust and getting more loyal users in the long run.


Slip-on shoes from both companies are made from clothing with rubber outsoles. Both materials have been said to last long. I sure have enjoyed wearing slip-on shoes from both brands; however, others online disagree with their experience in terms of Twisted X’s shoes.

I hope you are enjoying our guide on Hey Dudes vs Twisted X. If interested, you can also check our guide on Hey Dudes vs Skechers where we have also discussed Skechers that look like Hey Dudes.


In average, Hey Dude slip-on shoes are famous for being more durable than Twisted X slip-on shoes. Even though both shoes are usually made from clothes, the reviews online claim that Twisted X shoes do not last long and are prone to tearing sooner than users expected them to.

The soles on the Twisted X slip-ons are criticized for separating after a few days of use and letting water in, making them a wrong choice for users who expect excellent durability from their slip-on shoes.

twisted x
Twisted X


The Twisted X slip-on shoe collection wins the variety factor. They have 13 and 17 slip-on variations available for men and women on their online website, making it an excellent incentive for users who want more options.

However, the same cannot be said for the Hey Dude slip-on category that only has one shoe available for men. In women’s case, the situation is still the same but better than before, with Hey Dude having 8 varieties of slip-ons.

On a related note, as Twisted X sells via other retailers that they trust, more variations can be available than those shown on their site. Keep this in mind.

Hey Dudes vs Twisted X (With Comparison Chart)


Thad Sox, the only slip-on for men from Hey Dude, costs $59.95, and for women, the slip-ons start from $49.95 and max at $54.95.

In Twisted X slip-on’s case, there is no official price on their website. As they sell via third-party retailers, the prices for all their shoes may vary from site to site, so giving a price range for their shoes is not possible.


There is no possible comparison here as both brands have no issues stocking up their shoes but do note that Twisted X does not offer online delivery officially. Instead, they rely on other online retailers they trust to deliver for them.

Comparison Chart

In case you are unsure which shoe to go for, here is a handy-dandy table for you to make things somewhat easier:

Hey Dude vs. Twisted  X comparison table
Infographic on Hey Dudes vs Twisted X

Hey Dudes vs Twisted X (Summary)

Hey Dude shoes or Twisted X shoes? Which ones are better? In short, both shoes are good, but Hey Dude shoes take the cake when you think of the overall qualities, apart from the variety of shoe part which the Twisted X slip-on shoes easily win without even considering the variations that are offered outside their official stores.

There is also the fact that the wide slip-on shoes offered by Twisted X can be a huge game-changer for people who cannot find the same offer from Hey Dude shoes. After all, the goal is to please as many of your users as possible. Otherwise, there will be no more users to gain at some point. I hope now you can decide which shoes are better according to your preferences!

I hope that you have liked our guide on Hey Dudes vs Twisted X. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments.

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