Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet? (Quick Facts)

Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet? (Quick Facts)

Do you have difficulty finding the perfect shoes for your wide feet? There are many options, but it is hard to tell which ones are good for wide feet.

OOFOS are known for being one of the best recovery shoes out there to date. Even my friends in my circle own a pair or two for when their feet are in pain. But the question for this article is, are OOFOS good for wide feet?

✒️Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet?

Yes, OOFOS are good for wide feet. But there is a catch to it!

The company has said on their FAQ page that all OOFOS shoes, except for the OOlala, come in a ‘medium unisex width.’ But they did recommend their OOriginal Sport thong, OOriginal, and the OOahh Sport flex slide sandals for users with wide feet.

In short, this does mean that OOFOS are good for wide feet but only with specific models, not all. Although there is always the possibility of going up sizes to accommodate your wide feet adequately, this may not work for everyone.

They even answered about the sizing for regular people – women are suggested to go up half a size, whereas men are advised to go down half a size for the best fit.

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Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet? (Quick Facts)

✒️Why Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet?

What makes OOFOS good for wide feet? Let’s go through the reasons below:

Flexible design

OOFOS have a flexible design that helps to fit almost any size of feet without a hassle.

Even in terms of shape, the shoe can adapt to your feet gradually within time.

Security against Injury

Mainly applying for shoes designed from all sides, your feet will be protected from external things like dust, debris, and many more.

Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet? (Quick Facts)


OOFOS shoes are mostly made of closed-cell foam that is not toxic to the skin. Even the paint is made so that it is not harmful. They are waterproof, meaning you can use them in the rain or even in the shower to your heart’s desire.

Arch Support

If you wondered why OOFOS are famous, this is the primary reason. Their shoes are one of the most well-known among users that offer the best support to recover your feet from any pain.


Support comes from the footbed of the OOFOS shoes, as it helps absorb any form of external impact and ensures you do not lose balance.

Now you know why OOFOS are good for wide feet.

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✒️Are All OOFOS Styles Suitable for Wide Feet?

No, not all OOFOS styles are suitable for wide feet. There is a reason behind this.

Previously when I said that the company itself suggests the OOriginal Sport thong, OOriginal, and the OOahh Sport flex slide sandals, the purpose for this is because these specific models are open from two sides. Users can wear these models without going up a size, even though it is not recommended.

For other models outside of the ones mentioned above, like the OOcloog and OOmg, OOFOS suggests users with wide feet go up a size to make sure the shoes feel comfortable.

This makes sense as these models are closed from all sides or one side. Hence, wide feet may not fit them properly without sizing up. Always keep this in mind!

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Popular OOFOS Styles for Wide Feet

Now let’s discuss the most popular OOFOS styles for wide feet.


OOFOS OOriginal Sandal

Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet? (Quick Facts)
OOFOS OOriginal Sandal

Being the original first shoes released by the company, OOFOS OOriginal Sandals have a reputation that led the entire OOFOS brand to success and still is leading them towards it.

Due to the OOfoam technology being combined with a sleek design, these shoes undoubtedly won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of users around the globe.

OOahh Slide Sandal

Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet? (Quick Facts)
OOahh Slide Sandal

OOFOS wanted to upgrade their OOriginal sandals after their initial success, which led to the existence of the OOahh Slide sandal. It offers better support and comfort than the original one, of course! It is an upgrade, after all.


OOFOS OOcloog Clog

Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet? (Quick Facts)
OOFOS OOcloog Clog

Clogs and comfort have never been combined so perfectly until OOFOS decided to take matters into their own hands, or in this case, feet. The OOcloog features the same OOfoam technology used to support feet and keep you away from discomfort all around.

OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clog

Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet? (Quick Facts)
OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clog

Luxe clogs are no different than their regular counterparts except that they have a distinct look on the top that differentiates them from the regular OOFOS clog shoes.


OOFOS OOAHH Sport Slipper

Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet? (Quick Facts)
OOFOS OOAHH Sport Slipper

OOFOS OOAHH Sports Slippers are the most popular among all OOFOS sandals but for good reasons. For example, slipping in and out of them is as easy as breathing through your nose. The shoes are also made with OOfoam, which consists of more cushioning (around 37% more) than typical foam. This, in turn, provides stability.

OOFOS Women’s OOcoozie Slipper

Are OOFOS Good for Wide Feet? (Quick Facts)
OOFOS Women’s OOcoozie Slipper

When vegan material is combined with comfort and support, you get the OOcoozie slippers. Perfect for getting out for short tasks or roaming around your home comfortably while recovering your feet simultaneously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The article above covers the answer to your main question – are OOFOS good for wide feet? Want to get some trivial questions answered as well? Then do not worry, I will be covering them for you. Let us look at:

✒️Is OOcloog Clog for women suitable for wide feet?

Yes, OOcloog Clog is good for women with wide feet.

Most reviews conclude that the shoes’ width is good enough for people with wide feet to wear them quickly. There is enough room for you to wiggle your toes and keep your feet secure.

✒️Does OOFOS run true to its size for wide feet?

As mentioned in the article, OOFOS are not true to size. They are differently fitted for men and women. So, if you are looking for true-to-size shoes for your wide feet, you will have to look elsewhere, as Oofos does not have them.

✒️Does the podiatrist suggest OOFOS for wide feet?

Podiatrists suggest OOFOS for wide feet for the same reason as they suggest the shoes for narrow feet – their exclusive foot-bed provides unbeatable support for those with issues with their feet. This, in turn, makes the shoes very viable for anyone interested in making a recovery.

Do OOFOS cause pain to your feet?

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  1. I received my Oofos clogs couple days ago and they seem too narrow for my right foot. Can you help me with a solution? I have the Rainbow Leopard in a 7M. Would a larger size help or can you recommend one of your shoes with a wider width? I need your help please. Thank you. Beverly Mandery


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