Why do Doc Martens Tongue Seam Hurts? (Quick Solution)

Why do Doc Martens Tongue Seam Hurts? (Quick Solution)

Do you love chunky boots for winter? If yes, you indeed have your eyes on Doc Martens. Chunky boot lovers see Doc Martens as a wardrobe essential, and I am one of them!

However, breaking in Doc Martens can be a little tricky. Several users complain how the top of the Doc Martens and even the tongue seam hurt their feet when they walk wearing them for a long time. Why does it happen? Why does Doc Martens tongue seam hurt? What to do to make them more comfortable?

Why do Doc Martens Tongue Seam Hurts?

When I first bought Doc Martens, they were slightly uncomfortable, so I decided to wear them more and break into them quickly. However, the idea backfired. The tongue seam started stabbing different parts of my feet, almost making them bleed. It happened to many users who carelessly wore Doc Martens right out of the box for long hours and got horrible pain and cuts because of the tongue seam.

The main reason Doc Martens tongue seam is hurt is if the shoes are not properly broken in. It is also possible that the tongue seam is misplaced and folded, causing constant poking and bruising.

Many users tend to assume that they bought the smaller size, causing pain. However, the next size turns out to be too large to fit. In that case, what is the solution?

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Is it normal for Doc Martens to Hurt?

In general, Doc Martens hurt for the first few wear until they are broken in. It is also possible that you have bought the wrong size, which can make them hurt your feet.

Moreover, buying the wrong size does not necessarily mean getting smaller shoes. More oversized shoes can also hurt your feet since you apply extra pressure to grip the shoes while walking. It can easily damage your toes and heels. Since Doc Martens are chunky boots, the effect is more significant.

Doc Martens are super comfortable once broken in since they stretch out to a certain extent. If you get larger than your regular-sized shoes, they might stretch out more than enough and result in a poorly fitted pair of boots.

How Long Does it Take for Doc Martens to Stop Hurting?

On average, Doc Martens take up to 3 to 6 weeks to completely break in if you use different stretching products. Examples include balm, sprays, shoe stretchers, etc. Many people wear thick socks and regularly walk for a certain amount of time to quicken the process without applying anything externally.

Different easy methods are explained below that you can easily use to make your Doc Martens stop hurting right away.

How do You Break in Dr. Martens Tongue?

You cannot wear your Doc Martens without the tongue of the shoes. If they hurt, the only thing left to do is modify their fit and comfort. For that, breaking into your Doc Martens is very important, especially the tongue portion.

Wear Your Doc Martens More Often with Adequate Protection

The best way to break into the tongue of Doc Martens boots is to use thick socks while wearing them. Wear them a couple of times to allow the tongue seam to flatten out and become one of the comfiest shoes in your closet.

Adjust the Placement of The Tongue Seam

There are more methods to try out and break in Dr. Martens tongue seam. You can try adjusting the placement of the tongue seams so that there is enough room and that they are not folded. It will reduce the discomfort to a certain extent, and breaking into the tongue will be easier than ever!

Stuff Your Doc Martens with Newspapers

When you are not wearing your Docs, stuff them up with newspapers, especially near the tongue. It will allow the tongue of your shoes to spread outwards and stretch out a little when you are not wearing them.

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How are Dr. Martense Supposed to Fit?

In general, most of your Doc Martens shoes are supposed to fit a little tighter than your average winter boots. They are chunky boots, so they need to hug your feet properly for an appropriate fit. You can adjust the fit easily by loosening up the laces and tying them according to your comfort.

If your Doc Martens are too tight even after adjusting the laces, you should know that they might not be your correct size. They are supposed to feel snug but not uncomfortable. If they are too tight, it is best to get the next bigger size and adjust the fit according to your comfort. Remember that you can always wear thick socks to fit into slightly larger shoes.

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Doc Martens are beautiful winter boots that come with a bit of pre-adjustment to make them fit comfortably. For some users, it might be a hassle. However, it was worth it since they were super comfy after breaking in and, of course, super stylish to wear.

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