Adidas: Everything You Need to Know

Adidas: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that in the early 21st century, Adidas was the top sportswear manufacturer in Europe?

It does not sound surprising because Adidas has been supremely well-known and consistent for decades. It was the second biggest company after Nike, and the competition was fierce!

This article will teach more fun facts about Adidas, including its beginning.

History of Adidas

The history of Adidas started way back in 1924 when Adolf Dassler founded it after his brother, Rudolf, joined him. Adolf used to make sports shoes in his mother’s laundry room, and Rudolf added the idea of developing spikes under the shoes for multiple sports events. It started in Herzogenaurach, Germany as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik which translates to Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.

In 1947, the brothers split up because of having a bad connection, and Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik became Adidas AG from the name Adi Dassler on the 18th of August, 1949.

Rudolf did not stay silent. He made his own company named Ruda, which was rebranded and later upgraded into Puma.

Adidas: Everything You Need to Know
Adolf Dassler
Adidas: Everything You Need to Know
Rudolf Dassler

The town was divided because of this rivalry, and different sports teams started getting support from these brands.

Adidas was handed over to quite a few people and companies throughout the years, and since 2016, Kasper Rorsted has been the CEO of Adidas.

At present, Adidas produces one of the highest qualities of footwear, apparel, sportswear, toiletries, sports equipment, etc. They have reported revenue of €21.915 billion in 2018.

They kept their roots fresh, which is why their headquarters is located in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. They have other business locations in London, Taiwan, Tokyo, Spain, Australia, etc.

Adidas only started with 47 employees initially, but now they have over 500 factories in 45+ countries. Overall, Adidas manufactures over 379 million pairs of shoes per year.

Adidas: Everything You Need to Know
Adidas Herzogenaurach Headquarter

Popular styles/models of Adidas

Adidas has made tons of population items, especially for the sportswear industry. Among them, few models of their shoes have reached the peak of popularity right after release or throughout the years. Let’s see the details below:


Who doesn’t know about Yeezys?

Yeezys are the result of one of the most famous collaborations of Adidas with Kanye West. You probably heard about Slave shoes vs Yeezy debate. The first model of this collection was called the Boost 750, released in February 2015. Now they have a collection of popular releases of clothing, sneakers, slides, and whatnot.

Adidas: Everything You Need to Know

A few people reviewed this collection as weird-looking shoes, but most users highly prefer the products because of hopping into the trend and the comfort and durability they offer.

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In 1996, the original Ozweego was released by Adidas. Since then, many different upgrades and models have been released, most of which are absolutely loved by the users.

Adidas: Everything You Need to Know

The shoes were originally designed to be a lightweight pair of running shoes with adiPrene cushioning. They have upgraded themselves with Ozweego 2, Ozweego 3, and so on.

One of the most eye-catching models of Ozweego was the Ozweego Bunny Cream which made the fashion trend reach the next level.


The Adidas Ozelia is one of the top successful releases, with over 15 colors available.

The shoes are mostly neutral or grey, but there are also styles with orange and red that makes them stand out.

The shoes are loved for being sustainable, perfect for wide feet, and lightweight, but a few users often comment about their squeaky soles. The shoes are a good choice if you are looking for expensive, comfy, and stylish shoes.

Adidas: Everything You Need to Know


Adidas: Everything You Need to Know

These shoes look like their name – Predator.

Adidas Predator shoes are known for their spikes under the soles. These famous football boots were first introduced back in 1994. In proceeding years, upgraded styles of this particular model were launched and gained popularity simultaneously. The most popular versions were Adidas Predator Edge+ and Adidas Predator Accelerator.

These shoes might look weird for the spikes, but they are excellent for traction without bearing a thick sole for grip.


The Adidas Superstar shoes are all-time favorites. It shows the brands with the classic three strips on the upper of the shoes. The shoes are available in any pattern that is needed – classic black and white, casual neutral colors, and fun colors like green and red for party wear.

Stan Smith

Any Stan Smith fan here?

These are a classic pair of tennis shoes that were first launched in 1965. It was initially named Adidas Robert Haillet but later changed the name to Stan Smith who was an American tennis player.

Most of the shoes from this line are white with a hint of green but there are other colors available as well.

Adidas Slides

Adidas slides, swim sandals, and flip-flops are popular worldwide. These are basic and comfy, which you can casually wear at home or outside to run errands. The slides have a thick common upper band with the classic three stripes from the logo. The shoes’ textile lining and synthetic outsole are super comfy to lounge in all day.

Grand court

The Grand Court shoes remind you of the 70s. These shoes are inspired by the iconic styles of sports back in the day and then upgraded into the present trends.

The upper is built with smooth leather and three stripes to the sides. These shoes let you experience the premium cushioning with the plush midsoles with a Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner.

Adidas Cloudfoam

The shoes are consistent with the name. Adidas Cloudfoam uses the cushioning plush midsoles in their running-inspired shoes to give you a relaxing experience during your adventures.

One of their most popular styles is Cloudfoanm 2.0, which uses high-quality recycled materials.

Adidas Continental 80

It was not easy to get my hands on the Continental 80s. They are almost always sold out and very hard to find available online.

These shoes are made of purely vegan materials that give you a leather-like texture on the upper with a vegan logo by the heels. These simple white shoes with a hint of colorful stripes will not only give you a comfortable experience but will also give you major retro vibes.

Adidas NMD

The NMD in Adidas NMD stands for Nomad. If you see a pair of NMDs, you will know it. Their signature rubber stripes on the sides give them their style and identity, and the shoes come with other attractive features.

My favorite pair has to be the Adidas NMD V3 shoes because they are breathable, comfortable, and made of recycled materials. The upper portion has 50% recycled polyester and 50% Parley Ocean Plastic with their BOOST midsole.


Adidas Gazelle was first introduced back in 1966. I was one of their first sportswear to be made of suede. Even though people were biased toward leather options, suede was a revolutionary choice for similar protection with added lightweight options.

At present, there are a bunch of colors available in this model with synthetic lining and rubber outsoles for comfort and traction.


Adidas Samba is famous for its outsoles. The color of the outsoles of these shoes is usually brown or different from the rest of the shoes, giving them a unique touch.

Adidas Samba was released in 1950 when the soccer players completely embraced it because of its superior traction. The smooth leather upper and the rubber outsoles are still a favorite choice for soccer players to train during icy weather.


Adidas Spezial was initially made for handball games to deal with the quick and short movements of the players that needed maximum traction. The Warszawa SPZL shoes have a maroon velvet-looking texture to the upper with three bright yellow stripes on the sides that complete the style of the shoes.

Other popular shoes from this line are the ZX 620 SPZL ones with a combination of neutral colors like white, grey, and pale orange. It gives a sporty look with comfy features.


The Campus shoes and sneakers are classic pairs of casual-wear shoes with retro options like the Campus 80s. The shoes mainly focus on using leather for the upper with rubber outsoles. The shoes are designed by collaborating with Human Made, creating the most stylish streetwear shoes.

Adidas forum

High-top or low-top? You don’t have to worry about that with Adidas Forum. This model has both high-top and low-top options. Some of them have basketball shoe vibes, detailed treads on the outsole, and a hook and loop strap system.

Adidas Basketball Shoes

Who doesn’t love basketball shoes from Adidas? The Adidas Basketball shoe line has to be my favorite, and I am sure extroverts love it too. The colors, the designs, and the variety – are phenomenal.

The common thing about basketball shoes is their soles. The thick soles provide maximum cushioning and support for the game to keep your feet comfy for the entire time.

Adidas Running Shoes

Adidas running shoes are similar to basketball shoes except for the available colors. The running shoes are focused more on neutral and calm colors. Nonetheless, their durability is top-notch and can keep up with you for miles.

I love the Ultraboost Dna Climacool shoes as their collection is unique with a cool blend of colors.

Adidas Golf Shoes

Basketball, running, training – all check. What about golf? Well, Adidas got you covered on that as well. They have an excellent collection of golf shoes that prioritizes making you feel comfortable while standing for long.

The collection has different outsoles like thick, thin, soft, stiff, etc., for whatever fits your need.

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At present, Adidas is ranked 2nd after Nike, and there is no doubt about how much they deserve the honor. Adidas produces all kinds of shoes worldwide with exponential growth over the years. It is one of my favorite shoe brands with an irreplaceable collection.

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