How to Replace Hey Dude Laces? (Read This Fast)

How to Replace Hey Dude Laces? (Read This Fast)

Hey Dude shoes are mainly popular for their breathable fit, which is why they often provide you with long laces so that even people with wide feet have no problem fitting into them. However, people with slim feet may find that inconvenient and want to replace the laces.

This article will look at basic questions about shoelaces like “How to replace Hey Dude laces?”

Can You Replace Hey Dude Laces?

Hey Dude shoes do not provide you with the option to choose alternative laces from their shops. This is why people look for other brands of shoelaces that will blend in with Hey Dude shoes.

We can easily replace Hey Dude laces by buying a pair of different shoelaces separately. There are a bunch of options to choose from, which we will look at below.

How to Replace Hey Dude Laces?

Since Hey Dudes do not make replacement shoelaces, people often look for alternatives. Let’s go through a few replacement laces for Hey Dude shoes that will blend perfectly.

👉🏿 Hey Dude replacement laces:

  • iBungee Laces
  • anan520 no-tie laces
  • Diffway shoelaces
  • Upins elastic shoelaces
  • Amerlery Laces
How to Replace Hey Dude Laces? (Read This Fast)
How to Replace Hey Dude Laces? (Read This Fast)
How to Replace Hey Dude Laces? (Read This Fast)
How to Replace Hey Dude Laces? (Read This Fast)

All these shoelaces go perfectly with Hey Dude shoes, and many colors are available to match your shoe colors. If your Hey Dude shoe laces are not the right size or are damaged, buy the alternative ones and use them instead.

👉🏿 Ways to replace Hey Dude laces:

  • Buy your desired replacement shoelaces of appropriate length.
  • Take a picture of your shoes before you take off the old laces to remember the pattern.
  • Put the new laces in accordingly and lock them up if they are no-tie laces.
  • You can use the knot covers from the original laces on the new ones to make them look like they belong to the original shoes.

You can also check our article explaing the reasons for the extra laces come with Hey Dude shoes and ways to remove Hey Dude laces. If interested, you can also read our article on ways to tighten Hey Dude Shoes.

What Are Bungee Laces?

Bungee laces are usually very adjustable with a secure locking mechanism that you can clip together. Bungee laces are great for people who do not like to go through the hassle of tying their shoes. Bungee laces are often also called lock laces or no tie elastic shoelaces.

People often complain about bungee laces having extra strings hanging off when they clip them on. That is because they buy the wrong length of bungee laces. If you do not plan to tie up your iBungee shoelaces, it is best to buy shorter ones so that they fit perfectly when you lock them up.

How to Replace Hey Dude Laces? (Read This Fast)
Some Bungee Laces

Are Bungee Laces Good?

Bungee laces are great alternatives if your original shoelaces have an extra length or you messed up your previous laces. All you have to do is make sure to buy the right length of bungee laces.

Bungee laces are often a little thicker than regular shoelaces, so be careful of that. If the eyelets of shoes are too thin, iBungee laces may not be the best option in that case.

How to Replace Hey Dude Laces? (Read This Fast)

How to Replace Hey Dude Laces? (summary)

Now you know everything about how to replace Hey Dude laces. Just buy the appropriate color, and you are good to go. You can also experiment with the look of your shoes by buying different colored laces and doing a little mix and match!

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