Why Do Hey Dude Shoes Come with Extra Laces? (Explained)

Why Do Hey Dude Shoes Come with Extra Laces? (Explained)

Hey Dude shoes are popular for their main target of providing the users with maximum comfort. Their fitting is perfect and their material is super comfy.

However, there have been quite a lot of complaints about their extra laces. People reviewed their Hey Dude shoes saying they found it very easy to tie the laces but now there are extra length strands hanging off of the sides. Why does that happen? Why do Hey Dude shoes come with extra laces?

🏐Why Do Hey Dude Shoes Come with Extra Laces? Why Are Hey Dude Laces Too Long?

Hey Dude shoes come with extra laces so that people with wide feet do not face a problem with an extra snug fit. When you tie Hey Dude shoes, you will notice that the fit is absolutely perfect for all different widths of feet because the fit is actually customizable for having extra laces. You can easily tie your Hey Dude shoes without worrying about them being too tight.

People with slim or narrow feet face the problem of extra laces hanging off. This does not only look clumsy but can also cause you to trip here and there! How to solve this problem?

Here are a few tips to deal with the extra laces of Hey Dude shoes that you can easily try out:

  • After putting the laces through all the holes, go through the holes again to use up the extra length of the laces.
  • If the extra laces are too long, cut them up and tie knots in the end.
  • You can also try to burn the ends of the laces after cutting them to seal them up perfectly.
  • You can always buy short laces of the same color as your shoes separately if you absolutely do not want to deal with the extra laces.
Why Do Hey Dude Shoes Come with Extra Laces? (Explained)

If the Hey Dude shoes laces are too long, most people choose to buy shorter laces separately. Hey Dude shoes do not make replacement laces of their own. iBungee Laces are the best replacement laces for Hey Dude shoes. They work perfectly because their material flawlessly blends in with the color and texture of the Hey Dude shoes. And most importantly, they are not too long! To make them look more like Hey Dude shoes, you can just take the knot covers from the original laces and use them in the new ones.

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🏐How to Remove Hey Dude Laces?

Hey Dude shoes come with removable laces that come in handy for different things. You need to remove the laces if they are too long and you want to replace them with a shorter one. You also need to remove your Hey Dude shoelaces before washing the shoes or else the laces will end up getting tangled making it a nightmare for you to untangle them again.

Let us go through a few simple and easy steps to learn how to remove Hey Dude laces:

Step 1: Untie your shoelaces properly.

Step 2: Get rid of the knot covers if there are any. The knot covers are often used at the end of the knots to hide them.

Step 3: Untie the knots in both ends. You can use a pair of tweezers if the knots are too small.

Step 4: Take off the laces from the holes.

If you have replacement laces for your shoes, just put the new laces through the holes. Then you have to tie the knots in the ends to secure them and you may use a pair of knot covers to hide them. Tie up your shoes according to your fit and you are good to go! You can also check our article on ways get stains out of Hey Dudes.

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