Yeezy Blue Tint vs Zebra (6 Key Differences)

Yeezy Blue Tint vs Zebra (6 Key Differences)

Both Yeezy Blue Tint and Zebra are variants of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 series. The V2 is the second iteration of the popular Yeezy Boost 350 series. Apart from the design aesthetics, the V2 shoes are better built with more premium materials. 

The Blue Tint and the Zebra are two different designs of the same lineup. So, what are the differences between these shoes? Let’s find out.

The Zebra and the Blue Tint have clear design differences. Except for this fact, the shoes have the same build. However, there are some major differences between the two including price and availability. Stay tuned as I explain the differences between the shoes.

Yeezy Blue Tint vs Zebra- What Are the Differences?

I own both of these shoes and I was able to spot differences in the following areas.


Both shoes have sturdy shoelaces. I love the shoelaces because they are not too long, not too short. I never had to worry about getting the laces messed up. Both the Zebra’s and the Blue Tint’s shoelaces are made of polyester and 3M reflective ropes. 

The shoelaces on the Blue Tint are white with a bluish shade. They seem like a really light shade of teal. On the other hand, you get creamy white (offwhite) colored shoelaces on the Zebra.


The Zebra and the Blue Tint both have removable insoles. You can replace them if you need. The insoles on both of these shoes are the same; BASF Boost materials. You will find the same insoles on Adidas Ultraboosts as well.

Yeezy Blue Tints come with grey insoles and the Zebras come with pure white insoles. There are plenty of fake Yeezy shoes on the market. Be careful so you don’t end up with a fake one. There are lots of videos on the internet on how to spot fake Yeezys. Be sure to check them out.

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Yeezy Blue Tint vs Zebra (6 Key Differences)

Design Differences

The design and the patterns on the upper are almost identical on both shoes. You will not find any difference except the color. The Zebra is reminiscent of the Zebra skin. It has black stripes on a white background. You get grey stripes on a bluish background with the Blue Tint. The outsoles on both shoes are yellowish.

You get a summer vibe with the Yeezy Zebras and a winter vibe with the Blue Tints because of the subtle colors.

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Differences in back tabs/stitching

The major difference is in the back stitches. You get white straps with black dots on the Zebra and bluish straps with red dots on the Blue Tint. Both shoes have SPLY-350 written backwards on the side. On the Zebra, it is bright red and the Blue Tint has it on an orangish red color.

Yeezy Blue Tint vs Zebra (6 Key Differences)
Blue Tint
Yeezy Blue Tint vs Zebra (6 Key Differences)


Yeezy shoes have crazy resell value. A good pair can go up to $700-$800 in resell value. Yeezy manufactures an adequate number of shoes but they run out fast. Since coming out, the Zebra has cost more than the Blue Tint. 

I recommend checking these shoes out on StockX. They have great prices and are cheaper than the others. Currently, the Zebra is cheaper on StockX with a $258 price tag. You will have to pay $269 for a pair of Blue Tints at StockX.

I found the Blue Tint for $261 a couple of months ago and the Zebra cost me $280. Please note that prices change all the time.  Check on StockX’s website before you buy to get the latest price. Also, the Zebra costs over $500 on Amazon. StockX is a better place to buy either of these shoes.


The Blue Tint is rarer compared to the Zebra. I found the Zebra to be more popular. So, the shoe came back several times. The Zebra is available in many retail stores as well including Amazon. But I didn’t find the Blue Tint on Amazon. However, both shoes are available on Stock X.

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What to Wear with Yeezy Zebras

Graphic t-shirts and jogging pants or leggings go well with the Zebras. You can also add a sweatshirt or pullover hoodie to your outfit if you are wearing them during winter.

I prefer white and black outfits to match my Zebras. You can wear the same colored top and bottom (white on white/black on black) or wear contrasting colors (white top, black bottom/ black top, white bottom). You can choose a red colored outfit as well. But I prefer these colors.

Yeezy Blue Tint vs Zebra (6 Key Differences)

What to Wear with Yeezy Blue Tints

I recommend wearing tapered jeans with the Blue Tints. The color choice is the same here as well (white and black). You can wear jogging pants or leggings as well as you do with the Zebras. But there’s an additional tip to get a head-turner look.

I usually wear the Blue Tints during winter. So, I just add a blue denim jacket or any other jacket to my outfit. A creamy white jacket works fine also. This outfit is dope. Try the tips I am giving you. You will turn heads. Trust me.

Yeezy Blue Tint vs Zebra (6 Key Differences)


Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is a great lineup. Both the Blue Tint and the Zebra are super comfortable and stylish shoes. I prefer the Zebra because of the more vibrant color. The shoes are versatile and can be worn with a lot of different outfits. Except for the design, both shoes are the same. 

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