10 Jordan 1 Outfit Ideas

10 Jordan 1 Outfit Ideas

When I got my first pair of Jordan 1 shoes, I was excited to try them out. But when I went home and wanted to style it, I didn’t know how to do it until I researched and found Jordan 1 outfit ideas.

There are different outfits, such as shorts, skirts, jeans, suits, pants, leggings, joggers, and more, to pair with your Jordan 1 shoes. With the modifications in the shoe collection, it becomes easy for anyone to carry Jordan 1 with traditional to non-traditional clothes.

The Jordan 1 shoes can make a twist into your fashion styles and make heads turn. If you want to go deeper into the Jordan 1 outfit ideas, stick till the end with us.

Jordan 1 Outfit Ideas for Men

Jordan 1 shoes of Nike are best known for their classical and comfortable features, making them a great option to choose from. Men can style their Jordan 1 shoes by combining them with some of the outfits mentioned below:

1. Jordan 1 with Shorts

2. Jordan 1 with Jeans

3. Jordan 1 with suit

4. Jordan 1 with Cargo Pants

5. Jordan 1 with dress pants

1. Jordan 1 with Shorts

The assumption that shorts should only be worn in the summer has become archaic. Even during the colder months of winter and fall, men like to wear shorts, and teaming them with their Jordan 1 sneakers is the finest way to dress them.

Your stroll is made even more enticing and beautiful by the swaying “Nike” emblem attached to one side.

10 Jordan 1 Outfit Ideas
Jordan 1 with Shorts
10 Jordan 1 Outfit Ideas
Jordan 1 with Jeans

2. Jordan 1 with Jeans

Jeans, which are one of the most easily worn ensembles, have the potential to attract more attention if they are worn with a classic pair of Jordan 1 sneakers. Simply slipping on a pair of Jordan 1 sneakers with your casual attire will be enough to set you out from the rest of the crowd.

Your preference will determine whether you go for more vibrant colors or hues that are more analogous to the colors of your pants.

3. Jordan 1 with Suit

Even though suits are intended to be worn on more formal occasions, no one will question your clothing choice if you match it with a pair of Jordans.

When worn together, hefty Jordan 1 and your suit have the potential to provide an unexpectedly elegant and deserving ensemble that can be worn to any formal occasion.

4. Jordan 1 with Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are recently coming back to the fashion world, and a pair of Jordan 1 shoes can be a better choice to style them. The heavy yet sassy-looking cargo pants paired with either complementary dark-colored Jordan’s can bring out the fashionista hidden inside you. You may try to go for light colors just to add a pop of excitement to your outfit.

Jordan 1 with Suit
Jordan 1 with Suit

5. Jordan 1 with Dress Pants

Dress pants may be worn with your Jordan 1 regardless of whether you are on a casual date or to a formal conference. The practice of donning traditional boots is quickly becoming out of date; if you want to bring about a new shift, Jordan 1 might be your trusted companion.

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Jordan 1 Outfit Ideas for Women

There are crazy fans of “Nike” shoes for women as the comfortness and style it offers are the two most needs of them. Women can pair up Jordan 1 with the following outfits:

1. Jordan 1 with sweatpants

2. Jordan 1 with skinny Jeans

3. Jordan 1 with Joggers

4. Jordan 1 with skirt

5. Jordan 1 with leggings

1. Jordan 1 with Sweatpants

Putting on a pair of Jordans can make even the most relaxed sweatpants look more put together and sophisticated. Because the majority of sweatpants come in dark or muted tones, you might want to choose a pair of Jordan 1 sneakers that are patterned or colored to create a color contrast with your sweatpants. It will go well with both Soft Natural and Soft Classic Kibbe body types. If you don’t know what do Soft Natural and Soft Classic Kibbe body types mean, you can read this article on Soft Natural vs Soft Classic Kibbe body types.

2. Jordan 1 with Skinny Jeans

Even if skinny jeans aren’t something that can be worn on a daily basis in this day and age, there are still some women who choose to do so.

Whether you wear it frequently or not, accessorizing this modest outfit with a pair of Jordan 1 sneakers is a great way to add more flavor and depth to the look.

10 Jordan 1 Outfit Ideas
Jordan 1 with Sweatpants

3. Jordan 1 with Joggers

Whether you have an impromptu date or a movie arrangement with your classmates, you need to look your best in your joggers.

Therefore, pair your standard joggers with a pair of Jordan 1 sneakers to create an elegant and understated style suitable for both planned and unplanned events.

4. Jordan 1 with Skirt

Skirts and Jordan 1 sneakers might make for a good pairing option on a daily level. The ankle support shoes in various color combinations give your clothing a distinct look that prevents it from being overly straightforward.

5. Jordan 1 with Leggings

You may add one flare jacket and one pair of Jordan 1 to your outfit to make it more attractive. This will allow your soft leggings to stand out more in a crowd.

This will give you more of a look from the 1990s, and because it is so comfortable and quick to do, you may find yourself carrying this style more frequently.

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10 Jordan 1 Outfit Ideas
Jordan 1 with Joggers

Final words

When it comes to accessorizing a wide range of clothes, Jordan 1 sneakers are an excellent option to consider. From men to women, everyone may wear them, and they can be styled according to whatever is most comfortable for them.

 However, you need to take care of your pair of Jordan 1 so that you may continue to wear a variety of clothes for a longer period of time.

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