Are OOFOS Good for Your Feet? (Complete Guide)

Are OOFOS Good for Your Feet? (Complete Guide)

Are you tired of your old boring flip-flop sandals and thinking of buying OOFOS, then you have come to the right place. When it comes to buying OOFOS, the first question that comes to mind is whether they are better for your feet. Compared to regular sandals, OOFOS are better in multiple ways. Here we will explain what makes the OOFOS shoes exclusive.

✒️OOFOS: A Recovery Footwear Brand

OOFOS is a recovery shoe brand solely focusing on making stylish yet practical sandals, boots, and other shows that help the feet recover from a full day of work. In 201 1, OOFOS was launched in the United States and quickly became popular amongst casual shoe wearers. Lou Panaccione was the acting CEO of OOFOS.

at its debut. OOFOS was soon available across the US, and their popularity was skyrocketing. In 2014, OOFOS went international and started shipping its shoe lineups in Canada.

✒️Specialty of OOFOS

OOFOS are made keeping in mind that the customer’s feet do not get tired after a long day of wearing OOFOS shoes. OOFOS shoes are incredibly lightweight.

The shoe is made with its own technology, OOfoam, which offers 37% more shock absorption ability than regular shoes. This technology disrupted the recovery footwear market after the launch of OOFOS.

By wearing OOFOS, your body will feel less impact from walking or running. This makes the OOFOS shoes great for working out as they allow a long session without tiring your feet.

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shock absorbance of oofos shoes

✒️OOFOS: Good for feet or not?

OOFOS are very good for your feet. The technologies included in an OOFOS shoe make it far better than regular shoes. Especially the sandals from OOFOS are of utmost comfort. There are a variety of reasons that makes the OOFOS great for one’s feet. Here is a list of things that makes OOFOS a better fit for your feet

  • OOFOS being a recovery shoe brand, is better than any regular shoe brand as their sole focus is the betterment of their customers. OOFOS shoes are made to tend to the wearer’s feet. The goal is to ensure the ultimate comfort without losing any functionality.
  • OOFOS shoe insoles are made with soft, comfortable OOfoam technology that is far better than regular EVA foams as an expert chemical scientist developed it. This foam helps to absorb most of the impact from your feet while walking and gives a soft, comfortable reaction every time you put a step out.
  • If you do heavy workout sessions, OOFOS shoes are the best shoes for you because OOFOS are designed to heal your feet post-workout. The shoes take most of the pressure from your feet, thus, making your leg experience less stress. This also helps to recover quickly after exercise.
  • OOFOS shoes are great for any type of foot. OOFOS shoes do not block the natural articulation of feet like some other shoes. OOFOS shoes also help keep the tissues engaged in the bottom of your feet. The muscle of the feet experience less strain but keeps active, getting more robust in the process.
  • OOFOS shoes are straightforward to keep clean. You can just toss your pair of OOFOS in the washing machine and put it on the cold water cycle. You can also clean them on the sink with a scrub. OOFOS shoes are highly durable and do not lose color after washing.
Are OOFOS Good for Your Feet? (Complete Guide)

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✒️Are OOFOS Durable?

The foam used in OOFOS last far longer than typical EVA foams. OOFOS doesn’t get scrubbed easily and doesn’t lose its shape. OOFOS are tested to experience more minor abrasion, which increases their durability by reducing the wear seen in the regular shoe sole. The materials used for making OOFOS are also quality materials.

It helps turn out OOFOS to be solid and sturdy shoes without losing comfort. OOFOS shoes are also backed by six months of warranty. So if there is any problem with your newly brought OOFOS shoes, then you can get it fixed using the warranty.

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✒️How Does OOFOS Help with Recovery?

The technology used in OOFOS shoes helps with recovery by taking off the impact conflicted on your leg joints. This allows you to go on your day without worrying about straining your feet after a long time of use.

The OOFOS introduction OOfoam is one of the critical ingredients for the recovery of your feet. The OOfoam technology was developed by an expert chemist who spent several years on shoe foam technology before finally achieving a breakthrough.

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✒️How to Choose OOFOS Shoes

If you’re in the market to pick up a pair of OOFOS shoes, here are the things you need to keep in check before buying

Are OOFOS Good for Your Feet? (Complete Guide)
  1. OOFOS mainly makes recovery sandals, shoes, and boots. So if you’re in the market for recovery options, you’re good to go.
  1. OOFOS are an American brand, and so the sizes are American. Make sure you know what sizes your feet are.
  2. When buying OOFOS shoes, make sure you buy them from retail stores. Otherwise, you might not get the six months warranty they come with.
  3. Before buying the shoes, check the shoes for any factory fault, just to be extra careful.

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Have you finished the article? Congratulations on coming this far. You are ready to go out there and get your first pair of OOFOS shoes. You already know what you should seek out in OOFOS shoes before buying. Moreover, recovery shoes are better for your feet than regular shoes because they are specially made regarding the health benefits for feet.

You will understand the difference just a day after breaking in your new OOFOS shoes. Thanks for being with us, and be sure to check out our other articles to get your daily information on shoe culture.

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