OOFOS: Everything You Need to Know

OOFOS: Everything You Need to Know

How big of an Oofos fan are you? I have always admired their super unique collection and tried a few models. This made me go the extra mile and do some research about these shoes, which I will share in this article below.

Athletic shoes are a must for any shoe lover who wants to take on challenges and improve their body. For whatever reason, athletic shoes had become widespread since decades ago when the Olympics became a thing.

But recovering after a hard workout is also something that athletic shoes cannot help. This is where Oofos come in. Oofos shoes are known for their recovery shoes, helping help your feet recover from intense activities via their OOfoam technology. Let us find out more about them in this article.


Back in the 70s and 80s, a couple of friends who also happened to be footwear veterans felt a specific gap in the shoe industry – a lack of recovery shoes that would help fitness devotees get better from frequent workouts on rough planes.

In those times, athletic shoes did offer energy return when working out. Still, the thing was, there was no way to do the opposite – absorbing shock for any given activity done on the athletic shoes, which in turn caused problematic physical issues for athletes who were working out for long sessions intensely.

Indeed they were successful in making this kind of shoes when their search directed them to a reputable chemist who also happened to be engineering foam material for all sorts of sports equipment, including football helmets or athletic shoes.

It turns out the chemist had already made such a shoe, while not exact, but similar, for his mother, who was suffering from arthritis. The shoes helped eliminate her pain even when she was walking or standing.

They decided to test the shoes on factory workers, and even then, it was a success, leading them to start developing them. It seemed they had finally found what they had been looking for all this time.

OOFOS: Everything You Need to Know

Two and a half years later, being tirelessly invested in this project finally showed the result they were hoping for. They successfully merged a seamlessly biochemical engineered footbed with their ground-breaking foam technology.

When prototypes were being tested on users at the early stage of this project’s success, said users usually kept expressing, “OOOO! These feel amazing!”

They decided, why not name the shoes based on users’ facial expressions? Hence in the present, we now have Oofos.

Current board members include Louis Panaccione and Paul Brown, and their market share is currently at $850K.

Popular Styles/Models Of OOFOS

✒️OOFOS OOriginal Sandal

Being the original one to be released by the company, these Oofos shoes are known for revolutionizing how general users and athletes can recover their feet from specific aching issues.

Coming with OOfoam recovery technology, these shoes laid the foundation for all future Oofos shoes to go and is the reason behind their initial success, no doubt. Any Oofos user can recognize the OOFOS OOriginal sandals as these have come a long way for the users in their recovery.

✒️OOFOS OOlala Sandal

The OOFOS Oolala sandals are one of the most comfortable sandals out there offered by Oofos. These shoes come with the same OOfoam technology that helps users recover in no time and keeps their feet comfortable without any compromise. I own a pair, and they feel heavenly for my feet.

✒️OOFOS OOahh Sandal

Remember the OOriginal sandals? Well, OOFOS OOahh Sandal is an upgrade that includes a strap that also consists of OOfoam for more support and comfort. If you want an upgrade, this is the one for you.

OOFOS: Everything You Need to Know

✒️Women’s OOmg eeZee Low Shoe

OOmg eeZee low shoes are known for their unique design that differentiates them from the classic Oofos shoes. They cover the entire foot and stretch in 4 ways via the woven canvas-like material. Suitable for those who like their feet being covered from all sides. It gives a protective feeling, personally saying so myself.

✒️Men’s OOriginal Sport Sandal

Since the OOriginal was made for general use, there was a lack of a sports version of this shoe for sports enthusiasts. Hence, Men’s OOriginal Sport Sandal version was released later so their wants and needs could be fulfilled.

✒️Women’s OOriginal Sport Sandal

Men would not enjoy the sports version of the OOriginal alone, so a version for the women was also released alongside the men’s version. Women’s OOriginal Sport Sandal offers the same comfort and durability, making them great for sports.

OOFOS: Everything You Need to Know

✒️Women’s OOahh Sport Flex Slide Sandal

Another upgrade over the original, the OOahh Sport Flex Slide sandals feature an adjustable sleek upper strap so that you can get the optimal fit for your feet without worrying about what size to get.

The strap features OOfoam technology as well as the other parts of the shoe. This makes the strap agile and provides extra comfort and support that may help recover your feet from any previously inflicted pain and prevent it.

✒️Men’s OOcloog Clog

Men’s OOcloog Clogs cannot be underestimated just by their design alone. Even judging from the reviews, they have provided comfort and support for many users worldwide. Nobody can judge them negatively, that’s how good these are.

The OOcloog clogs are mainly made for home use cases when you want to work or do something relaxing but do not have the proper shoes to rest your feet, so they face minimal stress or strain.

OOFOS: Everything You Need to Know

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Personally, having owned Oofos shoes, I have never faced issues wearing them. Oofos shoes had helped me recover from foot pain back when I was intensely working out in the gym, but I did not focus on healing my feet until it was too late. Truly a lifesaver!

I hope this article has answered your burning desire to know the history of this recovery shoe company and will give you an idea of what they are and whether you should buy their shoes not for your use or as a gift to someone else experiencing foot pain.

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