Vans Ward vs Old Skool in 2023 (With Comparison Chart)

Vans Ward vs Old Skool in 2023 (With Comparison Chart)

When you’re thinking about the best skating shoes or sneakers, the name Vans will come first. Since the establishment of this brand, it has become its own competitor day by day. For instance, vans Old Skool and Ward are two of the most popular skating sneakers till now.

The main difference between Vans Ward and Old Skool is that Vans Ward has stitching above the jazz stripe and Old Skool has stitching on the jazz stripe.

Surprising right? Why I am mentioning stitching as the main difference in the comparison between Vans Ward and Old Skool. Well, except for ankle support, you will see most of the differences between Vans Old Skool and Ward are related to their design.

With the 40 years of pride history, vans Old Skool has become an unbound craze among skating freaks. Nevertheless, Vans Ward has been introduced almost as the successor of Old Skool. Consequently, there are some similarities between these two models. Hence, people often remain hesitant to choose one. If you’re also confused about these two shoe models, read through our article. At the end of the article, we have incorporated a quick comparison chart of both shoes.

What is Vans Old Skool?

The Old Skool is one of the most iconic Sneakers introduced by Vans so far. Debuted in 1977, this was the first skate shoe of vans that had been designed with leather panels that added an extra dimension to the durability. Some of the special features of this shoe include reinforced toe caps, signature rubber waffle outsoles, and supportive padded collars.

The Old Skool was specially designed to provide superior comfort and firm grip while skating. That is why this model was preferred for skating.

Vans Ward vs Old Skool in 2023 (With Comparison Chart)

This shoe comes with the signature sewn lines on the upper that create a doodle randomly, and it was drawn by its founder. These special sewn lines are known as “Jazz Stripe”.

What is Vans Ward?

The Vans Ward is another skate sneaker from vans that comes with a design and features inspired by the legendary Vans Old Skool model. The most significant feature of this vulcanized sneaker is its suede and canvas-covered upper portion that has ample cushioning to maximize comfort.

The Vans Ward doesn’t have additional stitched lines on the upper. That’s why this model represents both classic and casual style along with skating perfection.

Vans Ward vs Old Skool in 2023 (With Comparison Chart)

The Vans Ward is mainly a low-profile sneaker that comes with flexible vulcanized construction and a waffle outsole for heightened grip. Now let’s jump into Vans Ward vs Old Skool.

Differences between Vans Ward and Vans Old Skool 

Although Vans Ward and Old Skool have some common features, still, there are some significant differences between Vans Old Skool and Ward. The following factors distinguish both Shoes:

Differences between Vans Ward and Vans Old Skool 

Ankle Support

Vans Ward has thinner cushioning and provides less ankle support whereas Old Skool has thicker cushioning and therefore, provides more ankle support.

Vans Ward vs Old Skool in 2023 (With Comparison Chart)


Most of the users find Vans Old Skool more comfortable than Vans Ward. However, after one or two weeks, Ward is also become comfortable to wear.


While comparing Vans Old Skool vs Ward, the first thing you will notice is the different tongues of each model. The tongue of Vans Old Skool comes with a minimal design. Whilst, the Vans Ward has a white label with the black logo mark of the brand.

Vans Ward vs Old Skool in 2023 (With Comparison Chart)


Although both Vans Ward and Old Skool have the signature waffle style sole, the main difference is in their colors. The Vans Old Skool has its historical Light Brownish sole, while the Vans Ward has a deeper one.

Vans Ward vs Old Skool in 2023 (With Comparison Chart)


Another difference between Ward vs Old Skool is their diversified seam arrangements. If you look closely, you can easily notice the differences between seams on the front, back, side of both shoes.

Insole Interior

Vans Ward and Old Skool has completely opposite interior in sense of design. For instance, the Vans Old Skool has an off-white interior, while the Vans Ward has a black interior. However, both have the same branding style along with the materials.

Vans Ward vs Old Skool in 2023 (With Comparison Chart)

Outsole Interior

When it comes to outsoles, Vans ward has a darker brown color outsole whereas Old Skool has kind of lighter brown or tan color outsole.


Vans Wards are not sold by Vans directly. They are available at general retail/departmental stores with many other brands. On the other hand, Old Skools are sold directly by Vans or stores associated with the brand Vans.

Vans Ward vs Old Skool- Quick Comparison Chart

FactorVans Ward Old Skool
Ankle SupportLess ankle supportMore Ankle support
ComfortComfortable after a few wearsMore Comfortable
Tongue DesignMinimalistic designWhite label with the black logo mark of the brand
Sole ColorDeep Brown Waffle style Light Brownish Waffle style
Seam ArrangementStitched over the toe boxStitched under the toe box
Insole Interiorblack interioroff-white interior
Outsole InteriorDarker brown Lighter brown or tan
AvailabilityGeneral retail/departmental stores with many other brandsDirectly by Vans or stores associated with the brand Vans.

Pros and Cons of Vans Ward


  • This shoe model boasts a blend of classic and fashionable outlook that has made it the greatest addition to the sneaker segment.
  • You’ll get a durable and premium-quality shoe without denting your budget.
  • This shoe is adaptable to various situations or fashion states.
  • The vulcanized rubber sole and metal eyelets.


  • The outsole is hard to maintain.
  • To some extent, it seems a bit pricey.

Pros and Cons of Old Skool


  • This classic silhouette can blend into any outfit
  • This shoe comes with perfect sizing that makes it compatible with any foot size.
  • Due to the all canvas design of the upper portion, this shoe is extremely breathable
  • Fashionable design
  • Many color options


  • This shoe may not last long, so it’s better to call it as short-term shoe.
  • Maintaining these shoes is quite difficult due to stain formation.
  • The back design can create a scratch on the foot.

Vans ward Vs Vans Old Skool – Which one is better?

Vans ward Vs Vans Old Skool – Which one is better?

There is no doubt, both Vans Ward and vans Old Skool have emerged their name as masterpieces among young generation. While Vans Old Skool holds a successful history, the Vans Ward comes as a modern revolution.

However, people have different choices and field of interests as well, so it’s hard to define which one is better between Vans Old Skool vs Ward. So, if you prefer a low profile sneaker with an affordable price, the Vans Ward would be the best option for you.

But, if you want to enjoy both luxury and classical beauty, the Old Skool won’t disappoint you.  The Old Skool has a special palace among users, where the Vans Ward seems like a baby.

Frequently Asked Questions on Vans Ward and Old Skool

1. Are Vans ward real ?

Yes, Vans ward are real. .This is a classic vans sneaker shoe inspired by Vans old Skool. Van ward shoe is covered with suede and canvas with cushioning. The sneaker is very much maintainable and easy to use.  

2. Are Vans Ward and Old Skool the Same ?

Vans ward and vans old skool are almost the same. However, there are a few design and feature differences. For example, on the upper side, vans ward does not have extra line stitches which old skool has. 

Moreover, Old skool is mainly designed for skating for its speciality in griping. On the other hand, Vans ward is a mixture of skateboard and casual, Ward is also comparatively low profile and cost effective.

Vans Old Skools are very much comfortable. Vans Ward are also comfortable after the initial breaking in period.

These are the key differences between these two brands of Vans shoes.

3. Are Vans Ward Comfortable ?

Yes, Vans ward are very much comfortable to wear. The design material and construction provides the shoe good flexibility and easeness. The canvas is upper inserted with sufficient cushioning. This cushion adds an extra comfort to the shoe. Besides, it has got a vulcanized rubber outsole which gives excellent grip and flexibility. 

4. Are Vans Ward Good for Skating ?

Yes, Vans Ward shoes can be used for light skating. As they have good grip and forcing ability to the feet they are used by a number of users.

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