Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Skating in Vans: Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?

Vans is a well-known American shoe manufacturer with a global presence. If you even ask any adolescent what their top ten favorite shoe brands are, you’ll locate vans in the top 5 in the response. It’s because they’re pretty comfy, perfect for casual wear, and stylish.

Vans shoes are widely used for skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and riding on BMX. Since its founding year (1966), it has been a favorite among skaters. However, the brand’s genuine success lies in its versatility and wide appeal. Consumers are now using athletic apparel for a variety of reasons, including work, pleasure, and school, without intending to use it for athletic objectives.

Since Vans shoes are very popular, I know many of you may want to purchase that. Before purchasing, you should be aware of several facts about Vans. This article contains everything you need to know about Vans.

Through this article you will get to know:

  • The history of Vans
  • What are Vans made of?
  • Types of Vans
  • Different colors available for Vans
  • Popular prints of Vans
  • Most Notable Vans Shoe Collaboration

The History of Vans

Paul Van Doren chose to launch his own shoe brand after laboring for several seasons at Randy’s, a shoemaker. The Van Doren Rubber Company was founded on March 16, 1966, in Anaheim, California, by Paul Van Doren, his brother Jim Van Doren, with Gordon C. Lee and Serge Delia. The company sold the shoes directly from its premises after manufacturing them. Twelve customers came to the business premises and purchased Vans Deck Shoes on that very first morning.

Now Vans Deck Shoes are known as Authentic and have similarities with Shoes produced by Keds. On opening day, three styles were displayed but they didn’t have the inventory. Even Paul Van Doren was not able to provide customers with enough change on opening day. He allowed the customers to take shoes and asked them to pay the following day. All the customers came back the next day to pay their dues.

The “Off The Wall” logo first appeared in 1976.  

Vans and Supreme collaborated for the first time in 1966.

They unveiled a new logo in 2016 to commemorate their silver jubilee. They also began a campaign to let people know that they were no longer solely a skateboarding company. 

Now, let’s have a quick look at the history of Vans.

What Are Vans Made of?

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Vulcanized rubber is unique in that it undergoes two phases of ‘baking’: 


The shoe sole is manufactured from a proprietary composition using a combination of carbon and rubber. The Vans shoe is comprised of canvas and suede, both of which are durable.


The laces are composed entirely of cotton fibers, and the Aglet is composed of a clear plastic that has been treated with acetone to allow it to be attached to the lace section.

Types and Styles of Vans


Low Top

Original Classic

Eco Theory Old Skool Tapered, Eco Theory Authentic, A$AP Worldwide Classic Slip-On, Classic Slip-On, Sk8-Hi, Authentic, Old Skool, etc. are the Vans Original Classic shoes. 

High Top

High-Tops in comparison to other forms of footwear, Vans shoes feature a higher cut. They usually end about an inch above the ankle. High-tops provide more outstanding stability and additional padding, resulting in increased safety, cushioning, and protection in the ankle area. Eco Theory Sk8-Hi Tapered, Canvas Sk8-Hi, ComfyCush Sk8-Hi, etc., are high-top shoes. 


Boys Juvie Linerless, Infuse, Standard Mid Snow MTE, UltraRange Exo Hi Gore-Tex MTE-3, etc., boots are available in Vans. 

Mid Top

Mid-shoes from Vans are in the middle of the continuum. In comparison to low-cut shoes, mid-tops have a higher cut, and the laces usually end just below or directly at the ankle. As a result, they give greater grip, assistance, and dampening than low-cut sneakers. Furthermore, most mid-tops are perfect as “transitional sneakers” throughout the cooler months of the year since they keep warm and dry. Skate Half Cab, Destruct Mid MTE-1, Kids Hot Flame Sk8-Mid Reissue V, etc are mid-top shoes. 


Vans sandals are made of rubber, synthetic or textile materials. They are available in various patterns and colors such as checkerboard, solid, black, etc.

Alternative Closure

This model is available in Vans, especially in kids’ shoes. Vans alternative closure shoes are Suede Canvas Old Skool V, Kids Old Skool V, Sk8-Hi Boa MTE-2, etc.


Vans Mule Shoe is a type of shoe with no back or restriction around the heel of the foot. This is a retro-style shoe. Vans Suede Old Skool Mule, Vans Leather Slip-On Mule, etc., are available. 



The Vans Ultrarange is a pair of sneakers designed for urban exploring. They’re somewhat heavier than Vans Classic shoes, with a super lightweight Pro Vulc Lite design that provides all-day ease and wear for any urban terrain or trip adventure. They are inspired by vintage Vans shoes and include Rapidweld technology for greater water resistance between panels, as well as Gore-Tex fabrics on some versions to truly take the shoes outside.


Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Kids Sk8-Mid Reissue V, PRIDE SK8-MID, Toddler Suede Gum Sk8-Mid Reissue V, etc., are Sk8-Mid shoes. 


Vans: Everything You Need To Know!


Vans: Everything You Need To Know!


Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Old Skool

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Sk8 Hi

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Half Cab

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Half Cab was indeed a tweaked version of the previous Vans Caballero pro model and is undoubtedly the most renowned shoe in the skateboarding industry. This shoe was significantly lighter than the previous model, and it was driven by skaters who flipped the collars of their sneakers down. It was released in 1992, multiple years after the initial model.

Chukka Low

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

The Vans Chukka Low skate shoes, crafted by the skate crew, combine the iconic design of both the Original and the Chukka Boot’s retro design! Skateboarding shoes with canvas and suede or canvas uppers. It closes with a lace-up front. It has a Polyurethane midsole that gives it a distinct look and feel.


Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

The Vans Alomar was a high-top release, and it was introduced to the sneaker industry in 2010. The Alomar seems to be a chukka boot with a more casual form than the 106 Low Top. It has a fashionable style with textile and leather uppers.


Vans: Everything You Need To Know!


Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Shoes, sandals, and boots with a visible thick sole, typically in the range of 3 to10 cm or 1 to 4 in, are known as platform shoes. On the other hand, high heels are platform shoes with a heel that is much taller than that of the forefoot. There are various kinds of platform vans shoes: old skool platform, slip-on platform, authentic platform 2.0, Women Classic Old Skool Platform, etc. 

Ultrarange Exo

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

This shoe will keep you at ease even in the most trying of circumstances

The EXO Skeleton has built-in support across the feet and lateral sidewalls, and a sturdy ankle lock. It provides improved grip and flexibility with a fully rubber-wrapped reverse waffle heel outsole. The UltraCush Lite footbed adds comfort without adding weight.

For enhanced ventilation, the UltraCush tongue has breathability vents. You will also find Ultrarange Rapidweld, Ultrarange Gore, Ultrarange Exo Se etc.

Suede/Canvas Old Skool V (Velcro shoes)

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

The Suede/Canvas Old Skool V retells the famous side stripe sneaker with three hook-and-loop fasteners instead of conventional laces. These are the Velcro shoes of Vans. This low-top model keeps its basic appeal with canvas uppers and durable suede, as well as an easy, secure fit that you will stay comfy all day. Supportive toecaps, ergonomic padded necks, and trademark waffle outsoles (rubber) round out the Suede/Canvas Old Skool V.

Trek Slip-On

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

The Trek Slip-On is easy to pack for your next excursion, intended to be ultralight and entirely washable so that you can slip on and so on. All you have to do now is go surfing and then do it again.

These shoes are washable and breathable. Ventilation holes ensure that whatever gets in comes out.

MTE (Mountain Edition)

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

The All-TracTM outsole is indeed a brand-new rubber compound that provides flexibility and real all-weather traction on various surfaces. It has humidity control and a thermoregulation mechanism.

UV Vans

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

The Ultraviolet Print is heat-sensitive, which means it reveals secret colors and designs on the shoe’s exterior whenever exposed to Light (about at 32°to 38° Celsius). Each sun-activated style is sure to lighten your shoe closet. 

The method is employed in three of the brand’s historic silhouettes: the Classic Slip-On, Old Skool Stacked, and Era Stacked.  

  • A blue solid and checkered design climbs from the bottom towards the upper of Vans’ UV Ink Classic Slip-On.
  • When the UV Paint Era Stacked is exposed to sunlight, a floral design pops up on the top’s upper edge of a colorful spotted pattern. The silhouette adds a modern spin to a Vans classic, enhancing the Classic Era design.
  • When exposed to the sun, Vans’ UV Ink Old Skool Stacked Sneaker in a stylish leopard design comes alive with pink and purple tones.

Vault by Vans

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Vault is Vans’ top-grade product, having been founded in 2003. Vault by Vans’ is a bit more expensive than regular vans. The vault vans are made of higher-quality materials than the standard vans. The rubber foxing around the shoe is thicker than on conventional vans.

This provides the shoe with a more balanced appearance while also making the toe box appear narrower. Because the sole is significantly chunkier than ordinary Vans, they can withstand better. The insole is a little thicker.

Standard Snow Boots

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!
  • Vans Hi-Country & Hell Bound Snowboard Boots: These boots are Ultra-stiff and ultra-responsive, have a Waterproof shroud, so Laces don’t freeze up when you are out.
  • Vans Aura Pro Snowboard Boots: This one has double boa. Suitable for intermediate to advanced skaters. The flex rating is 5 to 6 /10
  • Vans Invado OG Snowboard Boots: This has traditional lace but a hybrid system that keeps the lockdown in mid-step for less heel lift. Suitable for beginner to intermediate riders and All-mountain freestyle riders. Flex rating is 4 to 6/10. 
  • Vans Hi-Standard DX Linerless Snowboard Boot: As its name defines, it does not have liners. It is just one piece of shell. These boots are definitely for freestyle street park riders and are suitable for beginners. The Flex rating is 1 to 2/10

Vans Lowland CC

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

The Vans Lowland CC is a classic skate shape with a narrow profile and a ComfyCush sole from the 1990s. This model features a familiar yet thrilling, fresh look, thanks to solid leather straps with a historical “Flying V” Vans emblem. This shoe comes in eight colors. 

Surf Boot

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Vans surf boots are unique, and it feels like a second skin. So the fit is praiseworthy. The Surf Boot offers the next level of pure performance without giving up style. It has antibacterial lining and round toe construction for universal fit. Some surfing boots are high dipped, and some are mid dipped. 

Vans Skate Shoes

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Any shoe with the word “pro” at the end was a skate-specific version. Vans has changed the naming convention and now refers to them as “The Skate Classics.” So what was once known as Authentic pro is now known as Skate authentic.

Duracap reinforcement is included in all skate classics for further durability when a hole has been worn through the upper material. Internal tongue straps keep the shoe firmly in place on your foot. Vans skateboarding shoes are quite popular among skateboarders.


Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Velvet Vans

Vans: Everything You Need To Know!

Velour uppers with cushioned collars, flexible side embellishments, and characteristic rubber waffle outsoles define the Velvet Classic Slip-On. These are incredibly fashionable and preferred by women mostly. You can go to school wearing these or even to a party. They come in various colors. When you put your hand on the outer side of the velvet vans shoes, you will see that it does not change color. 

Different Colors Available for Vans

  • Black: This is the most popular color of Vans, and all most all the shoes of vans are available in this color, including the surf boots. Usually, the black shoes have white outsoles. But if you want a black outsole. It would be best if you mentioned that. 
  • Blue: There are many shades of blue available on vans shoes, from light blue to midnight blue. Checkered Slip-On, Old Skool, Sk8-Hi, Authentic, Era, etc shoes are blue. 
  • Pink: The pink color of vans is pretty soothing to the eyes. They are mostly light pink. The Customs Authentic Wide is a bit darker.
  • Purple: The vans purple has a bit reddish vibe in it. It is more like a plum. Sk8-Hi, Kids Sk8-Hi, Kids Checkerboard Slip-On, Toddler Checkerboard Slip-On V, Kids Old Skool, etc are available in this color.
  • White: Canvas Old Skool, Authentic, Era, Slip-On, etc shoes are available in white
  • Red: It is one of the most desired colors of vans shoes. A lot of shoes are available in this color for kids, women, and men.
  • Green: The green color is way darker. If you don’t look carefully, you may think it’s black. Kids Checkerboard Sk8-Hi Mid Reissue V, Kid old skool, and Toddler Old Skool are available in this color.
  • Brown: Old Skool, Authentic, Checkerboard Classic Slip-On, and Sk8-Hi are available in this color.
  • Gray: Old Skool, Authentic, Checkerboard Classic Slip-On, and Sk8-Hi are available in this color.
  • Burgundy: The Checkerboard Classic Slip-On and Old Skool are available in this color. There is slightly difference between Vans purple and burgundy.
  • Multicolor: You can customize your Vans using various colors. Shoes containing checkerboard print with a flame on them are quite popular.  Old Skool, Authentic, Sk8-Hi, and Customs Authentic Wide are available in both yellow and orange.
  • Heather: Kyle 2 is available in this color. This color is a shade of grey and suits people of all ages.
  • Tan: Very few shoes are available in this color, and Sk8-Hi Boa MTE-2 is one of them.
  • Vans Yacht Club: The Old Skool Yacht Club shoes are in blue, green, red, and yellow are a bright alternative to the Vans inventory.

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Animal print or Stripes

The animal prints of Vans is quite popular and brings uniqueness to our casual wear. You will find many animal prints, including Cheetah, leopard, snake, Dalmatian, Cow, Zebra, etc. You also can customize your shoe print according to your choice. 

Checkerboard Print

This print is available on Slip-On, Old Skool, Skate Slip-On, Authentic, Platform, Sk8-Hi, and so on. 

Pride/ Rainbow Print

To support LGBTQIA+, Vans introduced this print.

Most Notable Vans Shoe Collaborations   

In the 1970s, footwear businesses have adopted collaboration with the largest and most on-trend names in the fashion and creative industries—a legacy that continues even now. Few companies can match Vans’ history of footwear collaborations, so we’ve compiled a list of the most notable Vans shoe collaborations over the last 30 years.


This was Vans’ first collaboration ever (1996). The Old Skool was picked as the first silhouette to collaborate with, and a trio of hues was created.

Chima pro

Vans’ Chima Pro was created in 2013 with Australian skateboarder Chima Ferguson and featured canvas and suede top shoes. The new design incorporates a lighter inner part, such as a Duracap top reinforcement that protects the shoe from normal wear and tear.

Chima Pro 2

The uppers of Chima Ferguson’s iconic Chima 2 are comprised of durable canvas and suede. The UltraCush 3D gel insoles combine UltraCush’s featherweight and flexible feel with dual-density cushion and sculpted heel pads for unrivaled cushioning, while the Vans’ traditional waffle outsoles are comprised of rubber for traction and support. The Chima 2 has a Professional Vulc Lite structure for superior board feel, flexibility, and grip.

Harry Potter

Each house was a model for vans shoes (Gryffindors, Slytherins, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws). These shoes were very popular among the Potterheads.

The other noteworthy collaboration of vans are:

Simpsons, NASA, Marvel Avengers, Fear of God, Led Zeppelin, The ASPCA, SpongeBob, The Blends Bone, MOMA (The Museum of the Modern Art), Vans X MOCA, Beetlejuice, Gremlins, Kyle Walker, Andrew Reynolds, Chima Ferguson, Vans X Skateistan.

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