Vans Authentic vs Era in 2022 (Quick Facts)

Vans is one of the biggest companies in the world, with some of the most well-known sneakers. They are known for their simplistic adaptability and rebellious spirit. They specialize in skateboarding shoes, yet the majority of people now wear them for casual purposes.

The Vans greatest and earliest inventions are Vans Authentic and Vans Era. They both are pretty popular and stylish. Even if these shoes are from the ’90s, they properly fit with today’s fashion. Outwardly, the Authentic and Era styles appear to be the same, making it more difficult for people interested in either of them to choose. If you are one of those, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss everything about Vans Authentic and Era.

Vans Authentic vs Era

A Brief History of Vans

Vans is a footwear and casual apparel company based in the United States with strong ties to the action sports community.

After working for several seasons at Randy’s, Paul Van Doren decided to start his own shoe company. In California, Paul Van Doren, his brother James, and Gordon C. Lee created the Van Doren Rubber Company on March 16, 1966. The company produced and sold shoes to the general public.

Because of their basic, comfortable, incredibly durable, and imaginative design, their shoes are well-known in the skating community. Many action sports figures have supported and helped create their products relying on their actual experiences, bringing unquantifiable value to the brand and influencing its technological growth over time.

In 1976, the “Off The Wall” logo debuted. To mark their silver jubilee, they debuted a new logo in 2016. They also started a campaign to let people know they weren’t only a skateboarding brand anymore.

Vans Authentic vs Era (All Differences)

Now let’s explore the differences between these two styles of Vans shoes.



Vans Era and Authentic may fit distinctively for various people because of the thick cushioned collars in Vans Era. Vans Authentics are narrow and don’t have a cushioned collar, so they fit snugly all around the heels. On the contrary, Vans Era is designed to wrap securely around the ankles and provide support. If you wish to skate in Eras, choose the same size as you do in Vans Authentics. Order half a size bigger if you wish to wear Vans Eras for casual wear and street style.

Arch Support

There lies hardly any difference between Vans Era and Authentic in arch support. The flat bottom of vans makes them unsuitable for offering appropriate arch support. However, there are ComfyCush shoes both in Authentic and Era that give required arch support. These shoes have a foamy rubber sole with the corresponding traction as the original Vans waffle sole (rubber). The softness of the Vans ComfyCush Eras or Authentics base conforms to your feet’s arch immediately as you put them on.

Year of Production

The Vans #44, commonly known as the Authentic, was the brand’s debut model. The Era was released in 1976, whereas Authentic was released in 1966. The Vans Era, previously known as the Vans #95, was the first skateboarding shoe of Vans. The Era was the logical transition of the Authentic, and the iconic Z-Boys of Santa Monica made it famous.



Upper Portion: The designs of both shoes have been greatly enhanced throughout time and have served as the foundation for other graphical series. Some current interpretations of the Authentic model incorporate the model’s essential traits while including novel materials or imaginative embellishments.

The Vans Authentic has sturdy canvas uppers, and the Vans Era has a durable dual-stitched tri-color canvas upper. That’s why Vans Era is stronger and more durable.

Collar and tongue: One of the major differences between the Vans Authentic shoes and the Vans Era Shoes is the collar and tongue padding. Vans Era has a large cushioned collar that wraps around your ankles to make the wearer feel more comfortable, whereas Vans Authentic does not have any padding on the collar.

People with shorter legs dislike wearing Vans Eras because of the substantial cushioning. Instead, they choose Vans Authentic, which has a modern appearance.


Vans Authentic shoes are almost entirely constructed of suede, canvas, and leather. Presently, the only Vans authentic style manufactured from denim, the most robust cotton fabric, is available.

There are also two Vans Authentic designs available with synthetic leather (black) on the top. One of them is referred to like a work shoe. This shoe has a vulcanized outsole that prevents slips and improves the shoes’ traction.

The canvas upper is used on the majority of Vans Eras. The Vans Era with suede upper is now only available in one color. Vans Era also offers a soft and flexible cush technology that adds cushioning beneath your feet, which was explicitly designed for increased comfort.


The Authentic shoes of Vans are presently available in 30+ distinct designs and colors, according to their website. Solid color, rainbow, checkerboard, skull, and more variations are available. They have minimal stitching that gives them a clean appearance.

Because of their traditional design, most people prefer to wear Vans Authentics with shorts in the summer. Vans Authentic has a style called ANAHEIM FACTORY AUTHENTIC 44 DX. This design has the same construction as the traditional Vans Authentics.

The improved ortholite sock liner for modern comfort seems to be the only modification. Some Vans Eras shoes have a distinctive blended design with an eye-catching two-tone scheme that distinguishes them from Vans Authentics, thanks to double stitching.

In this kind of Vans Eras, for example, you can see canvas uppers having vibrant shades. This feature is not present in any Vans Authentics style. Moreover, some Canvas Eras have a canvas upper that runs the entire length of the shoe. This is how both the shoes (Vans Authentic vs Era) differs from each other in style.

Vans Era vs Authentic – Which One Is More Durable?

Vans Eras have a more durable structure than Vans Authentics. The upper of the Vans Eras is double stitched, making them robust and durable.

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Which One Is True to Size?


The size of Vans actually varies from person to person in the case of both Vans Authentic and Vans Era. So it is better to try them on your feet before buying. Vans Authentic is true to size comparatively. As Vans Era has cushioned collar, you may need to buy half a size up. However, some people claim that they are both true to size.

Authentic Pro vs Era Pro – Which One Is the Skater’s Favorite?

The pro versions of Vans Authentic and Vans Era are stiffer, more rigid, and thicker than classic versions. Between these two, most skaters prefer Vans Era Pro because it provides more support and comfort than the Vans Authentic Pro.

How Much Is Vans Authentic?

• Vans Authentic is $50.00

• Vans Skate Authentic is $39.95 to $95.00

• Vans Leather Authentic Hardware is $39.95 to $65.00

• Vans ComfyCush Authentic is $39.95 to $110.00

• Vans Kids Authentic is $35.00 to $40.00

• Vans Toddler Authentic is $30.00 to $40.00

Note: Prices of customized shoes are included in the above price ranges. Usually, customized shoes are costlier.

How Much Is Vans Era?

• Vans Era is $50.00 to $95.00

• Vans Skate Era is $39.95 to $95.00

• Vans Comfycush Era is $55.00 to $110.00

• Vans Kids Era is $24.95 to $45.00

• Vans Toddler Era is $30.00 to $40.00

Note: Prices of customized shoes are included in the above price ranges. Usually, customized shoes are costlier.

Vans Authentic vs Era in 2022 (Quick Facts)

Similarities Between Vans Era and Authentic

• Both contain metal eyelets and a lace-up fastening.

• Both shoes have a low-top style.

• The outsole is made of Vans’ distinctive waffle rubber.

• They’re both ideal for skating.

Vans Authentic vs Era – Which One Is Better?

The Vans Authentic and Era are two of the most excellent shoes Vans has to offer. Between the Vans Authentic and Era, picking a winner is a difficult task.

Some individuals prefer Vans Authentics with no padding and some Vans Era’s padded foam collar and tongue, and obviously, they have their reasons for that.

The Vans Authentic is a simplistic sneaker with fewer detractors. It has Vans classic styles that bring vintage design into the present Era. Vans Authentic could be worn for skating and informal situations because of their simplicity. Vans Authentic can also survive all types of weather without losing its shape. It’s suitable for both children and adults. It does not discriminate.

The Vans Era, on the other hand, is a variation of the Vans Authentic. It has a padded collar and tongue for enhanced comfort. The Vans Era became the greatest skateboarding shoe after its release. People fell madly in love with the shoe since it provides more comfort than the Authentic.

The Vans Era receives the prize for the finest skateboarding shoes because of the added cushioning that keeps skateboarders comfortable throughout skating. The Vans Authentic, on the other hand, gets the prize for versatility, minimalism, and flexibility. Vans shoe is regarded as the culture’s shoe. So which one is your favorite between Vans Era vs Authentic? Comment below and let us know.

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