Skating in Vans: Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?

Skating in Vans: Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?

Whether you are a beginner looking for your first pair of skate shoes and confused about which brand to pick up, or someone that just wants extra information on Vans skate shoe technology, then you have arrived in the perfect place.

When Vans first opened their doors in 1966, they weren’t exactly designed for skateboarding. Vans decided to specialize in skateboard shoes at some point. You might be thinking, “Are Vans good skateboarding shoes?” You will find the answer in this article. Vans shoes are considered one of the shoes in skate culture.

The Duracap technology provides improved grip in high-wear portions and is designed to endure the stress of the Vans skaters. The sock liner (UltraCush HD) allows you and your board to take a huge impact to the fullest. For more information, go through this article. 

What Are Skateboarding Shoes?

Skate shoes, often known as skateboard shoes, are a kind of sneaker made exclusively for skating. Skate shoes make it easier to pull off difficult stunts. Skate shoes have gripping, flat, and usually wide bottoms to help riders stay on their skateboards and control them better.

Skate shoes need to provide good stitching, support for the heel, flexibility, additional cushioning around the toe box, the board feels, etc. 

Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?

Vans are great shoes for Skateboarding. It has been one of the most well-known skateboard shoe brands in the world since 1966. They manufacture both canvas and suede shoes. Each footwear company reacted differently to this seismic shift, and VANS proceeded to furnish his skateboard sneakers with ever-better and more modern technologies and materials, and that’s how it has become one of the best skate shoes companies.

The following names or features are the essential features of the VANS.

Skating in Vans: Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?


Rubber underlays, often seen in the toe-box portion of Vans shoes, are known as Duracap. These additional layers are put beneath the shoe’s canvas or suede material, so your toes aren’t scrapped as it wears out. Depending on how the model is built, this layer may be different for each model. The rubber adds grip and lasts a long time, helping you save money and stress.


PopCush are insoles of Vans, also known as sock liners, are made with a new foam formula that gives comfort primarily, as well as impact safety from heavy skateboarding. They additionally integrate it with ‘board feel,’ allowing you to feel the deck despite the depth of the insole. They function in tandem with the Waffle outsole to produce a skateboarding-specific outcome.


It is identical to PopCush, but with a more defined polyurethane sock liner for optimum cushioning.

  1. This embeds the foot as deeply as possible in the shoes, brings your foot closer to the board, and that’s how you get greater Bordfeeling.
  1. To provide the best amount of protection available during tricky landings. Almost all VANS PRO SKATE models include the ULTRACUSH TM HD. insole.

Original Waffle Sole:

Skating in Vans: Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?

VANS takes pride in its unique waffle sole, and deservedly so. This sole makes really grippy flat soles. There are a few outsoles that stick to the board like this one. Vulcanized rubber is used in the classic VANS sole. But do you know what the vulcanized means? Vulcanization is a chemical method of making rubber resistant to pressure and heat; otherwise, the rubber would become leaky and not survive the conditions.

Furthermore, when rubber is heated, it is combined with sulfur, and the produced gum has all of the features that may be obtained in the manufacture. It is strong, elastic, and retains its original shape due to its permanently elastic qualities. The different components of the shoe are cemented together under heat during vulcanization.

The most significant benefit of a vulcanized sole over a cup sole is that it offers a superior onboard sensation due to its flexibility. The Vulc sole is thinner than cup soles, which implies you don’t have to travel as far into the shoe, but it comes at the cost of less dampening and faster wear. The original waffle sole is available on all VANS PRO CLASSIC models. 


VANS’ wafflecup structure is a hybrid of a cup and vulcanized soles. The whole sole is attached to the shoe using the vulcanized sole. Typically, only a ferritic rubber band is coiled around the top section of the shoe in this form. The sole is then inserted into the rubber area, with the inner area made of natural rubber and the external area made of hard polyurethane.

The interior section of the waffle cup now has the tenderness and elasticity of the Vulc sole, while the outer has the stability and strength of the cup sole. The sole’s weight is only slightly higher than that of vulcanized soles. The wafflecup sole from VANS is present in multiple styles: Gilbert Crockett or Chima 2, Gilb, Kyle Walker.

Ultracush 3D Tech:

The ULTRACUSH padding on the latest VANS Chima Pro 2 was the one that was upgraded first. The heel contains a dual thickness PU foam surrounding the heel with the ultralight and thinner Ultracush Lite footbed – which is seldom seen on the Pro Skate versions. This heel cup’s unique design provides excellent traction and additional cushioning. However, it also has the disadvantage of less attenuation, which is to be expected in this area.


Skating in Vans: Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?

The RAPIDWELD VANS sneakers have a synthetic, seamless, yet breathable upper with a soldered DURACAP coating in regions that are part affected by skating. This technology is exclusive to Anthony van Engelen’s promo model, the ANS PRO SKATE collection. Because of the backlit stitching, there is no risk of the string being worn away due to abrasion from skating grip tape.


A smooth inner sock goes around the feet in a select VANS PRO SKATE model for a more comfy, secure, and snug fit in the shoe. Because of the soft cloth that encircles your foot, it might decrease hotspots or friction. The LUXLINER technology may also be present in Anthony van Engelen’s Pro Skate at the Pro model and the ULTRARANGE PRO shoe.

Sick Stick:

On the sole of a Vans shoe, Sick Sick enhanced rubber compound. The classic Vans Waffle sole is grippy, but Sick Stick offers even more grip, as well as exceptional wear capabilities for a long life span. Vans’ professional skateboard crew tested this invention, only available in Vans Pro Skate shoes and trademark versions.

Reinforced Toes:

Vans shoes have reinforced toes caps, one of the essential features for skaters. Each pair is reinforced with unique material from the end of the sneaker’s toe to the laces. Reinforced toes make the shoes more durable skate shoes and prevent holes from forming around the toes. 

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Types of Vans Skate Shoes

Vans High-Top Shoes:

Skating in Vans: Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?

High-Tops Vans shoes have a higher cut compared to other types of footwear. They usually come to a point just above the ankle. High-tops provide more excellent stability and extra padding and hence additional safety, cushioning, and protection in the regions of your ankles. 

Furthermore, by shoes with a higher, you will be kept warmer. When skating, this can be beneficial in terms of keeping your joints warm. They don’t, however, breathe very well. High-top Vans are also excellent as winter shoes. Skate Sk8-Hi is a high-top shoe.

Vans Mid-Top Shoes:

Skating in Vans: Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?

Vans mid-shoes are in the middle of the spectrum. Mid-Tops have a higher cut compared to the low-cut shoes, and the laces usually end just below or directly at the ankle. As a result, compared to low-cut sneakers, they provide more grip, support, and dampening.

In addition, because they stay warm and dry, most mid-tops are ideal as “transitional sneakers” during the colder months of the year. Sakte Half Cab, Skate Chukka Low are mid-top skate shoes. 

Vans Low-Top Shoes: 

Skating in Vans: Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?

These skate shoes are generally very lightweight because of their lower cut. The cushioning in the ankle area is removed to reduce weight and material. Thanks to highly engineered insoles, you need not worry, and you won’t have to compromise cushioning and dampening. Checkerboard Skate Slip-On, Kyle Walker, are low-top shoes. 

What Are the Vans Best Shoes For Skating?

• Best Overall: 

The Vans Skate Old Skool (Classic) Shoes are a fabulous pair of skateboarding shoes, which is why they’re our top choice. Redesigned from the ground up for modern skateboarding. The duracap has been repositioned, and the uppers have been completely redesigned, featuring a new multiple foxing tape with a thicker knurl pattern upon the toe.

Popcush provides improved cushioning with impact protection, as well as reducing leg fatigue during longer skate sessions. The redesigned foxing tape and strong suede and canvas uppers of the new Skate Old Skool offer you the legendary style you want while providing all of the performance advantages that skaters desire.

• Best Traction: 

The Vans Skate Chukka Low is made with a robust suede with a 6 lb upper (canvas) and is influenced by classics like the Authentic and the Chukka Boot. The Skate Chukka Low has Pro Vulc Lite construction for flexibility, comfort, and the best in flex, board feel, and traction.

• Best Support: 

No other shoes provide better support than the Kyle Pro 2 Shoes. The unique Wafflecup structure combines the stability of a cupsole with the substantial grip aspect of a vulcanized shoe in the Kyle Pro 2 Shoes

Skating in Vans: Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?

• Best Durable Skate Shoe: 

The Skate Half Cab shoes are incredibly durable, offer good comfort, a terrific board feel, fantastic lace placements, and excellent grip. They offer tremendous skating ability and look fantastic.

• Best High-Top Shoe: 

The Comfycush Sk8-Hi Shoe is ideal for less strenuous park days. The perfect combination of comfort and traction on the run is a cushioned tongue as well as the collar.

• Best Unisex Skate Shoe: 

The Skate Authentic Shoe has a low-cut and stitching profile, and they are a great choice for skateboarding.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vans Sk8-HI Good for Skating?

Vans Hi is a great pair of skate sneakers. Vans Hi’s protect your heels and ankles from the skateboard deck, but they won’t save you from rolling your ankles. They have a great fit around the ankle and thigh. The ordinary Hi’s don’t provide much heel support, so purchase the pro model as they have better insoles.

Do You Need Skate Shoes to Skate?

Skating does not necessitate the use of skating shoes; you can skate in regular shoes. You can use just canvas shoes as well. They are a good substitute for suede shoes. On the other hand, Skate shoes are made to assist the wearer skate more smoothly and more professionally. Skate shoes also make it easier to pull off those difficult stunts.

Skate shoes have gripping, straight, and generally wide bottoms to help riders stay on their skateboards and control them better. The additional cushioning on the sides also guarantees optimal comfort and stability during those complicated maneuvers.

High-tech skate shoes offer more prolonged and more comfortable leather, as well as more powerful features.

Are Vans Shoes Designed for Skateboarding, or Is It Just a Marketing Technique? 

Vans manufacture both regular and skateboarding shoes. You can use the regular Vans shoes for skateboarding, but they may rip off quickly. So it’s better to use skate/pro vans shoes. The majority of Vans’ styles were created in partnership with skaters so that you can count on their performance. 

Are Vans Slip-Ons Good for Skateboarding? 

You can skate with Vans Slip-Ons. They are a bit stiff at your first wear. They are suitable for skating because they are lightweight and offer a board feel. However, it is recommended to go for Slip-On Pro if you want to do skating. 

Are Vans Good for Longboarding?

Vans is one of the most well-known longboarding footwear brands. It features an extremely flat rubber sole, which is why. To effectively hold your longboard, you’ll need a firm, flat, and stable

sole. Vans waffle-style outsole provides a better grip and feels on the board. Vans Old Skool Unisex is best for longboarding. 

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