Vans That Change Color in The Sun | Colorful Vans!

Vans That Change Color in The Sun | Colorful Vans!

For the pandemic, we couldn’t step out much in the last year. Now everything is getting normal gradually, and in the meantime, vans have launched an amazing shoe collection for their customers which changes color when comes under sunlight.

There are three types of vans color changing shoes: “1. Vans Unisex Slip-On Rainbow Chex Skate Shoe Sneaker, 2. Vans Unisex-Adult Authentic Core Classic UV shoe and finally 3. Vans ERA skate shoes (Canvas) Multi/Bright.

These shoes are amazingly affordable, with a price range from $55 to $199.99.

These color-changing vans are furnished with THERMOCHROMIC INK. These heat-responsive shoes change their color immediately when exposed to sunlight ( Roughly 90°F – 100°F /32.2°C – 37.8°F ) and then again come back to their initial color when chilled at room temperature.

In this article, I have tried to cover every single thing about these stunning vans shoes. Therefore keep on reading till last to know more about these magical vans shoes.

Vans Unisex Slip-On Rainbow Chex Skate Shoe Sneaker:

This vans shoe has the most colorful approach as it contains dark blue, purple, sky blue, yellow, orange, red, purple, and so on colors together. That’s why you can easily say that it carries rainbow color in it.

It is almost available in any size. The price range is from $69.91 – $119.99, which is not overpriced. Its sole is made of rubber. It has an upper padded collar which gives the consumer support and comfort.

Technique and Procedure behind the color-changing fact:

This shoe’s leather is made of a variety of colors, and also, the type of leather is slippery. As a result, when the shoe comes in touch with heat, there happens a reflection. As a consequence, the color of the shoe mixes.

Succeeding the color mixing, the shoe gives a certain color which makes it more appealing.

Here is one thing to remember that this shoe is for regular use, not for exercising purposes. They are not slip-resistant, so they can be dangerous if used for exercising.

Vans Unisex-Adult Authentic Core Classic UV shoe:

Vans That Change Color in The Sun | Colorful Vans!

This Vans Unisex-Adult Authentic Core Classic UV shoe is something really mentionable for its outstanding style, durability, and comfort. The price range is approximately around $35.00 – $98.00.

The textile used in this astonishing color-changing vans shoe is 100% canvas. In addition, the sole is long-lasting and broad to add extra comfort for the consumer.

Now coming on one of the main parts, which is look, it has a typical lace-up design along with a vans waffle signature on the left side of the shoe. This shoe also provides a cushioned footbed for the wearer’s comfort.

After knowing all these wondrous facts about Vans Unisex-Adult Authentic Core Classic UV shoe, who would not want to buy a pair of this incredible shoe, right? Therefore it is one of the top-selling UV vans till now.

Technique and Procedure behind the color-changing fact:

Vans Unisex-Adult Authentic Core Classic UV shoe gives multiple patterns of color when getting in touch with heat. It is all because of the texture of the shoe, which permits the reflection of sunlight.

The leather texture of the shoe turns into brighter color by getting sunlight.

When you wear a white-colored Vans Unisex-Adult Authentic Core Classic UV shoe in the street, and it gets sunlight, it gives a glittery gaze with some pinkish and other colors mixed in it. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

Vans Era Skate Shoes (Canvas) Multi Bright:

Vans That Change Color in The Sun | Colorful Vans!

Vans ERA skate shoes (Canvas) Multi/Bright is a slip-proof shoe and is recommended by users highly because of the excellent comfort it gives to the user.

The material chosen for the upper part is the sturdy canvas. The best shoes are created with a lace-up system and thick rubber soles. These provide the user comfort as they walk, run or work out in these fashionable kicks! The shoe also contains metal eyelets, padded collars, and a signature of vans waffle at the outer part.

Taking about the color, it has a bunch of fresh colors in it, such as “sky blue, baby pink, green, yellow and others.” The midsole involves two colors: the upper part is dark blue, and the lower one is white.

Technique and Procedure behind the color-changing fact:

The color-changing character when exposed to sunlight is something because of the texture. The texture of Vans ERA skate shoes (Canvas) Multi/Bright is sturdy, and the shoe’s color changes with the reflection of sunlight. Because of this amazing color-changing texture, it immediately grabs the attention of the viewers.

Vans objectives behind launching color-changing shoes:

To expand sales and revenue:

When a brand launches a new product, it automatically gets more attention. People want to know more and also want to try the new product. And that’s how the brand can make more sales and revenue. Vans also tried the same thing by launching incredible color-changing shoes.

To get their brands noticed:

Every single brand desire to become the talk of the town, right? Vans is too not out of it.

The color-changing fact is something to get noticed. Also, it broke the boredom of people trying those normal shoes consistently.

Targeting the new market:

Hearing about color-changing shoes, everyone will want to buy a pair of these amazing shoes for their feet. And the extraordinary color combination is like a cherry on the top!

The people never shopped from the vans and those who are the regular customer will try to buy this new product.

Wanted to try something innovative:

Before vans, no one tried to launch something so new, like color-changing shoes. It was a fresh and creative idea. Vans tried this innovative idea to get a great hold on the market.

Expansion of customers:

As I already mentioned, when a brand launches something new, it immediately grabs the attention of customers. More people get engaged with the brand, and it is a great sign of a brand’s prospect.

When someone is wearing something that is changing color in the heat, then everyone will look at them with curiosity. Who doesn’t want the attention? Hence vans created these color-changing shoes to grasp more and more customers.

10 reasons to purchase these incredible color-changing vans shoes:

Vans That Change Color in The Sun | Colorful Vans!

Unique and available in a variety of colors

These vans’ shoes change color when exposed to heat, and that is where they unveil their uniqueness. Additionally, these shoes carry a bunch of colors in them. Along with other colors, they are also available in breathtaking rainbow colors. Isn’t it fascinating?

Outstanding in quality

It is proven by the users that these color-changing shoes are comfortable as they are perfectly padded by rich foam at the side of the shoe. Talking about durability, it has beaten the former ones also in this field.

The inner sole is made with rubber which helps to walk more comfortably. The shoes which have the lace-up system, the laces are as well in pretty good quality.

Overall it is a mind-blowing package in quality.

Extraordinary styles

Vans That Change Color in The Sun | Colorful Vans!

If I start talking about the styles of these shoes, surely the night will be over. They have so many in their collection like slip-on, sneakers, lace-up, etc. which flexibility, durability, and support beat almost all of their former shoes.

These stylish shoes complete your look almost every time. So why are you waiting for?

Super comfy to wear

Previously I introduced the fact that these shoes are entirely padded, so they’re super-duper comfortable. You can carry them effortlessly and use them for hours.

Go for miles, but you will feel like you’re wearing this just for the past 15 minutes.

Fair in price

Surprising right?

I was also surprised to hear that these shoes are affordable. Like how? They have so many new and mind-blowing features also they are affordable.

You will find all these magical vans shoes in between the $69.91 – $119.99 price range. I don’t think that is overpriced. Actually, it can’t be with so much satisfactory quality.

Slip-on style shoe

Color-changing vans shoes are also available in a slip-on style which is clean-cut, durable along with highly comfortable to walk miles.

How can you not have a pair of these slip-on in your wardrobe?

Goes with nearly any dress and place

Vans That Change Color in The Sun | Colorful Vans!

Yes, you can wear these shoes anywhere and any place. As they have a multitude of colors and designs, you just need to decide which one you want to carry.

A little bit of confidence and color-changing vans shoes and you will rock the party.

Creative exterior

From readymade to customized, you will find every option open in these color-changing vans. By customizing shoes, you’re free to express yourself through these vans shoes.

What can be more exciting than customizing your shoes with your thought and favorite color?

Weather checked

As these shoes change color in the heat, it is more fun to wear them in summer. But you can undoubtedly wear them in winter as it contains fleece in them which provides extra warmth for the feet.

In addition, it is easy as pie to clean them because vans have a waterproof spray to wash these shoes.

Gives you a celebrity feeling

You’re wearing heat-sensitive shoes, and people will not look at you. Is it even possible?

They will certainly stare at you, I bet, might even zoom in to see you. Kidding aside, as the color of the shoe star changes with sunlight, people begin to give you more attention because of their curiosity about the shoe.

Final words

To sum up, vans color changing shoes provide lots of features to the customers at affordable prices. Yet they don’t do compromise with the quality. These shoes are flexible, durable, and easy-going.

For support, they have fully padded thick foam on the collar side of the shoes. Also, they have an outstanding color combination in shoes to grab attention from the viewers.

Last but not least, thanks to the mighty sun, the color-changing feature makes Vans marvelous undoubtedly. Putting on one of those amazing kicks will surely make your day. For more information, you can visit its website or physical location/shop nearby your city. They are known for their good services.

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