Why Do Birkenstocks Hurt My Feet? (Complete Guide)

Why Do Birkenstocks Hurt My Feet? (Complete Guide)

Birkenstock is a shoe manufacturing industry that offers a type of sandal with a thick sole and straps that go over the top of the foot. They are known for being comfortable and supportive, but many people find that they hurt their feet. Then why do Birkenstocks hurt your feet?

This industry provides lots of footwear categories for both men and women. Birkenstocks come in a lot of different styles, but Arizona and Gizeh are the most popular. Arizona is a slip-on sandal with two adjustable straps, while the Gizeh has a toe-thong strap that goes between the toes.

Listed below are some of the reasons why Birkenstocks may cause foot pain.

➤ Here Are the Reasons Why Birkenstocks Hurt My Feet

There are many people who find that these popular sandals are uncomfortable, even after breaking them in. The Birkenstock brand is known for its comfortable shoes, but they are not for everyone. Here are some of the reasons why Birkenstock sandals may cause foot pain.

Arch Support Is Too High

The human foot is designed to absorb shock, and the bones and muscles of the foot work together to provide support. When you wear shoes with a high level of arch support, like Birkenstocks, those bones and muscles are not able to do their job properly.

As a result, you may experience pain in your feet, ankles, and legs. If you’re looking for a comfortable sandal, look for one with a lower level of arch support. Your feet will thank you.

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Too-Tight Toe Bar

The toe bar is a strip of leather or plastic that runs across the top of the foot, between the toes. It is designed to grip the foot and hold it in place, but if it is too tight, it can pinch and rub the toes, causing pain and irritation. Plus, a too-tight toe bar can make it difficult to walk properly.

If you’re having pain in your toes when wearing Birkenstocks, try loosening the toe bar. If that doesn’t help, consider trying a different sandal style altogether.

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Stiff Straps

Many people find that these sandals can be quite painful to wear. Another reason for this is that the straps are quite stiff and inflexible. This can cause the straps to rub against your feet, resulting in irritation and even blisters.

Additionally, the stiffness of the straps makes it difficult to adjust the sandals to get a perfect fit. As a result, Birkenstocks can often feel too tight or loose, causing further discomfort.

If you’re considering buying a pair of Birkenstocks, try them to see how they feel. You may also want to look for sandals with softer, more flexible straps.

Hard Thick Sole

These sandals cause pain and discomfort due to the hard, thick sole. The sole of a Birkenstock sandal is much thicker than the sole of a typical shoe. This can make it difficult for your feet to grip the ground properly.

As a result, you may slip and slide, leading to accidents or injuries. Additionally, the thick sole can cause problems for your feet if you have any foot conditions, such as bunions or hammertoes.

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They’re Not Meant for Flat Feet

Another main problem is that Birkenstocks are not meant to be worn with socks. This means that there is no padding between the foot and the shoe, which can cause discomfort and even pain for those with flat feet

Additionally, Birkenstocks tend to be rather stiff, making them difficult to break in. As a result, it is essential to try on Birkenstocks before buying them and to make sure they are a good fit for your foot type. Otherwise, you may find yourself regretting your purchase.

How Do You Stop My Birkenstocks from Hurting?

Wearing hiking socks with your Birkenstocks for approximately 5 minutes is one way to stop them from hurting. If they cause you pain, take them off immediately and try a few times again throughout the day.

Breaking them in by wearing them around the house like you would a pair of slippers is also helpful. Finally, ensure you are active when you first start wearing them so they can mold to your feet more easily. By following these steps, you should be able to stop your Birkenstocks from hurting.

Is It Normal for Birkenstocks to Hurt at First?

The answer is yes, and there’s a good reason why. Birkenstocks are made with stiffer materials than most shoes, which help mold them to your feet over time. In addition, the soles of Birkenstocks are designed to provide excellent support and alignment.

As a result, wearing Birkenstocks may initially feel like your feet are being cradled, but this will help to prevent pain and injury in the long run. With a little patience, you’ll find that your new Birkenstocks will quickly become your favorite shoes.

How Long Does It Take to Break in Birkenstock?

The answer is that it can take 2-3 weeks for the shoes to mold to your feet truly. This can be a bit of a frustrating process, as the shoes may initially feel uncomfortable. However, it is important to persevere. As a result, will be a pair of sandals that feel like they were made for you.

So if you’re patient and give your feet some time to adjust, you’ll be rewarded with a comfortable pair of Birkenstocks that you can enjoy for many summers.

Do Podiatrists Recommend Birkenstocks?

Many people believe that Birkenstocks are the most comfortable shoes on the market. Podiatrists often recommend them because of their deep heel cup and cork sole.

In addition to being comfortable, Birkenstocks are also very stylish. They come in a variety of colors and designs, making them a great choice for any outfit.


Birkenstocks sandals or any type of shoes may hurt your feet for various reasons. Finding a sandal that fits well and provides good support is essential. Additionally, you may need to break in your Birkenstocks or add socks for extra cushioning.

If you follow our outlined tips, you should be able to find a pair of Birkenstocks that are comfortable and stylish. Most importantly, don’t give up! Your perfect pair is waiting for you.

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