Why Do Converse Squeak? | 8 Ways to Fix Squeaky Converse

Why Do Converse Squeak? | 8 Ways to Fix Squeaky Converse

Converse or any other shoes with rubber outsoles will make a squeaking noise when wet. Sometimes the noise is annoying, sometimes hilarious and sometimes just embarrassing. Whatever it may be to you, you’re here because you want to get rid of this noise.

I have also been embarrassed by squeaky Converses in the past. I know why the Converse shoes squeak and how to fix it. In this article, I will share all of this.

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4 Reasons Why Converse Squeaks

Let’s find out why Converse shoes make a squeaking noise in the first place.

Trapped Moisture inside the insole

One of the most common reasons for the squeaky noise is trapped moisture within the insole. It’s quite easy for the insoles to have trapped moisture within. If you sweat a lot and wear thin socks, the moisture from the sweat may reach the insole and get trapped. So, when you walk, it will make a squeaky noise.

Another way of trapping moisture is getting your Converses wet. Maybe you washed the shoe but didn’t dry it properly or maybe you wore it in rain. However you did, that moisture may be the culprit here.

Insoles Rubbing Against the Heel Cup

Oftentimes the insoles rub against other parts of the shoe such as the heel cup. That’s when the squeaking noise is heard. This is not a serious problem. In most cases, the problem gets solved as you break the shoe in.

Outsoles Rubbing Against a Slick Surface

Smooth or wet surfaces are another reason why Converse shoes make squeaking noises. When Converses come into contact with these surfaces, the friction makes a squeaking sound.

The Shoe Is Not Used to Wear Yet

Maybe the shoe isn’t used to wearing yet. Converse shoes can be a bit stiff initially. As you wear them more, the squeaking noise probably will go away.

8 Ways to Fix Squeaky Converse Shoes

Now that you know why Converse shoes make squeaking noises, it’s time to fix them. Here are some of the best tips for fixing squeaky shoes. I have listed out all the alternatives so you can apply whatever you have at your hand.

You won’t need to implement all of these solutions. Just try and see what works for you. 

1. Wear Synthetic Socks

Cotton socks are comfortable for hot summer days. But they are not so good for moisture-wicking. It’s better to wear synthetic socks that have moisture-wicking technology so the moisture doesn’t reach your insoles. 

2. Put Some Baby Powder Inside the Shoes

When a particular part of the shoe rubs with the other, the squeaking noise appears. A little bit of talcum powder or baby powder will do the trick in this case. Just pour a little bit of powder under the inner sole. 

If the soles are not removable, pour some powder around the inside sole. The powder will absorb the moisture and hopefully get rid of the squeaking noise.

3. Dry the Moisture Within the Shoe

There are other ways of drying the moisture from within your shoes. Just put a little bit of fabric conditioner or softener (one that suits Converse material) and throw your Converse into a dryer. But don’t leave it in the dryer for too long. 6-8 minutes is good enough.

4. Apply Some WD-40 Spray

WD-40 spray is a blessing. It has many use cases including moisture wicking from inside your shoes. Soak a cotton ball with a bit of WD-40 spray. Now rub the cotton ball on the outside seams of your Converse.

However, never apply WD-40 spray on suedes as it may ruin the shoe material.

5. Nail Polish Remover

This is a simple process. Take a little brush. Dip it in a bit of nail polish remover and apply it to the outer sides of your shoe. This will reduce the friction noise. 

6. Coconut Oil

If you don’t have any of the previous ingredients at home, you can use some coconut oil instead. Soak a cotton swab in coconut oil and rub the inner of your Converse with it.

7. Fix Loose Heels

Look under your Converse to see if the heel counter is loose. If it’s loose, it will make a squeaking noise. Take a little bit of super glue and fix the loose heel. Press the heel in place for a couple of seconds until the glue dries out. 

8. Petroleum Jelly

You can smear a thin layer of petroleum jelly under the insole of your Converse. This will make sure the inside parts of your shoes rub against each other smoothly. As a result, the squeaking noise should go away. 

I hope you won’t have to worry about squeaky Converses anymore. Thanks so much for reading. Let me know if you have any questions.

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