Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)

Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)

Yeezys have never failed to be completely sold out within the first few days of their release. Why is that? Yeezys are promoted by most celebrities, which fails to keep the fans calm. Everyone wants to own a pair for collection, comfort, and trend. However, are Yeezys good for everyone?

People with wide feet have a hard time finding the perfect fitting shoes. Are Yeezys helpful for such cases? Are Yeezys good for wide feet? Let’s get to know!

Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet?

In general, Yeezys are not good for wide feet if you buy your regular size. Most of the models Yeezy run small, which has been a consistent complaint over the years. Even people without wide feet suffer from an uncomfortable snug fit from Yeezy shoes if they buy their regular size.

If you have wide feet or wear half sizes, you should size up to get your perfect fit. Once the Yeezy shoes fit your feet perfectly, you will have one of the most comfortable experiences.

Are Yeezy Slides Good for Wide Feet?

Yeezy Slides are not good for wide feet, just like Yeezy shoes. The slides run small, and the users are recommended to size up to avoid difficulties.

Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)
Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)

Slides, in general, are pretty open and breathable. Many people are clumsy, and their slides tend to slip off their feet. In that case, going true to size might be best if you have regular feet. The slides will hug your feet perfectly without any clumsiness. However, for wide feet, it is best to size up.

Are Yeezys for Narrow Feet?

Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)

Yeezys are perfect for people with narrow feet. Yeezy shoes and slides run small, so people with narrow feet can easily get true to size Yeezys. Yeezy shoes have a narrow toe box that can cause pain to people with wide feet if they go true to size. On the other hand, this is not a problem for narrow feet.

Yeezy Slides have a thick and narrow strap on top that is also suitable for narrow feet to give a comfortable, snug fit.

Sizing up can sound risky for a lot of users with wide feet. What if they end up being too loose? What if they slip off of my feet? To avoid any risk and concern, let me give you a list of true-to-size Yeezy shoes for wide feet that you can get without going through any complex math of sizes.

True to size Yeezy shoes for wide feet:

  • Yeezy 500
  • Yeezy 700
  • Yeezy QNTM
Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)
Yeezy QNTM

The list of Yeezys above fits true to size for people with wide feet. They might be a little hugging to the feet but don’t worry. They will eventually stretch out and mold in perfectly with your feet.

Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)
Yeezy 500
Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)
Yeezy 700

Do You Wear Socks with Yeezys?

Wearing thick socks with Yeezys is a bad idea since Yeezys run small. However, you can try wearing thin, comfy socks with Yeezys to dazzle your look or make the shoes feel more comfortable.

Yeezys are comfortable with or without socks, but many prefer wearing socks with Yeezys to experiment with their look. Especially with Yeezy slides, many people wear socks because the slides have a very minimal design.

Furthermore, celebrities are often wear Yeezy slides with Adidas socks, becoming a go-to fashion look for many users.

Adidas Yeezy Slides Pure comfortness

So, which side are you picking? Do you wear socks with Yeezys? It is really up to your preference.

What Size Yeezy Slides Should I Get if I Have Wide Feet?

As I said, people with wide feet must size up while buying Yeezy slides because they run small. Yeezy slides generally offer a snug fit which can get super uncomfortable for people with wide feet. No matter how comfy a pair of slides is, you have to suffer if you get the wrong size.

People with wide feet and those who wear half sizes are recommended to go one size up to have the perfectly fitting, comfortable Yeezy slides.

Do Yeezys Need to Be Broken In?

Apart from the questions about their comfort, the break-in period of Yeezys is also a concern for many users. Do Yeezys get broken in? How do they fit?

Since Yeezys mainly offer a snug fit, they get stretched out more than regular fitting shoes. To have a comfortable walking experience, Yeezys need to be broken in during the first few times you wear them.

Once Yeezys are completely broken in, they fit your feet perfectly and mold into the shape of your feet. The shoes feel like they are precisely made for your feet!

Do Yeezy 350 Stretch Out?

The upper material of Yeezy 350 V2 shoes tends to stretch out with time. They run small and stretch out over time, but it is still recommended to size up to experience maximum comfort of the shoes. Yeezy 350 V1 shoes run true to size and have no cases of stretching out.

Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)
Yeezy 350 V1
Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? (Complete Guide)
Yeezy 350 V2

Both shoes take a bit of time to break in, and once they do, they completely take up the shape of your feet and adjust to your stride.

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Which Yeezys Are the Most Comfortable?

Different models of Yeezys tend to serve different purposes. However, if you highly prioritize comfort, here is a list of Yeezys shoes that fits your need.

Most Comfortable Yeezy Shoes:

  • Yeezy 350 V2
  • Yeezy 700
  • Yeezy Foam Runners
  • Yeezy Slides

The list for Yeezys above has super comfy materials like EVA foam, harvested algae, lightweight polyester, etc. The shoes are light enough despite their chunky look that does not compromise quirky fashion while providing supreme comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Yeezys good for?

Yeezys are good for running, casual hangouts, errands, and whatnot. Models like Yeezy 700s, Yeezy Boost 350, etc., are highly recommended for running. Yeezy slides can be easily used for casual wear. Other sneakers are great for matching your look but don’t worry; almost all of their shoes are great for stability and comfort.

2. Are Yeezy still cool?

Yeezy shoes have been popular and relevant since the time of their release. They are pretty much successful in maintaining their popularity because of smart branding and promotion. Who would not like having one of the trendiest pairs of shoes for consecutive years? Yeezys are still cool and very much in demand for sneakerheads.

3. Is Yeezy worth buying?

Yeezy is worth buying if you like to collect branded shoes. Yeezy can be an excellent investment if you find the correct size because it offers you unique designs, comfort, and durability. One of the most popular models of Yeezy, the Yeezy Boost 350, is recommended by almost everyone who owns it and is said to be worth it!

4. Are Yeezys Slip Resistant?

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Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? (Summary)

Yeezys are not an excellent choice for people with wide feet if they go true to size. Buy Yeezy shoes in person to find your perfect fit and avoid regretting them later. However, if you love shopping online, sizing up will work fine.

It would be best to remember that many Yeezys stretch out after a few wears. If the snug fit is not uncomfortable, it is best to get true-to-size Yeezys, as they will stretch out anyway.

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