Yeezy Slides Pure vs Bone (Comfort, Sizing, Material & more)

Yeezy Slides Pure vs Bone (Comfort, Sizing, Material & more)

Yeezy Slides became popular in no time after Adidas collaborated with Kanye West and released them in 2018. They became a part of fashion accessories for celebrities and other people mainly because of their successful branding and promotion. There has been a recent re-release of Yeezy slides in 2022, which ran out of stock within a blink!

Yeezy Slides are designed with very simple patterns and unique colors. Yeezy Slides Pure and Yeezy Slides Bone are two models of this successful collaboration.

In this article, we will get to know more about the similarities and differences between these two slides. Yeezy Slides Pure vs Bone; let’s dig in!

At the end of the article, you will get a brief comparison table of both shoes.

What are the Differences Between Yeezy Pure and Slide Bone?

The main difference between Yeezy Slides Pure and Yeezy Slides Bone is that the Pure colorway slides are darker in color. Yeezy Slides Bone varieties are also more expensive than Yeezy Slides Pure.

Another significant difference that the users have noticed is the break-in period. Yeezy Slides Pure mold in with the shape of your feet right after you take them out of the box. On the other hand, Yeezy Slides Bone can take a few weeks to break in and get comfortable.

Yeezy Slides Pure vs Bone (Comfort, Sizing, Material & more)

Comfort (Are Yeezy Pure or Bone more comfortable?)

The comfort of Yeezy Slides is debatable. There are a lot of positive reviews praising the flexibility of the material and the lack of sharp edges. However, a few reviews portrayed how both Yeezy Slides Pure and Bone were not comfortable slides at all and felt like a block of tough plastic.

If we want to choose between these two slides, it is essential to know: Are Yeezy Pure or Bone more comfortable?

Yeezy Pure is more comfortable than Yeezy Bone. According to many reviews, Yeezy Slides Bone felt stiff when they wore them for the first time. With time, it did feel more manageable, but Yeezy Pure was comfortable right off the bat. The material felt soft enough to mold into the shape of your feet with the additional snug fit.

Adidas Yeezy Slides Pure comfortness
Yeezy Pure

Sizing (Are Yeezy Pure and Bone sizing the same?)

Slides are usually wide and easy-going in terms of fit. Most people wear loose-fitting slides so they can just slip them on and casually go on about their day.


The material used for Yeezy Slides Pure and Bone is injected EVA foam generated in a monochromatic ecru finish. The material feels squishy and almost like a sturdier Croc.

The insole is branded with the three stripes of the Adidas logo. The outsole has patterned grooves designed to provide maximum traction.

Yeezy Slides Bone colorway had a re-released version with a textured feel to the slides. While a few people complained about the texture, most of them realized that it was helpful to grip onto their feet if they were coming out of a pool or were walking in the rain.

Yeezy Slides Pure vs Bone (Comfort, Sizing, Material & more)


Slides need to be durable since you casually wear them and prefer them to be perfect for everyday use. Now the main question is – are Yeezy Slides durable?

Yeezy Slides are super durable, including Yeezy Pure and Yeezy Bone. The EVA material is rigid and resistant to wearing off. Many reviews included the durability of Yeezy Slides and how they did not show any signs of wearing off even after being used continuously.

There have been many reviews and videos on testing the durability of Yeezy Slides by wearing them continuously for a month or more. The Yeezy Slides passed almost all the tests of durability by showing minimum signs of damage.

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Yeezy Slides Pure has varieties, including re-releases for both men and women. They also have options for kids and infants with straps to secure the slides in their little feet. Yeezy Slides Bone has the same varieties but is lighter in color.

While Yeezy has options for kids, their unisex shoes are the most popular styles that run out of stock as soon as they become available.


Yeezy Slides Bone has more expensive variations than Yeezy Slides Pure. The Bones cost in the range from $100 to $300. The price of the Pure variation starts from $70 to around $200. The price varies with the platform of purchase. The original website and stores cost the standard price while the reselling sites sell them with extra charges because of how much in demand they are.

Yeezy Slides Pure vs Bone (Comfort, Sizing, Material & more)


Yeezy Slides are so popular that they sell out as soon as there is a restock. They are usually restocked in stores like Adidas, Footlocker, and Nordstrom. However, it is challenging to find them after a little time because of the insane demand.

However, they have become available for reselling to a few retailers like StockX, Goat, and Farfetch. The disadvantage is a little price hike if you buy them from other retailers. This does not matter to the fans because of how much these shoes are in demand for top-notch branding.

It is also important to be careful when buying them online from unofficial retailers. A lot of fake sites sell fake Yeezy Slides with a huge discount to lure customers and scam them. You can avoid getting scammed by comparing the original price with the selling price.

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How do Yeezy Slides Pure fit?

Yeezy Slides Pure has a snug and narrow fit. Many people complain about their slides slipping off their feet which is why Yeezy Slides are made to run smaller. If you prefer regular fitting slides, it is best to size up when getting Yeezy Pure.

Do Yeezy Bone Slides Run Small?

Like most other Yeezy Slides, Yeezy Bone also runs smaller. They hug your feet to avoid your slides slipping off of your feet. If you buy your regular size, you are going to get a snug fit that is not necessarily uncomfortable. But you can always size up if you like your slides loose.

Both Yeezy Pure and Bone slides tend to stretch with time, so it is best to buy your regular size if you want the perfect fit.

Table for Comparison

The table below will give you a summary of features to compare between Yeezy Slides Pure and Bone.

FeaturesYeezy Slides PureYeezy Slides Bone
ComfortMore comfortableComfortable
SizingMostly true to size with a snug fitMostly true to size with a snug fit
VarietyAvailable varieties include unisex, kids, and infantsAvailable varieties include unisex, kids, and infants
CostLess expensiveMore expensive

Summary (Yeezy Slides Pure vs Bone)

Yeezy slides are super mainstream today and can be a significant part of the future of footwear. Because of the brand, comfort, and minimal design, it has become a regular fashion accessory for many people.

Yeezy Slides Pure and Bone have very similar features with a significant price difference and a little difference in comfort. They are mostly praised for durability because of the excellent quality material and simple yet efficient design. You can have a detailed comparison between both slides in this article and make an informed choice.

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