4 Ways to Stretch Your Yeezy Slides! (Complete Guide)

4 Ways to Stretch Your Yeezy Slides! (Complete Guide)

Yeezys from Adidas are some of the most popular slides having a massive following and influence over the youth. Yeezy slides are super comfortable and worth giving a try at least once in life. Yeezys feature a minimalistic design that appeal to the mass people.

It’s a staple slide shoe for Instagram influencers as well as models. Yeezys are also durable and have a unisex design so they can be worn by anyone. But despite all the benefits, there arises a common problem while buying Yeezy.

Fresh Yeezys, just bought from the market tend to be a little tight on the feet at first. But over time they stretch to the size of your feet and fit perfectly. However, if you want to stretch them quickly yourself, there are some methods you can follow to do so. Keep reading the article to find out the methods of stretching Yeezy slides.

Do Yeezy Slides Stretch Easily?

Adidas’s Yeezy slides are made of EVA foam material. EVA foams do not generally stretch and as a result, Yeezy slides are hard to stretch. It is better to find the right fit for you by trialing the slides at the shop. If that’s not possible then try to buy half a size larger than your regular size because Yeezy slides her generally a bit tight. But if you are stuck with a tight Yeezy slide then some methods make it possible to stretch your Yeezy slides.

Are Your Yeezy Slides Too Tight?

If you just bought a brand new pair of Yeezy slides matched with your shoe size, there is a possibility in that the slides are too tight. To understand if your slides are tight or not you have to first wear them. Do not use any socks while wearing your Yeezy slides.

Then start walking around and continue for a few minutes. Now if your feet studs to hurt are you feel uncomfortable while walking, you will need to understand that slides are too tight for your feet.

If you are stuck with tight Yeezy slides then here are a few treats that you can use to stretch your Yeezy slides in just a few hours.

How to Stretch Yeezy Slides?

1. Wear Yeezy Slides in The House

You are going to need to make those Yeezy slides more comfortable to enable you to wear them for extended amounts of time, such as all whole day at work or maybe all night at a social event. These are both examples of situations in which you might want to wear your slides.

It will be easier to loosen the slides materials and stretch out the slides if you wear them around the house for a few minutes at a time. If you want the process to go more quickly, put on a pair of thick socks before attempting to cram your feet into the slides.

When your feet start to suffer from the shoes, you can just take the slides off.

4 Ways to Stretch Your Yeezy Slides! (Complete Guide)

2. Freezing Your Yeezy Slides

When water is frozen, the volume increases by somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 percent. Additionally, chilling your slides causes them to grow. The only thing that has to be done is to pour about a quarter of a cup of water into a plastic bag for each foot.

Put the bags into the toes of your shoes, then place them inside the freezer for as long as necessary until the water in the bags freezes.

When that happens, you should give it some time to rest, then remove the bags and attempt to wear your shoes. If the first phase of freezing does not have the desired effect, you should try it again. When attempting this procedure, you will have to take precautions to prevent water from escaping from the shoe as it is being filled with water.

Freezing the entire shoe can work just as well for waterproof shoes, provided that the shoe can not get wet. Yeezy slides are waterproof so this method will work for them just fine.

Get the entire shoe wet, pour water into the interior, and then freeze everything together. If you’re lucky, by the time everything is done properly, you’ll have a Yeezy slide that fits.

3. Heating Your Yeezy Slides

In addition to freezing your slides, another option is to heat your Yeezy slides that are too constricting to wear.

To accomplish this, begin by stuffing some bulky socks, followed by your shoes. Take the shoe you’re having trouble putting on and heat the regions where it’s constricting using a hair drier.

While you are doing this, flex your feet and wiggle your toes in a back-and-forth motion so that you can move the shoe materials as much as possible. .

4 Ways to Stretch Your Yeezy Slides! (Complete Guide)

This approach may not seem like the most pleasant one, but it achieves the job. It is well known that shoe sizes can be stretched from a quarter to the whole size using either the freezing or heating procedure. Leather is the material of choice because once stretched, it has a lower propensity to return to its initial dimensions

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4. Shoe Stretching Tools

Instead of stretching out the Yeezy slides using your own feet, you might try inserting other items into the pair of shoes that are too tight for your feet. It could help to overstuff the shoes with socks or newspaper that has been scrunched up.

There are a variety of shoe-stretching gadgets available on the market today. These tools are designed to precisely stretch out shoes. Shoe stretchers can modify not just the length of a shoe but also its width. The length of the stretcher can be altered by turning the knobs.

Just make sure the shoe doesn’t get too loose by accident. Shoe stretchers have the potential to function well but will likely cost you a bit of money.

Once you are familiar with several different techniques for stretching out your shoes, you should go through your wardrobe and apply them to all the tight Yeezy slides. 

Never again would there be the problem of having slides that are too small for your feet.

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Can You get Creases out of Yeezy slides?

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4 Ways to Stretch Your Yeezy Slides! (Complete Guide)


By following the methods given above you can stretch your Adidas Yeezy slides in less than an hour. Be sure to follow the methods carefully otherwise you may damage your Yeezy slides. Once you are done stretching your slides, they will keep that size and shape forever. So be sure to stretch them to the size of your feet. If you are interested to know more about Yeezy shoes then check out our other articles.

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