Air Force 1 Mid vs Low (Complete Guide)

Air Force 1 Mid vs Low (Complete Guide)

The Air Force 1 is one of the most successful lines of shoes released by Nike. They were originally designed and released as basketball shoes, slowly becoming casual wear among users. However, some players still swear by the Nike Air Force Ones for their basketball games, depending on their performance style.

The Air Force 1s mainly come in three categories: low, mid, and high. There are also two other options, super low and super high. They provide different types of comfort according to the users’ preferences.

In this article, we will be going through the comparison of the key features of Air Force 1 Mid and Low. What is the difference between them? Which one is better? Let’s dig in to find out!

What Is the Difference Between Air Force 1 Mid and Low?

The main difference between the Air Force 1 Mid and Low is the straps around the ankle. The mid-tops come with secured straps around the ankle for a snug fit, whereas there is no covering around the ankles with the low-tops.

I bought both the white Nike AF1 ’07 low-top and mid-top, and the only visible has to be the extra straps on the mid-tops. You can strap it around your ankles, and you will not be worrying about a loose fit with them. The strap fits just according to the size of your ankle and is very comfortable.

On the other hand, the low-tops are easy to put on without worrying about tying any straps.

Comfort (Are Air Force 1 Mid more comfortable or Low?)

In general, Air Force 1 Low shoes are more comfortable daily wear shoes than the mid-tops. However, the mid-tops are preferable if you are looking for court shoes.

The mid-tops do not have a very high length around the ankles like the high-tops. They are perfect for a secure fit without a lot of bulk around your feet. They are comfortable and supportive enough if you are playing sports or training.

The low-tops are best for casual wear when you want to slip into a pair of shoes and move on with your day. They are easier to put on and do not cover your ankles to restrict movement.

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The Nike Air Force 1 shoes usually fit true to size. However, their variations may fit a little differently from each other. The high-tops and mid-tops usually have a different fit than the low-tops.

On average, the Air Force 1 Low fits roomier than the mid-tops and high-tops. It is because of not having any coverage around the ankles. The extra length of the ankles in mid-tops makes the shoes fit slightly tighter than the low-tops. If you have narrow feet, you may need to size down a little to get a better fit in the Air Force 1 Low shoes.

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Similar material combinations are used to make low-top and mid-top versions of Nike Air Force 1s. The midsoles are usually foam-based for premium cushioning, the outsoles are mainly made of rubber to provide optimum traction, and the upper can vary between leather, rubber, or suede.

You can customize your shoes in low-tops and mid-tops with your choice of materials, design, and patterns. How cool is that?

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As a general rule, Nike Air Force Ones last for 1 to 3 years if you wear them casually and take care of them. This lifetime is the same for the mid-tops and low-tops. Since there is not much difference in design between the two versions except for the ankle length, their durability is very similar.

The AF1 mid-tops tend to last shorter than the low-tops because the mid-tops are frequently worn as court shoes. On the other hand, the low-tops are more used for casual wear. The durability, in this case, mainly depends on the usage. The Air Force 1s will last for a year if used for sports.


The low-top shoes win in terms of variety. There are many options available for Air Force 1 Low compared to the mid-tops. There are about 113 styles available in low-top versions for kids, men, and women. The kids’ option is also extensive since they are categorized into options like big kids, little kids, toddlers, babies, etc.

For mid-tops, there are 21 options available for men, women, and kids. New releases are increasing the range of options, but the existing styles are attractive nonetheless.


The price range is reasonable enough for the AF1 mid-tops because of the limited options. Their price starts from $60 for kids’ shoes and goes up to $155 for adults’ shoes.

For the low-tops, the price starts from $20 for kids’ shoes and ends at about $150 for adults’ shoes.

The customized options for both versions cost near the expensive range of the shoes.


Both low-tops and mid-tops of the AF1s are available on their official website. You can directly purchase them by choosing your perfect size with coupons and offers.

You can also find them on other retailing websites, but that can be a little risky considering the increase of duplicate shoes in the market. Many fraudulent websites sell fake branded shoes, so being careful is essential. Getting them from their official website or other trusted websites is best. You can also shop physically to get the perfect size and design.

Which Nike Air Force 1 Should I Get, a Mid or a Low?

Air Force 1 Mid is better for playing sports and injured ankles. The ankle support can be super helpful in keeping a balance in movement and stride. They are also suitable for casual wear if you want to try out different looks with shorts, skirts, and dresses. They also look super cool in baggy jeans.

Air Force 1 Low is best for regularly wearing for hanging out, parties, or running errands. They go with almost anything, so it is up to you how you want to style them. They are versatile, with many options to change your style and look!

If I had to pick one, I would go for the mid-tops since they are more versatile in providing support for rough training and having cool designs for styling up with different outfits.

Table for Comparison

The article above contains all the details about the difference between Nike Air Force 1 Mid and Low features. Let’s look at the table below for a summarized and side-by-side version of the comparison.

FeaturesAir Force 1 MidAir Force 1 Low
ComfortComfortable as sportswearComfortable for casual wear
SizingTrue to size but can have a snug fitTrue to size with a roomy fit
MaterialLeather, suede, rubber, foam, etc.Leather, suede, rubber, foam, etc.
Variety21 styles available113 styles available
CostFrom $60 to $155From $20 to $150
AvailabilityEasily availableEasily available


In conclusion, we can see that the AF1 mid-tops and low-tops have different features for different purposes. You can easily choose the right one by reading the article above and styling them according to your preference. My AF1 ‘07s are super convenient for sports and regular wear and I absolutely love their detailed variations in different styles.

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