Nike Ebernon Low vs Air Force 1 (3 Minute Read)

Nike Ebernon Low vs Air Force 1 (3 Minute Read)

Which one is your favorite pair of the Air Force 1s? Mine is the Air Force 1 ’07 white. These white shoes are simple yet elegant in terms of design and color. Many people are in love with different pairs of AF1s, and most think it is worth it.

The Air Force 1s can be a little out of budget for people, but the features and quality are definitely worth the price. However, some of us would like a similar pair of shoes without the expensive price range.

This is where Nike Ebernon comes to the rescue. In this article, we will look at the similarities and differences between Nike Ebernon Low and Air Force 1 to determine if the Ebernon is even worth the hype.

Nike Ebernon Low and Air Force 1

The main difference between the Nike Ebernon Low and The Air Force 1 is the price and design. Nike Ebernon is way more affordable than the AF1s. They provide similar features and look like the Air Force Ones but at a very reasonable price.

Besides, the design of similar models is also a factor that differentiates them. The side of AF1 shoes has “–Air–” written over it, which is missing in the Ebernon. On the other hand, the Ebernon shoes have “nike” written on the back of the heels. It is missing in the AF1s.

Both shoes have similar outsoles with the Nike logo and the patterns and treads.

Comfort (Are Nike Ebernon Low more comfortable than Air Force 1?)

Air Force 1s are more comfortable than Nike Ebernon. The perforations on the toe boxes of the AF1s increase breathability. Besides, the foam midsoles add to the cushioning with rubber outsoles increasing the traction. The material combination of the Air Force Ones is rich and of good quality that comparatively maintains comfort.

Nike Ebernon Low shoes are not as breathable and tend to have a more extended break-in period. They are comfy as an individual pair of shoes for being lightweight and supportive. However, they lose the competition compared to the Air Force Ones.

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The size of your shoes is essential to walk in them comfortably. No matter what the brand or the model is if you get the wrong size, it is going to cause foot issues and discomfort.

Both Nike Ebernon and the Air Force 1s fit true to size. The Ebernon shoes have several reviews with users suggesting to go true to size. However, a few reviews of the Air Force 1s indicate that the fit can be a little roomy, but it is comfortable enough to go true to size.


Most of the Nike Ebernon colorways are made of a very similar combination of materials. The list of materials used to make Nike Ebernon includes genuine leather, synthetic tumbled leather, rubber cupsole, EVA, rubber outsole, water-repellent upper, etc.

Air Force 1 uses similar and durable materials like leather, suede, foam, and rubber. Different materials are used in different parts of the shoes to enhance the features individually.

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The Air Force 1s are more durable than Nike Ebernon. This is a huge turn-off for the Ebernon shoes since they tend to crease very quickly compared to the Air Force 1 shoes.

A pair of AF1s can last for approximately one year without creasing much. On the other hand, the Ebernon shoes crease much faster for having a differently built upper.

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The variety of the Air Force 1 shoes is endless! There are about 118 styles of the Air Force 1 low-tops and 35 types of high-tops and mid-tops.

Nike Ebernon Low has a limited variety of only 40+ styles. The colors are attractive, but the choice is much better for Air Force 1s.


As I mentioned above, the Ebernon shoes are said to be an affordable version of the Air Force 1s. Their prices start at $30 and go up to $100 or more.

The Air Force 1s are a little steeper in terms of prices because of the better quality and finish. They cost from $70 to $200 for adult shoes. Their kids’ collection is slightly below this range, starting from $30.


No matter how affordable a pair of shoes is, we tend to rely on the availability of the shoes on trusted websites.

Almost all the versions of Air Force 1s are available on the official website of Nike as well as other retailing websites. You can also buy them physically from any stores nearby. The Ebernon shoes are not available on the official website but are available on other websites. Be careful about the website’s authenticity, and you are good to go.

Table for Comparison

There you go. Now, you have all the detailed information about the different features of Nike Ebernon Low and AF1s. For a summarized version, use the table below with the side-by-side comparison between Nike Ebernon Low and Air Force 1 shoes:

FeaturesAir Force 1Nike Ebernon Low
ComfortMore comfortableComfortable enough
SizingTrue to size but could be roomyTrue to size
MaterialGenuine leather, synthetic tumbled leather,
rubber cupsole, EVA, rubber outsole,
water-repellent upper, etc.
Leather, suede, foam, and rubber
DurabilityMore durableCreases easily
Variety153 styles available40+ styles available
Cost$70 to $200$30 to $100+
AvailabilityEasily availableAvailable

Which One Should I Get – Nike Ebernon Low or Air Force 1?

The Nike Air Force 1s are worth the price, without a doubt. The quality, material, comfort, and durability are top-notch. If you are a sneakerhead like I am, getting a pair of the AF1s for your closet is definitely worth it.

However, if you are looking for something like the Air Force 1s but affordable, Nike Ebernon is your solution. They are good enough for half the price, so it is best to steal the deal!


We can see in this article that Nike Ebernon shoes can be very similar to the AF1s but still have quite a few differences that set them apart. Go through the features carefully to choose which one to pick. Quality or convenience?

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