Are Nike Air Max Good For Basketball? (Complete Guide)

Are Nike Air Max Good For Basketball?

Are you a basketball fan? Basketball is no easy sport. You may think putting on any shoes and going on a court to play is the only thing required to start being good at it, but no. If only it were that easy.

Shoes matter when it comes to playing basketball or any other activities. But imagine if you own or want to own a pair of Nike Air Max shoes and decide to use them for playing basketball. Ask yourself these (which I shall answer in this article) – are Nike Air Max Basketball Shoes? are Nike Air Max good for Basketball?

Are Nike Air Max Good for Basketball? (Quick Answer)

Nike Air Max are not good for basketball. I own a pair of Air Max shoes myself, and to be honest, they are not great for basketball. Not all the way, though.

You can still play in them if you have no other choice or want to see how they feel overall, but I would not suggest anyone play in any Air Max shoes and get actual basketball shoes instead. In this article, I have scrutinized popular styles of Nike Air Max to see if they are good basketball shoes which you will see latter part of the article.

Anyway, this should answer your question – are Nike Air Max good for basketball? They are not. But why?

3 Reasons Why Nike Air Max Are Not Good Basketball Shoes

For the following reasons, Air max are not good for playing Basketball.

1. Nike Air Max Shoes Lack Sturdy Air Pockets

There is always the possibility of bursting the translucent air pockets (urethane pouches) of Air Max shoes if you roughly use them for too long, and basketball is by no means an easy-going sport for shoes.

Nike Air Max
Nike Air Max

2. Nike Air Max Shoes Don’t Offer Enough Shock Absorption

Nike Air Max shoes, while being great at shock absorption and gripping surfaces, do not do it as good as actual basketball shoes that are made with specific materials and designs in mind to help players play.

3. Nike Air Max Shoes Can Cause Pain and Blisters Because of The Uncomfortable Material and Design

Users have experienced the pain of rolling their ankles while doing basic exercises with Air Max shoes like running and such, so you can imagine what could happen on a basketball court.

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Some Air Max models are good enough for basketball players while other models can be a bad choice to use. Here are as follows:-

Are Nike Air Max 270 Good for Basketball? (Quick Facts)

No, the Nike Air Max 270 is not suitable for basketball. You cannot just take a pair of lifestyle categorized shoes and turn them into basketball shoes by playing with them! There is a chance of you getting some use out of the 270s for athletic purposes, but I would not expect much if I were a 270 owner trying to make them work outside casual usage.

Are Nike Air Max Good For Basketball? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 270

The plethora of basketball shoes out there justifies not getting Air Max 270s unless you want to feel the challenge of playing basketball in them.

Are Nike Air Max Excee Good Basketball Shoes?

Nike Air Max Excee is a middle child in the Air Max line-up of shoes. It can be used as a pair of everyday lifestyle shoes, but at the same time, it holds up nicely against sports like running and basketball.

Excees are known to be sturdy and comfortable, with users on the internet complimenting how well-made the shoes are in terms of both breathability and durability. It is an excellent choice for the casuals who want to multitask with their shoes, be it for sports or general use. I would say that the Air max Excee is suitable for basketball.

Are Nike Air Max Good For Basketball? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max Excee

Are Nike Air Max 90 Good for Playing Basketball?

Like the Air Max 270, the Air Max 90 is also not good for basketball. Even though the grip and sturdiness are excellent, the comfort is undoubtedly unbearable. Users have said these shoes are not

Are Nike Air Max Good For Basketball? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 90

so good to wear as their feet hurt if they try to play basketball.

Then there is the matter of support and stability. The Air Max 90s were made to be used in a straight line, be it for walking or running. If you somehow end up stepping on someone’s foot on the court while playing basketball, your ankle will roll over, hurting you. Definitely not worth playing basketball with.

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Are Nike Air Max 97 Good for Playing Basketball?

Whether the Air Max 97 is good for basketball has a grey answer – the 97s perform way better than the 270s. Still, they are not actual basketball shoes and lack features like cushioning, which is not the most stable when comfort comes to question.

In short, the Nike Air Max 97 is good for casual basketball, but if you want to play professionally and competitively, do yourself a favour and get other basketball shoes.

Are Nike Air Max Good For Basketball? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 97

Are Nike Air Max 720 Good for Playing Basketball?

Nike Air Max 720 is not good for basketball. The Air Max 720 is meant for casual use, like going out to get your errands done or taking a walk. But basketball? Out of the question!

Are Nike Air Max Good For Basketball? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 720

This particular shoe is known for restricting movements for activities like workouts, dancing, or any activity where you require lots of flexibility, kneeling, and bending. Even though the bounce cushioning of the Air Max 720s is commendable, these in no way are made for vigorous activities.

Are Nike Air Max 95 Good Basketball Shoes?

Having used the Air Max 95s myself for different sports, I can vouch for these shoes being basketball certified.

They are no basketball shoe replacements, do not get me wrong. But they get the job done just fine, and you might not complain about them because I have none, considering my experience.

Even users online have said these shoes fit them nicely, and comfort cannot be questioned as they are comfortable enough for both casual and rough use, be it in or out of basketball courts.

Are Nike Air Max Good For Basketball? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 95

Are Nike Air Max good for basketball? So to answer your question, yes, the Air Max 95 is good for basketball.

Nike Basketball Shoes 2022 (Top 3)

Are Nike Air Max good for basketball? Now that I have answered these questions above, let us look at the top 3 Nike basketball shoes of 2022:-

LeBron 19

Are Nike Air Max Good For Basketball? (Complete Guide)
Nike LeBron 19

Imagine worrying about playing on the court with these shoes, because you don’t have to worry! The snug inner design makes sure your feet are in place and do not move around in the shoe when you are out there trying to get the ball in the hoop.

The cushioned pods help a lot by reducing weight without compromising comfort and providing a secure feel no matter what the situation is.


Nike KD14
Nike KD14

Built within the image of Kevin Durant in mind, these shoes scream basketball in every way possible.

These shoes are very lightweight, so you can freely move around on the court like a breeze. The design is different because there is a strap in the middle, which helps keep your feet in position, just like the LeBron 19.

Zoom Freak 3

Are Nike Air Max Good For Basketball? (Complete Guide)
Nike Zoom Freak 3

Zoom Freak 3 is all about multidirectional control and side-to-side stability when a user moves around a lot on the court. The extra cushioning in the forefoot is a deal maker as it makes you feel like you are propelling forward while running, which many users have claimed to love.

Overall, the Zoom Freak 3 are easy users’ feet, with a very roomy toe area that makes it an excellent choice for basketball players. Definitely worth a try!

Are Nike Air Max Basketball Shoes? (Summary)

Are Nike Air Max good for basketball? Now you have the answer! Nike Air Max shoes are not good for basketball. I will end this article by suggesting you that buy actual basketball shoes. Unless you already own a pair of Air Max shoes and want to make use of them as much as possible, you will not regret buying shoes meant for basketball players.

Just trust me on this one. Nike Air Max are not basketball shoes unless you go for specific basketball shoes outside the Air Max brand.

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