How to Tell if Shoes Are Non Slip? (Explained for Beginners)

How to Tell if Shoes Are Non Slip? (Explained for Beginners)

Jordan is a subsidiary of Nike. It is inspired by the legendary NBA star Michael Jordan and is famously known as a line of basketball shoes. Jordans are typically good for Basketball. 

Jordan basketball shoes are ideal for use on the court. But are they suitable for work? Are Jordans non-slip shoes? You should know these before considering Jordans for work. Stay tuned as I explain whether or not Jordans are good as non-slip shoes.

What are non slip shoes?

In simple words, shoes that protect you from slipping while walking or running on the surface are considered non slip shoes. But what makes a pair of shoes non-slip? Is it simply rubber sole that makes a pair of shoes non-slip? Well, not really, contrary to the popular belief.

Let’s see what make shoes as non slip in the next section.

How to Tell if Shoes Are Non-Slip?

Non-slip shoes have special features, so you don’t slip and hurt yourself. What makes a good non-slip shoe? How can you tell if a shoe is non-slip or not? There are certain aspects to look at. Let’s take a look.

Check the Product Description

If the shoe is slip-resistant, it will be mentioned in the product description. Running shoes and athletic shoes are often ideal for work settings. But they are not always slip-resistant. 

Ask the manufacturers if you don’t see anything on the product description. They will confirm whether or not the shoe is slip-resistant or not.

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How to Tell if Shoes Are Non Slip? (Explained for Beginners)

The Outsole

Slip-resistant shoes should have sturdy EVA outsoles. Don’t trust the manufacturer always. In my experience, I have found low-quality soles on so-called slip-resistant shoes and high-quality soles on shoes that don’t sell as non-slip. You should always check the sole of the shoe before buying.

In a regular shoe, fluids get underneath the sole, and it causes you to slip and trip. EVA soles on a non-slip shoe prevent liquids from being trapped under the shoe. Thus, it reduces the chance of slipping. 

Durability and flexibility are essential in a non-slip shoe. However, you still want a lightweight sole. You will not enjoy dragging heavy shoes on a wet surface. Durability will ensure your shoe has longevity; flexibility reduces strain and fatigue, and its lightweight nature helps you move comfortably.

sturdy EVA outsoles of nike jordan

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The Tread on The Shoes

Another feature to look for in non-slip shoes is the tread pattern. You’ll normally see small rectangles, circles, or hexagons on the bottom of the outsole. This is done to produce friction, which aids in gripping the floor while preventing water from pooling beneath. You will get better slip resistance in dense patterns.

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Padded Collar

If you are looking for a non-slip shoe, maybe you will wear it to work. I’m assuming you will be wearing the shoe for long hours. A padded collar will help you feel comfortable as you work all day.

How to Tell if Shoes Are Non Slip? (Explained for Beginners)

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Water and Stain-Resistant Upper

This is obvious. A good slip-resistant shoe should have water and stain-resistant upper. Your feet will get wet and dirty if the upper is not dirt and water-resistant. So, when buying a slip-resistant shoe, check the upper.

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Arch Support

Arch supports to protect your feet from injury. You may need to stand all day wearing a slip-resistant shoe. Proper non-slip shoes have good arch support for protecting your feet, preventing damage, and eliminating heel pain.

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A Good Toebox

The toebox in a slip-resistant shoe needs to be adequate. You should look for a snug fit in a non-slip shoe. At the same time, you don’t want it to be too tight or too loose. Try the shoe and make sure the toe box is comfortable to your liking.

How to Tell if Shoes Are Non Slip? (Explained for Beginners)

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Jordans are not work shoes by any means. However, if you are a fan of this iconic brand, you can try out the Air Jordan XXXVI and Zoom Freak 3. Otherwise, I don’t recommend Jordans for work.

First of all, Jordans are athletic shoes. They don’t have the durability you expect from non-slip work shoes. The hefty price is another reason to avoid Jordans. You can get much better non-slip shoes at the same price.

Most Jordan shoes have some sort of traction, but only a few of them are slip-resistant. You may want to consider these things before getting a Jordan as your go-to slip-resistant shoe.

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