Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating? (Complete Guide)

Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating?

Skating is fun, isn’t it? Skating shoes have become a craze to yearn for starting from the 1960s since skateboarding became a norm. Nowadays, you cannot find a single person who skateboards without owning at least one pair of skateboard shoes.

We shall be looking at one such pair today: the Nike Blazers. Are Nike Blazers good for skating? Are they good enough to justify a purchase at your local store? Questions like this are what we shall get answers to.

The first question’s answer is yes, most of the Nike Blazers are suitable for skating, and there is no doubt about it in the skateboard community. Let’s get to know further about it in detail.

What Are Nike Blazers for?

When the Nike Blazers were released in 1973, this shoe was meant for basketball players and used mainly on basketball courts. But as time went on, the Nike Blazers were slowly but surely adapted to the likings of simple shoe-wearing folks and other sports.

One of these sports was skateboarding. The Nike Blazers is a classic example of basketball shoes adapted for skateboarding. Nobody could have imagined this to happen back in the day, but it did.

Are Nike Blazers good for Skating? (Quick Answer)

Yes, Nike Blazers are good for skating. But do bear in mind that some models cannot be suitable for users while others can be fantastic. The right models for skating have excellent features to support the activities during this particular sport. So now you have the answer to your question – are Nike Blazers good for skating? Yes, most of them are.

Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating? (Complete Guide)

Why are they Nike Blazers good for skating? Let us look at the features Nike Blazers that make them skateboard worthy shoes:

6 Reasons Why Nike Blazers Are Good for Skating

1. Nike Blazers Are Comfortable

Thanks to the edges of the Nike Blazers not cutting into the user’s ankles, breaking in is a smooth transition after the shoes are unboxed for the first time.
Even better is that when you want to do any tricks on your skateboard while wearing Nike Blazers, the shoe’s shaft, being flexible and thin, will be advantageous.

2. Nike Blazers Offer Better Grip

If you did not know, the Nike Blazers also feature smooth and skinny leather inside. This does two things for comfort – it makes sure your feet can get in quickly without a problem, and if your feet sweat or get wet somehow, the leather will make sure your feet are correctly gripped and will not let you slip.

The vulcanized factor causes the sole’s stickiness, and the herringbone pattern can keep the shoe gripped to your feet without ever letting you doubt for a second.

Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating? (Complete Guide)

3. Nike Blazers Are Durable

Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating? (Complete Guide)

Even though the shoe has a thin vulcanized sole, it still packs a punch in the durability aspect of things. Due to fewer big panels (the shoe only has the toe, lace, and side panel), tearing apart the shoe is not easy as there is less surface for a tear to show up.
You also cannot rip the shoe apart as there is no stitching involved, which is good for the long haul of the shoes. All of these together make up a thin yet durable shoe, something that is usually unheard of in the skateboarding part of the shoe industry.

Even the toe box has measures of durability that make sure it lasts a long time. How? Well, it has three layers, of which, if the first layer ends up having holes, the second layer of white plastic that is elastic holds up for some time so that the shoe can be used a bit longer.

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4. Nike Blazers Shoes Do Not Compromise in Board Feel

After buying a pair of skateboard shoes, have you ever had the issue that does not give a good board feel? This is an issue that only skateboarders can understand, which some shoe companies tend to forget about. But fortunately, this is not the case with the Nike Blazers.

As discussed above, as the shoe is kept thin, the board feel does not get compromised whatsoever. The toe box is also to be appreciated as its shape and thinness at the bottom give you an extra edge to get the feel of your board.

5. The Cushioning Protection of Nike Blazers Has Been Done Right

Nike was wise to use the 5mm Zoom air unit in the heel of the shoes, which compresses shock when landing with the shoes. The foam insole aids in protecting the feet. At this point, this is more cushioning than you can expect from most skateboard shoes made by other companies.

With the sole being divided in crosses and keeping air between said divisions, you get three benefits that I doubt you can easily find elsewhere.

Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating? (Complete Guide)

The weight of the entire shoe is lesser because there is reduced material, and the cost is lower. Worth buying if you like what you just read.

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6. You Can Freely Move with Nike Blazers While Skating

In a nutshell, the Nike Blazers’ interior design is crafted so that you can move without being restricted in any way whatsoever. This is a massive deal to some skaters as performing tricks with a skateboard requires the highest level of mobility that the Nike Blazers’ ‘blaze’ through.

A factor that affects mobility is the size of the shoes you get for your feet. Users have claimed that Nike Blazers are true to size, and I have had no issue with sizing in my case when using the shoes, so I am sure the same can be said for you, the reader.

So that must answer way more than your question – are Nike Blazers good for skating? Now you know why they are good for skating as well!

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Are Nike SB Blazers good for skating?

Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating? (Complete Guide)
Nike SB Blazers

The Nike SB Blazers is a good choice for beginners who want to do simple tricks like ollies for starters. The original Blazers made for basketball players were criticized for not having a good enough sole to support skaters even though other aspects of the shoe like comfort and support were praised despite being made for basketball players.

Later on, when Nike released the SB Blazers, which were meant for skating, the sole improved as it was thicker than before and better in softly cushioning, making the shoe more supportive and comfortable for those tricks you have to land hard.

Are Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Good for Skating?

Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating? (Complete Guide)
Nike Blazer Mid ‘77

Nike Blazer Mid ’77 is not good for skating, plain and simple. The toe box of the shoe has been criticized for not having room to wiggle, and the shoes themselves are said to be snug, so it is tough for users to put their feet in and get their feet out of the shoes.

Although if you are in the physical or online marketspace looking for a pair of shoes that will fulfill your fashionable shoe desire, then yes, the Nike Blazer Mid ’77 is perfect. These have received compliments for being stylish and elegant as commonly worn sneakers. Are Nike Blazers good for skating? Well, now you know that all of them are not.

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Are Low Blazers Good Skate Shoes?

Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating? (Complete Guide)
Nike Blazer Low ’77 Jumbo Men’s Shoes

Low Blazers have the classic suede panels at the tip of the shoe toe and to the left side, making them great for skateboarding. Not to mention other than skateboarding, these suede panels have no proper function in modern-day usage.

These shoes also consist of the swoosh and herringbone pattern soles that benefit the user from traction. The sidewall rubber foxing tape has rubber reinforcement, helping with durability.

The breathability and comfort of the shoes cannot be questioned either, as users on the internet have vouched for it, making the Low Blazers a good pair of skate shoes.

Are Nike SB Shane Good Skate Shoes?

Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating? (Complete Guide)
Nike SB Shane Premium Skate Shoes

Do not be fooled by the design of the Nike SB Shane shoes, for these are a must for any skateboard fanatic who wishes to indulge in skateboarding with shoes that offer the most benefits. I also have to mention that I own a pair of these, and I have to say these shoes feel great on my feet.

Shock absorbency is one of the shoe’s most significant and key features. It has to boast lightweight interior construction, which has received the best admiration in the skateboarding community.

Breaking in the Nike SB Shane is no sweat because users worldwide, including me, have experienced no issue wearing these comfortably. Some have claimed that it takes time to break in for those who do not find it comfortable right out of the box, but doing it is relatively quicker than most other skateboarding shoes.

So are the Nike SB Shane good for skating? Yes, they are from my experience.

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Are Nike Blazers Basketball or Skate Shoes?

If you grew up when basketball was at its prime, the Nike Blazers would seem like basketball shoes to you, not to mention these shoes were made and released with only basketball kept in mind.

But to someone born in the modern-day, they might as well use these shoes for only skateboarding or both skateboarding and basketball. It all comes down to perspective and how a user has grown up to use these shoes.

Even on Nike’s website, you can observe that the Blazer line of shoes has been labeled as skateboarding shoes instead of basketball shoes. Indeed a turn of the shoe category that nobody ever expected.

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Are Nike Blazers Good for Skating (Summary)

Indeed one can benefit from owning a pair of Nike Blazers, considering these shoes handle well in both the basketball sport and general use cases like going out for a walk or running. But what about skaters? Can they get their money’s worth out of the Nike Blazers without worrying about what they are in for?

So, there you go. Are Nike Blazers good for skating? Undoubtedly, most of them are suitable for skating, and you are least likely to be disappointed by such a highly praised pair of shoes. Do not forget to get the right size for the right fit! It is a critical factor to remember as it counts towards how comfortable the shoes can be without hurting your feet.

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