Are Jordan 1s Good for Skating? (Complete Guide)

Are Jordan 1s Good for Skating? (Complete Guide)

Do you need special shoes for skating? Yes, you do. You cannot skate just any shoe. In order to enjoy your skating sessions, you need skate shoes.

Air Jordan 1 is a legendary shoe with an iconic design. It is one of the most popular shoes in the Jordan lineup. Many skaters seem to love them. But the real question is- Are Jordan 1s really good for skating? Should you skate in it?

The short answer is yes. The AJ1s are not the best skate shoes in the world. But it is quite good. In this article, I will explain why you can consider Jordan 1 as a skate shoe. Stay tuned to find out.

Are Jordan 1s Good for Skating?

Air Jordan 1 is not intended as skate shoes. Many skaters were skeptical about skating AJ1s. However, many of them were surprised by the results.

You can skate in style with the Air Jordan 1. The Air Jordan 1 sports a retro look while being durable and comfortable for skating. So what are the features that make the Jordan 1 good for skating? Let’s find out.

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What Are the Features that Make Jordan 1 Good for Skating?

You will find the following features on an Air Jordan 1 that make it a decent skate shoe.

Ankle Protection

The Jordan 1 comes in low tops, mid-tops, and high tops. Each of the variants has different degrees of ankle protection. Air Jordan 1s have extra padding and decent protection.

Air Jordan 1 Low Top is good for you if you prefer the most freedom. The low top version is the most lightweight in the Air Jordan 1 lineup. However, it exposes the ankles and has much less protection. So, you may end up having heel bruises.

The Mid Top variant sits in the middle. It does not have the high ankle support as the high-top version. The Air Jordan 1 Mid Top offers a bit more ankle protection and lesser freedom of movement.

The High Top Air Jordan 1 has the highest level of ankle protection and the most durability in the AJ1 lineup.

Are Jordan 1s Good for Skating? (Complete Guide)

It ensures you do not roll your ankle. You may still sprain your ankle, but the shoe absorbs the impacts partially.

The biggest problem with the high top is the poor breathability. If you spend a lot of time skating, you will end up having sweaty and soggy feet.

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When it comes to protection, you should look for cupsoles in a skate shoe. However, some people feel cupsoles have less of a board feel. It doesn’t mean that you will feel the same.

In my opinion, cupsoles in the Air Jordan 1 are better than vulcanized soles. Unlike vulcanized soles, cupsoles are not taped to the shoe. Thus, the Air Jordan 1 is durable, comfortable, and offers great protection. The only downside of this is the shoe is a tad heavier than some other shoes.

Are Jordan 1s Good for Skating? (Complete Guide)


The Jordan 1 utilizes Nike’s Air technology for utmost comfort. The Air sole makes the shoe lightweight and gives off more cushioning. The cushioning in the Jordan 1 prevents blisters and foot injuries.


The Jordan 1 has a supportive and high-quality comfortable need. The insole is removable. If you need special insoles or do not like the ones that come with the shoe, you can replace them.


Air Jordan 1 is built with a rubber outsole. Originally as a basketball shoe, Air Jordan 1’s outsole offers good traction on different surfaces. It works well for skateboarders as well. You will not slip while skating.

Are Jordan 1s Good for Skating? (Complete Guide)


The midsole of the Air Jordan 1 uses Air technology. It is made of high quality compressed Air Bag for excellent comfort. The midsole makes the shoe more lightweight and comfortable to wear.

I hope that you are enjoying our guide, Are Jordan 1s Good for Skating? Let’s move to the next point.

Heel Support

Skate shoes need to have heel protection. As I previously mentioned, the Air Jordan 1’s Low Top, Mid Top, and High Top shoes have great heel support. Especially after wearing the Jordan 1 High Top, you will feel a warmth of padding around the heel region. This reduces the chances of having heel bruises and damage.

Toe Cap

The Air Jordan 1 has rubbery toe caps around the nose of the shoe to prevent holes. Some skaters need it for doing kickflips. If you don’t do that, this doesn’t make much of a difference.


Skating shoes must have multiple stitches on the upper. Single stitches are not durable at all. The shoes with single stitches will get cracked or torn apart easily. Thankfully, the Jordan 1 has very sturdy and multiple stitches on the upper. The longevity of the shoe is good because of it.

Parts of Nike Air Jordan 1

Suede Material

I have asked many skateboarders. All of them agree suedes are the perfect material for skate shoes. Suedes are much more durable for skating than mesh fabric shoes. You must not wear running shoes or canvas shoes for skating. 

Canvases are rigid and will get destroyed easily. On the other hand, running shoes will put more strain on your foot than necessary. You don’t want that.

Lace Protector

The Jordan 1 has a sturdy design and a good lacing system for adjustable fitting. However, it should have had metallic lace protectors, as seen on Vans shoes.

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Are Jordan 1s Good for Skating? (Summary)

I am sure that you will be surprised how good Jordan is at skating once you start wearing them. It is comfortable and made of suede material which is perfect for skating. The most important considerations in a skating shoe are its durability and heel and ankle protection. Jordan 1 excels in these areas.

The Low tops expose ankles but allow great freedom of movement. Mid tops have slightly more protection and are not as restricting as the High top version. High tops have the highest level of ankle protection and durability. However, it restricts your movement and takes away the board feeling a bit. It comes down to your personal preference and which one you like.

Overall, the Air Jordan 1 is a decent shoe for skating. You can definitely consider it for skating.

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