Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating? (3 Minute Read)

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating?

Suppose you are skating on a bright summer day with the shoes you always wore for skating. But after a while, maybe you realize that they are out of date or just worn out so much that you might have to get a new pair of skating shoes. What are you going to do?

But then you would have to save up and decide which shoe to buy. That is a lot of work. But, hold up! What if you did not have to go through all that hassle?

What if the Air Force 1 lying in your closet was a worthy replacement? That is what we shall find out in this article. Are Nike Air Force 1 really good for skating? Are Air Force 1 skate shoes? Let’s find out!

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good for Skating? (Quick Facts)

Yes, Nike Air Force 1 shoes are good for skating. I have tried skating in Air Force 1 shoes for a while ever since I read other users’ reviews of how these shoes are suitable for skating wherever and whenever.

Although I did notice that Air Force 1s will require some breaking in to start feeling good while skating, other users have seen the same of the shoes.

After the breaking in has been done, you can expect Nike Air Force 1 shoes to be sturdy enough to last until they look worn out. Mine has not been worn out yet, but I rarely skate. However, some creasing can appear after you skate for the first few times.

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating? (3 Minute Read)

This brings me to warn you – do not try skating in Air Force 1s if you care about creases. Do not get me wrong, the shoes are usable for skating, but not everyone can be like me to not care so much about their shoes getting creased.

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Are Air Force 1 Skate Shoes?

Air Force 1 shoes are not exactly skate shoes, but they can be used as skate shoes. Air Force 1 shoes are for basketball players and have been made with features that said players might require when playing on the court.

The only reason most users would want to use Air Force 1s as skateboard shoes is if they do not want to spend more money and, in general, save their time as well. Even though this is doable, if you have the option, then try going for actual skateboard shoes.

But if don’t have the option to get new actual skateboard shoes, then the Air Force 1 will do a decent job in getting those skating tricks done.

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Now that you know Nike Air Force 1 are good for skating, let’s explore the top 3 Nike Skateboarding shoes.

Top 3 Nike skateboarding shoes

Nike SB Shane

First up is the Nike SB Shane. This shoe is made for the skater who loves doing it the rough and tough way without any form of mercy for their shoes, the ones who love to be carefree when skating without worrying how their shoes will fare.

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating? (3 Minute Read)
Nike SB Shane

Of course, all that is thanks to the extended rubber toe bumper and the higher foxing tape, which helps the shoes keep on skating without being scuffed and stay clean for the first several days.

For the users who are worried about the weight of Nike SB Shane shoes, they do not weigh as heavier as Air Force 1s, which is due to the decreased amount of rubber around the outsole. You can surely do those kickflips with ease without thinking about messing up for the shoe!

Nike SB Zoom Bruin

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating? (3 Minute Read)
Nike SB Zoom Bruin

In second place is the pair of Nike SB Zoom Bruin shoes. The durability of this thing? Whew! The nose of the shoes will not burst easily along with its double-stitched toes and toe blisters? Forget about those. You can do ollies and kickflips till your heart desires.

The looks of the SB Zoom Bruin are no joke either. While these are skating shoes, the design is casual enough to wear them outside your skating routine.

In terms of the sole of the shoe, it is light enough to not interfere with your tricks and overall skateboard usage. The shoe’s grip is also excellent, with a good board feel accompanying it and giving you the best possible experience a skateboard shoe can offer.

Note that the midsole can be hard to clean, and the fit can be narrow for some people.

Besides Air Force 1, these Nike shoes are the best for Skating. Now, we will look into the third one.

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Nike SB Charge Slip

Finally, we come to the Nike SB Charge Slip. These shoes cover two things that may entice any skateboarder’s choice – cost and lace-free. Yes, you read that right! The shoes are cheap to buy and offer comfort right out of the box, requiring little to no breaking in when you wear them for the first time.

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating? (3 Minute Read)
Nike SB Charge Slip

Soft padding is also a great pro of these shoes, which helps with the comfort it can offer its users without needing a complex or intricate cushioning system, as seen in most expensive shoes from Nike or other brands.

Adaptability is another one of its great features, as you can use these shoes without a hitch for other activities such as running or exercising with weights. Who would not love a skateboarding shoe that excels at different activities, right?

The cons are not much but could be enough for some people to be deal-breakers. For starters, the shoes do not offer support as well as their more costly counterparts. The cost cutting started here when they decided to ax the support to cheapen the price.

Being frail also puts the Nike SB Charge Slip in a tough spot for potential buyers and users, which means you will have to take extra care of the shoes and cannot use them that roughly like the previous Nike skateboarding shoes mentioned above.

But considering the price of the shoes, I doubt users will be that bothered with maintaining the shoe compared to using the expensive collection of skateboard shoes that Nike offers.

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Are Nike Air Force 1 good for skating? (Summary)

Air Force 1 are good for skating if you don’t care about them creasing. They will do the job fine as long as your standards for a skating shoe are not that high. Your skating will be smooth in Nike Air Force 1 shoes, but you may get disappointed with the board feel while wearing Air Force 1s as I did not feel my board that much when skating wearing them.

Although if you do not require much from your shoes while skating and want to look sleek and stylish at the same time, the Air Force 1s will be just enough for you to have fun. I can say from personal experience that I have no other complaints about using Air Force 1s to skate except for the board feel.

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