Do On Cloud Shoes Run Small or True to Size? (Quick Guide)

Do On Cloud Shoes Run Small or True to Size? (Quick Guide)

On Cloud has some of the best running shoes. The shoes are a combination of superior comfort and explosive performance. The shoes are really popular as daily running trainers. Picking the right-sized shoe is crucial if you want to get the desired performance and comfort. So, how do On Cloud shoes fit?

On Cloud, shoes typically fit true to size. In this article, I will talk about how the On Clouds fit, whether they run or big, should you size up and details about the sizing.

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Do On Cloud Shoes Run Small?

Sizing is important in a running shoe. You need to pick the right-sized shoe for the best performance. A wrong-sized shoe is uncomfortable and increases the chances of getting injured. That’s why you need to be careful about sizing to prevent injury and get the desired level of performance.

On Cloud shoes are a bit narrow, but they fit true to size. The shoes don’t run big or small. If you pick your original size shoe, you can be sure that it will fit. So, stay true to size when you are choosing an On Cloud pair.

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Do On Cloud Shoes Run True to Size?

Yes. On Cloud’s running shoes run true to size. You shouldn’t size up because the fit is ideal for running. On Cloud running shoes also get some stretch after some running. So, sizing up is not a good choice when it comes to On Cloud’s runners. But if you have wide feet, the rule is the same- go half a size up.

How Do On Clouds Fit?

As you already know, On Cloud shoes fit true to size. But the shoes have a narrow fit.

On Cloud shoes have two types of laces. One is the traditional laces, and the other one is elastic laces. Different people have different preferences regarding shoe laces. Some are comfortable with the traditional laces, while others prefer the elastic ones.

I prefer the elastic laces because they are not as messy as the traditional ones. The traditional laces are thin and long as well. Another reason for preferring elastic laces is the relaxed fit. If you have wide feet, the conventional laces may feel too tight.

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Do On Cloud Shoes Stretch Out?

Yes, On Cloud shoes stretch out a little bit. The stretch is due to the mesh fabric used in the On Cloud’s uppers. The shoe generally fits true to size. After a couple of wears, the shoe gets a little bit of stretch. But don’t worry. The stretch will not affect your shoe sizing.

On Cloud shoes are really comfortable and supportive. The shoes have plastic-coated toe caps to protect the shoe’s shape and offer you good protection.

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Do On Cloud Shoes Run Small or True to Size? (Quick Guide)

On Cloud Sizing Compared to Nike

On Cloud and Nike’s running shoes come in the exact sizes. But Nike has a wide variety of shoes. The fit of these Nike shoes varies greatly. You may need to size down in some shoes and size up in some shoes. 

However, On Clouds have the same fit across all running shoes. Additionally, all On Cloud shoes are narrow fitting. Nike’s running shoes have different types of fitting. For example, Nike Quest 4 is a relaxed-fitting shoe. On the other hand, Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16 is a really snug-fitting shoe.


On Cloud shoes are super comfortable to wear. They are ideal for basic day-to-day training. Sizing is crucial in a running shoe if you want the best performance and comfort. On Clouds have excellent support and fits true to size.

Staying true to size is recommended for all On Cloud wearers. However, On Clouds have a narrow fit. If you have wide feet, you may feel uncomfortable. My recommendation is to go half a size up. On Clouds get a tiny stretch over time. But your fit will not be affected because of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I size up for On Cloud shoes?

No. You should not size up for On Cloud shoes. On Clouds are excellent trainers for athletes. The shoes are engineered with the right fit, shape, and materials. Sizing up will affect your performance. Your feet will get strained quicker.

You can size up for On Cloud shoes only if you have wide feet. The shoes are quite tight. If you stay true to size, your feet may hurt. If you don’t have wide feet, do not size up.

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Why are On Cloud shoes so popular?

There are lots of reasons why On Cloud shoes are so popular. First of all, the On Clouds look great. Breathability, comfort, and support are the other reasons for liking the shoes.

The upper is built of mesh material which ensures the flow of air and keeps the feet dry. Despite being a snug-fitting shoe, wearers feel quite comfortable because of the material. On Clouds are not just comfortable; they are durable and supportive as well.

On Cloud shoes have a low heel drop compared to some other popular running shoes. But, you will be surprised by the support it gives. The shoes have just the right height. On Clouds are excellent as running trainers for everyday use.

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