Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

Which shoes are your favorite running shoes? Running shoes are one of the most common types you will find when scouting different shoe stores out there, be it physical ones or online ones.

This time, I will provide you with a detailed analysis of whether On Running, a shoe company that mainly offers lightweight running shoes, is good enough to meet a runner’s desire.

In a nutshell, are On Cloud shoes good for running? Let me help you find out by answering below.

Are On Cloud Running Shoes?

Yes, On Cloud shoes are running shoes but different in some areas compared to other shoes made by On Running.

Being comfortable and high quality, the On Cloud shoes are mainly made with running performance kept in mind. Even the name is self-explanatory – the shoes are meant to give the user the feeling of running on clouds using their unique CloudTec technology.

According to their website, this technology is a form of multi-directional cushioning. This reacts when you land to soften the landing as much as possible without causing issues when taking off.

So, are On Cloud running shoes? Yes, they are!

Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Running?

Yes, On Cloud shoes are good for running. There are multiple reasons why On Cloud shoes are the way to go for users who want a good running experience.

Here are a few reasons which could entice a user like you to buy a pair without giving it much thought:

1. On Cloud shoes have breathable upper mesh

You read that right! The upper is breathable and does stretch a little. It also offers protection for your toe with its plastic-coated toe cap. It makes sure no water enters your shoe via the front and protects your feet from the cold winds of the outside.

2. Durability of On Cloud shoes is incredible

Both the upper and outsole of the shoes are durable without question. The outsole has a closed-off gulley at both the front and back of the shoe.

What does this mean? It simply means that the two regions will be able to withstand downward force the most no matter what activity you do.

Furthermore, it means the outsole provides better cushioning and increases durability.

In the case of the upper, it is protected via no-sew foil. If you don’t know what this does, it makes sure the fabrics are held together without any chances of the upper having distressing edges.

Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

3. On Cloud shoes have speed laces that save time!

Speed lacing implies that you can get in your shoes and get out of them fast without having to take any action(s) yourself. This is possible via the elasticity which comes with the laces. This is an advantage for the users who like to get in and out of shoes without shocks.

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4. Customizable insole experience of On Cloud shoes

Orthotic insoles are a must for users who have problems with their feet and require extra arch support. In this regard, the On Cloud shoes are suggestable as users can remove the insoles and put whatever they want to however it suits them.

Options are something users like when getting shoes. Hence, On Cloud shoes are good if you have to change insoles now and then.

Then some users like taking their insoles out and wearing their shoes. This is solely a preferential thing, however. But better to be given a choice than none at all, right?

5. Roomy toe box that increases the comfort of On Cloud shoes

Due to the toe box having medium width, you can lead your days without worrying about your feet being hurt when wearing it for unplanned runs and such.

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6. On Cloud shoes weigh very light

On Cloud shoes are some of the most super lightweight shoes, with their latest model, the On Cloud 5, weighing precisely 8.82oz/250g. This, of course, is ever so slightly heavier than the shoe’s predecessor, which weighs 8.1oz/230g but will not make any difference whatsoever.

Suppose you are wondering why it is slightly heavier than before. In that case, they had to compromise a little weight for better cushioning, which was deemed the right move by most users out there, according to their reviews.

Are On Cloud shoes good for running? You have read a bunch of reasons above that are in favor of the On Clouds.

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Which On Cloud Shoes Are Best for Running?

Now it is time to look at the top three On Cloud shoes that are best for running:

On Cloudswift 2.0

Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

Comfortability is not even a question when referring to On Cloudswift 2.0 shoes. I own a pair, and I cannot express how much my feet have felt better ever since I started wearing them.

I used to have plantar fasciitis, and all thanks to these shoes, now I can walk or run without worrying about my feet.

Users have even commented on how the stability and cushioning of the On Cloudswift 2.0 are tremendously well done and would not switch to any other company at all. That is how good these shoes are!

On Cloudboom

On CloudBoom

Marathon shoes do not usually get much recognition unless they are done right. On Cloudboom is a true-to-size comfortable marathon racing shoe that is incredible.

Cushioning on the midsole and carbon fiber-infused propulsion plate between two Helion foam outsoles make this shoe stand out for the users who prioritize comfort when running.

On Cloudrunner

Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

Consider this – if you have owned On Cloud shoes in the past, then the On Cloudrunner will feel right at home with its medium arch support and great comfortability. The extra-wide toe box will keep your feet fresh as it is airy enough to avoid the odor as much as possible.

When I used On Cloudrunner shoes, they felt less comfortable than the On Cloudswift shoes. For an average person who never tried Cloudswift, the Cloudrunner will be just enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have finished discussing the main questions – Are On Cloud running shoes? Are On Cloud shoes good for running? We look at some other questions that users may be wondering about. Let us find out on:

Are On Clouds good for workout shoes?

On Cloud shoes offer excellent support and stability, making them perfect for workout shoes. They are super versatile because of being so much comfortable and also durable to support you through all those heavy workout moments. All the credit goes to their CloudTec midsole.

What are the benefits of On Cloud shoes?

On Cloud shoes offer multiple benefits, such as comfort via CloudTec, which protects your feet from hard surfaces. The On Cloud shoes also absorb shock entirely, which is excellent!

Do On Clouds have good arch support?

On Cloud shoes have moderate arch support despite being shoes that also target a barefoot feel.

As the insole is removable, you can try putting in orthotic soles.

Can you wear On Clouds without socks?

Yes, you can wear On Clouds without socks.

You can get a good feel of the shoe, but on the other hand, the shoes may smell out of odor.

Are On Cloud shoes made in China?

No, On Cloud shoes are not made in China. On Cloud shoes are made in Vietnam, where most other running shoe companies like On make their shoes.


Are On Cloud shoes great for running? Now you know the answer. Since you have reached the end of this article, do you think On Cloud shoes are good enough for you to be your next running shoes?

In my opinion, I do believe On Cloud shoes are and that they will serve you nicely in the long run without a hassle. After using a pair for three months, I have felt great when running and did not find anything too big to nit-pick or complain about.

The On Cloud shoes will be getting recommended by me if anyone ever asks what running shoes to go for.

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