Are Skechers Good Walking Shoes? (Complete Guide)

Are Skechers Good Walking Shoes? (Complete Guide)

Skechers had its humble start as a casual footwear brand for men. So, how come, within 30 years, this brand became a household name with a wide range of shoes hailed by celebrities? Skechers gained popularity with their styles, providing comfort for men, women, and kids at an affordable price.

The design of Skechers delivers them with durability suitable for various activities in the long run, such as walking, casual usage, sportswear, and movement on harsh terrain. So, the Skechers can be considered good walking shoes for their robust silhouette, support, and coziness.

Are Skechers Good Walking Shoes?

Skechers crafted its footwear with unique, trademarked features: Air-Cooled Memory Foam cushioned insole, visible Skech-Air air-cushioned midsole, and a durable Goodyear Performance Outsole. Thanks to these distinct features, Skechers provide the wearer with ventilation, shock absorption during movement, prolonged wear, and additional grip. Due to these features, Skechers boots can be considered good walking shoes.

Why are Skechers shoes good for walking?

Skechers’ popularity skyrocketed as walking shoes with well-crafted design features. The intrinsic details of these footwear brands provide maximum support for the feet and legs during athletic activities such as walking. Here are some aspects that made Skechers suitable for walking:


How many people with broad feet faced finding a cozy pair of shoes that can house their feet properly?

The answer might be all people with broad feet. Skechers two shoe sizes of shoes (medium and wide) so that anyone can find the shoes true to their sizes- no matter how broad their feet are. Skechers focuses more on comfort and less on the lucrative exterior.

Skechers crafted their footwear with breathable material. The materials soak the sweat and ensure breathability- preventing lousy odor of the feet.

Unlike many walking shoes, Skechers has padding inside and outside: absorbing shock and unstable movement during walks in harsh terrain. You can easily wash your Skechers after walking through puddles and mud, as these shoes are machine washable.

Are Skechers Good Walking Shoes? (Complete Guide)

Versatile Options

Skechers has a versatile collection of walking or athletic shoes- in 126 styles with different types. Skechers created footwear for athletes and leisure activities like beginner-level walking. 

Skechers offers a wide variety of shoes based on activities: running, walking, trail and hiking, etc. even though all of them are forms of walking, the specific design facilitates the walker to achieve the highest level of comfort and protection.

The wide, extra-wide, and narrow options provide shoes for all foot types. No matter your foot type or ailment, you can always find a pair of balanced walking shoes from Skechers.

Arch Support

The arch support of footwear secures the feet from excessive pressure and strain during prolonged wear.

Skechers have crafted a particular line to provide arch support for different kinds of feet. The arch support of Skechers guarantees maximum comfort and protection for people with chronic foot pain and sensitivity.

Are Skechers Good Walking Shoes? (Complete Guide)

Skechers created their footwear with lightweight memory foam that can absorb the shock and spread it on the ground with each step. The silhouette of the shoes is flexible enough to ensure every part of the feet moves during prolonged wear. A stiff design restricting free movement can cause injury to the wearer.


The insole of shoes is crucial for walkers. Skechers crafted all walking footwear styles with impeccable insoles. The removable insole helps mold the wearer’s foot to reduce shock and increase weight dispersion.

Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole protects feet with damaged nerve endings, injuries, and conditions like plantar fasciitis.


Skechers created the midsole with Skech-Air visible air-cushioned midsole and the addition of Massage Fit wave midsole- designed to gently massage the wearer’s feet with every step.

These trademarked innovations protect the middle part of the feet from injuries. The air-cushioning is thick enough to absorb shock, whereas the message fit relieves pain for sensitive wearers.


The outsole of walking shoes protects the feet and ankle from injuries, fractures, and sudden falls. Goodyear® Performance Outsole of Skechers footwear delivers enhanced traction, stability, and durability.

You can easily take walks with natural terrain covering puddles, mud, and unpaved roads. The Skechers’s outsoles can withstand all the damage of the harsh terrain. Skechers’s flexible rubber traction outsole protects the feet from slips and falls during long walks.

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Are Skechers Good Walking Shoes? (Complete Guide)

Are Sketchers Good for Your Feet?

Skechers footwear has specific styles according to users’ recommendations. An individual can find the perfect shoes out of the three provided shapes (narrow, medium, and broad), which is unique compared to other footwear brands.

The design aspects also made the Skechers appropriate for casual wear and physical activities. Hence, Skechers shoes are suitable for your feet.

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Are Skechers Good for Standing All Day?

The memory foam insoles with message fit and generous space inside made Skechers perfect for standing all day. The padded collar protects the feet all day long, and the fabric with mesh design ensures proper ventilation.

Popular Skechers Shoe Styles for Walking

Skechers created various shoes according to buyers’ preferences and feet type. A few popular styles are Skechers GO WALK Massage Fit, Skechers GO WALK Workout Walker,

Glide-Step Flex – Blados, Skechers Arch Fit Glide-Step, Relaxed Fit: Arch Fit Road Walker – Recon, Relaxed Fit: Arch Fit Road Walker – Recon, Skechers Arch Fit – Banlin, Slip-ins: GO WALK 6 – Easy On, and so on. Skechers designed these styles based on arch support required, fitting, and comfort for the long walks.

👉🏿 Are Skechers Memory Foam Shoes Good for Walking?

Memory foam is a material with cushioning in a breathable form with the support layer. The exclusive memory foam of Skechers footwear provides maximum comfort during walks as it molds itself along with the wearer’s movements. So, Skechers memory foam shoes are a suitable choice for walking.

👉🏿 Are Skechers Bobs Suitable for Walking?

Skechers Bobs line is dominantly female footwear that comes in slip-on styles, laces, and sandals. Even though these shoes feature a shock-absorbing lightweight midsole, memory foam on boots, and flexible rubber traction outsole, they are suitable for casual wear.

👉🏿 Are Skechers Flex Appeal 3.0 Good for Walking?

Skechers flex appeal 3.0 has a lace-up athletic sporty training sneaker design with memory foam, padding, and outsole with added traction. Along with these features, a soft flat mesh knit upper with a synthetic trim made them a suitable option for walking.

👉🏿 Are Skechers Arch Fit Good Walking Shoes?

Skechers patented Skechers Arch Fit with a contoured footbed and podiatrist-certified arch support. The podiatrist-designed shape was developed with 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans. It ensures contoured footbed molding of the wearer’s foot to reduce shock and increase weight dispersion. These doctor-tested design aspects made Skechers Arch Fit perfect as walking shoes.

👉🏿 Are Skechers Go Walk Good for Walking?

Skechers go walk styles comes as sandals, slip-on, and lace-up boots. The sandal is suitable for walking a short distance. However, the other two classes of Skechers go walk are perfect for walking for a prolonged period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can people with flat feet use Skechers as walking shoes?

The Skechers arch fit works appropriately for people with flat feet. The design supports the flat, broad feet without putting additional pressure. The memory foam houses the feet so that the feet feel protected during long walks. So, Skechers shoes are suitable walking shoes for people with flat feet.

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2. How do Skechers protect the feet during walks?

Skechers are breathable, durable shoes with stability and comfort. The cushioning and traction of the boots ensure that a walker is saved from injuries for extended wear. Hence, Skechers can protect the feet during walks of their unique design aspects.

3. Can I take long walks with Skechers?

Walking shoes must have distinct features that keep the feet warm or cold according to the weather. The insulation secures the feet during cold weather. The padding absorbs unwanted damages due to feet twisting and falls, whereas the outsole provides grip in harsh terrain. Due to these features, you can take long walks with Skechers footwear.  

4. What is the best Skechers style for walking?

Skechers GO WALK series has numerous styles to pick from message fit, ripple, workout walker, etc. These styles are best among Skechers for walking. This particular Skechers collection even works for people with ailments such as neuropathy, flat feet, and sensitive feet.

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