Are Skechers Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)

Are Skechers Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)

Have you ever worried about slipping on wet floors when you are in a rush? There are a lot of people who complain about not finding the perfect shoes for work that can allow them to move around freely without having to worry about slipping. Now the main question is, which shoes to buy?

Skechers shoes are one of the most popular shoes out their. People absolutely love them for being so durable. But, hold up. Are Skechers non-slip?

In this article, we will answer your questions about Skechers. Are Skechers slip resistant? What makes Skechers non-slip? Let’s find out!

✒️ Are Skechers Non-Slip?

In general, Skechers are non-slip shoes but with a catch – only their work shoes and boots benefit from being non-slip. Other shoes made by Skechers for public use do not usually come with non-slip factors to make them slip-resistant.

On their official website, you can find 118 work shoes made by Skechers that are slip-resistant for men. There are a total of 93 shoes for women, which is somewhat lesser considering the number of shoes they offer for men.

However, some Skechers shoes are said to have enough traction despite not being slip-resistant certified. More of which I shall discuss later down the line.

✒️ What Makes Skechers Non-Slip?

Skechers’ slip-resistant shoes have unique outsoles designed mainly to keep traction as much as possible. The outsoles are made out of either rubber or synthetic, which helps you with walking on slippery surfaces.

To ensure that Skechers shoes have slip-resistant outsoles, they put the outsoles under vigorous tests to meet a confident expectation under wet and oily conditions.

Otherwise, the outsoles do not get approved for public use until they meet the expectations required to pass the test. How reliable is that?

Are Skechers Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)
Skechers Hyper Outsole

✒️ Are Skechers Flex Slip-Resistant?

Yes, Skechers Flex shoes are slip-resistant. Their Flex shoes use the same rubber/synthetic outsole to provide as much traction as possible and prevent users from slipping.

It is to note that some Skechers Flex shoes do not officially advertise being slip-resistant but consist of rubber outsoles that are said to provide traction.

The Flex shoes discussed above, in the beginning, are the ones that have official slip-resistant certification from the company itself.

Are Skechers Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)
Skechers Flex Appeal 3.0

✒️ Are Skechers Boots Slip-Resistant?

Yes, Skechers boots are slip-resistant. According to Skechers’ official website, they offer 52 work boots that are claimed to be slip-resistant so that boot lovers can shop to their heart’s content!

Skechers boots’ outsoles are designed uniquely like their regular slip-resistant shoes, ensuring you have the least likely chance of slipping under terrible surface conditions.

Of course, I can say from my use case that after owning one of their pair of boots for over a year, they will keep you safe without a doubt in mind.

Top 3 Skechers Slip-Resistant Shoes

Are Skechers non-slip? Yes, most Skechers are designed with unique outsoles that make them non-slip and durable. There are tons of non-slip Skechers shoes to choose from! Which ones are the best? Let me help you with that. The following are the names of the top 3 non-slip Skechers shoes that are very useful if your work involves being around slippery surfaces.

  • Skechers Women’s D’Lites Interlude Sneaker
  • Skechers for Work Men’s 76690 Keystone Sneaker
  • Skechers Men’s Diameter Murilo Shoe
Are Skechers Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I have answered the main questions, I think it is time to look at some other questions that users may ask, along with essential questions.

What material is used for non-slip shoes?

The rubber material is used for non-slip shoes. Some shoes, however, can be slip-resistant despite having synthetic soles, but most of the time, rubber is preferred to make the outsoles of shoes non-slip.

Most Skechers’ shoes are made of rubber outsoles, whereas a minority consists of synthetic outsoles.

How do I add traction to my shoes?

Adding texture to your shoes is easier than you think! Try adding grainy textures to the bottom of your shoes. This, in turn, will help increase traction along with the grip of your shoe’s outsoles.

If this fails, you can even try applying a mixture of rubber glue and salt and wait until they dry out in a few minutes.

What type of sole is non-slip?

Soft rubber soles are the ones to look out for as they are designed to offer more grip on the floor when you have to face the likes of oil, wetness, or grease. Regular rubber works to a certain extent but is not as well as soft rubber.


Now you have the answer to your question – Are Skechers non-slip? Most of the Skechers shoes are super slip-resistant, and they have many other valuable features.

I would recommend Skechers non-slip shoes and boots in a heartbeat. They have served me well in the kitchen when my floors are usually wet, and working outside in rainy weather did not disappoint me at all. Of all the slip-resistant shoes I own, Skechers’ ones are on the top of my list! They are genuinely made to serve their purpose.

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